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#Bookpromotion Menowhat? A Memoir – #Kindlecountdown

BREAKING NEWS book promotion

Just a heads up peeps, my book Menowhat? A Memoir will be on Kindle Countdown promotion starting tomorrow Thursday August 18th until the 25th. It’s unfortunate that Amazon is still keeping with it’s pre-historic  policy to only allow readers from the U.S. and the U.K. to purchase books on sale with the countdown. So if you’re American or British, you can take advantage of the .99 cent promo for a few days, and after the 3rd day it will rise to $1.99 before the promo ends.

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“I often found myself drifting from a state of normal in a sudden twist of bitchiness.”

From PMS to menopause to what the hell?

D.G. adds a touch of humor to a tale about a not-so-humorous time. While bidding farewell to her dearly departing estrogen, D.G. struggles to tame her raging hormones of fire, relentless dryness, flooding and droughts and other unflattering symptoms.

Join D.G. on her meno-journey to slay the dragons of menopause as she tries to hold on to her sanity, memory, hair, and so much more!


From PMS to #Menopause to what the hell? #kindlecountdown Aug.18-25 Menowhat? A Memoir by D.G. Kaye Click To Tweet


Excerpt: Did I Move to the Sahara?


Remember when we were younger and our youthful bodies produced enough moisture that we didn’t feel like alligators? It doesn’t seem like so long ago, yet now I’m left wondering: How is it that I can reapply body cream three and four times a day, but within an hour or two, it completely disappears? Where does it go? Has my body become the keeper of Vaseline Intensive Care? Am I storing it subcutaneously?

Is this why I look bigger?

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—the seasons change nothing when it comes to this symptom of menopause. My skin is dry all the time, and so is my hair, leaving it like straw if I don’t use heavy-duty conditioner. Argan oil has become a mainstay for me, right up there with toothpaste.

Every time another body part fell victim to this reptilian syndrome, I gasped in disbelief. There was actually more to come!


Humorous and Informative Memoir

on November 15, 2015

What a treat of a memoir. For men it helps to learn about one horrendous phenomenon that women are punished with, and for women to be warned or reminded of what is to come, and most of all: for all of us to laugh. As the author puts is herself: Laughter is the best medicine, especially in something so unpredictable and unavoidable as the menopause.

Kaye writes with her signature style of honesty and humour, not pulling her punches and telling it is like it is. She describes the stages of the menopause and how she dealt with them and what the alternatives are; all the while keeping it light-hearted.
A quote: “this menopause **** is going to cost you extra bucks in the beauty department..”

Hers is a refreshing and wonderful approach. Having lived through it and having ridden the storm the natural way, she shares a lot of well researched information that led to her chosen and described choices in the battle with the menopause.

I must say, I did not expect this subject to be so enjoyable to read as it is. This contains sound advice, is practical and has a welcome focus on the best way to deal with this emotionally.

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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


        • dgkaye

          Lol Adele, yes, a true cause of celebration. But only after they’re ‘really’ gone. It’s those sneaky ones that come back and create havoc during the meno stage. 🙂

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Hey Debbie, Just bought your book! Looking forward to reading all about myself, LOL! One question–how has it done with the $1.99 price? I’m thinking about upping the price on my book after the free promo next month to $1.99. Heard this wasn’t a good price for some reason. And well-done 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Terri. Hope you don’t have to relate to too many of the nasty symptoms, LOL 🙂 Your question – My book was never 1.99. It was 2.99. The countdown promo puts it at .99 for 3 days then 1.99 for 3 more days. I’d suggest keeping your book at 2.99. The experts say 1,99 is caught between two world. May as well keep it .99 instead, or 2.99 is best because you can do promos at that price, you can’t at 1.99. Hope that helps. 🙂

  • olganm

    Thanks so much, Debby. I’m sure I have it already but I’ll check because sometimes I’m convinced I have a book until I start looking for it and it’s not there. Good luck!

  • reocochran

    I don’t have much technology in my life, Debby. No Kindle nor computer. I use the library computers but do fill out Library Requisition forms. I will fill out a new one for yours, if there is a hard copy which the library could order.
    Oh, this may not be funny, but I went to leave a review on Amazon, since I had a hard copy of a friend’s book in my hand thanks to directly ordering from her. Amazon wouldn’t allow me to publish my review comments; unless I ordered something from them!

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much for your interest Robin. I’m surprised to learn you write your beautiful posts on a library computer. I know my books are in Canadian libraries, I’m not sure about the U.S. Did you know you can read books on your cell phone? There are so many wonderful books you can download and read on a computer or cell phone.
      About the review, yes, Amazon is very picky. If you didn’t buy or download a product from them, they won’t accept your review. Have you tried opening an account with them. You have to have an Amazon loggin to write reviews. 🙂

      • reocochran

        This was very informative, Debby! I take my own photos, share them with my phone and then access them on the library computer with my WordPress password. I will let the. Library know the title of this newest one. Last year, I submitted about twenty slips but they only purchased one. 🙁
        Your compliment on my posts made my whole week! Thank you very much. My eyes are a “work in progress,” so maybe not too long from now I will get a Kindle. The phone is very strange and reflects into my eyes. I have had narrow eye glaucoma in both eyes and the opthalmologist created irrigation ditches (“to unfold the wrinkled curtains in my eyes”~ my kindly German surgeon’s words) with laser surgery.
        In October, not quite as exciting, I will have cataract surgery. Dr. Karl Pappas has informed me to limit my cell phone usage to one hour total or less. He says eventually, they will be given warnings like cigarettes, for damaging corneas! Yikes. I will stick with books and hope my eyes may stop their regression!

        • dgkaye

          Robin, first of all thanks so much for requesting my book in the library. Second of all, how ironic we both have the same eye problems? I had the same thing as you and had the laser surgery to drill pinholes in my eyes to relieve the pressure of potential blinding glaucoma. It’s scary stuff. Every day I’m grateful for my eyesight and to be able to read and write with it. I wish you much success with the cataract surgery. My husband had both eyes done last year and he’s fine.
          Yes cell phone reading isn’t the most opportune. I read on my phone if I’m out at an appointment, such as a doctor’s office, while I wait. The kindle will allow you to pick up where you left off on any device. And speaking of kindles, there are so many fancy versions that can do tons of things, but when I first got mine, an author friend had recommended I get the original one with no bells and whistles because it has no background lighting, making it a pleasure to read outside anywhere too, without the sun’s glare hampering the reading experience. I still use that same kindle. I think it’s something like $70. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • reocochran

    I loved how open and humorous your original thoughts on menopause were, Debby!
    I hate to say this but I had a recent gift of a facial and the woman told me that I had to have four layers of lotion, in one half hour, for my face to “feel young again!” So much for my 60 year old face. Lol

    • dgkaye

      LOL, and OMG, you look fabulous. I never would have thought you were 60!!! Use coconut oil on your face my friend! It’s all in this book. 🙂 Incidentally, all my books are available in paperback too. 🙂

  • Sue Dreamwalker

    The refreshing thing about how you write Debby is that you do so with humour.. I can so relate to the body cream.. at 62 this last year seems I am using more and more.. But I am am also aware I need to drink plenty of water.. So much do I consume my hubby asked if I were turning into a fish! 🙂

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