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#BookReview – Fly Birdie – Jo Robinson


Welcome to Sunday Book Review. Today I’m sharing my review about Jo Robinson’s intense story read about Hannah in her book, Fly Birdie. Jo is a wonderful writer and storyteller. She also provides Indie Author Services with excellent work and reasonable prices. She formatted my recent book so I’m vouching from experience.


Hannah’s life has given her no reason to be anything but bitter and afraid. She tries to hold on to her sanity as her life spirals further into superstition and dread, until a small averted tragedy leads to the melting of her heart, and teaches her how to love.

Fly Birdie by [Robinson, Jo]

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Left me wanting more  5 Stars

on July 21, 2015
A heartwarming and triumphant story about overcoming fear and discovering self-love. Hannah lived in fear of an abusive husband, and a tree she felt threatened her life. After surviving a scary, stormy night, and after her husband left for good, life took a better turn for Hannah. She learned about love and compassion from a gentle stranger, and then from an injured bird when they both entered her life after the storm.

This book encompasses many emotions in a short book. The reader can’t help but feel Hannah’s fear and lack of self-esteem, which is depicted beautifully by the author. I found myself cheering for Hannah as she learned to pull herself out of her own dark world.

Visit Jo’s author page on Amazon to find more of her amazing books.

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