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#BookReview – How Was I Supposed To Know? – Memoir – Lorna Lee

book reviews

Today’s book review on Lorna Lee’s memoir – How Was I Supposed To Know.

Lorna is an author/editor and blogger. Her blog Lornasvoice is always entertaining with a twist of humour known as ‘Lorna-isms’.


The Blurb:


Have you ever…

•felt as if you have never gotten over your childhood?
•looked at your like choices and asked, “What was I thinking?”
Me, too!
•wished you knew then what you know now?
•had trouble establishing and maintaining “healthy” relationships?
Me, too!
•been told that you are “too sensitive,” “the problem,” or “an alcoholic?”
•wished you fretted less and laughed more?
Oh, Yes!

Well, then, this book is for you!


How Was I Supposed To Know? by [Lee, Lorna]

Get this book here on Amazon 


My Review – 5 Stars – A Memoir of Relentless Strength and Humour to Overcome


A raw, and wonderfully written accounting about a journey of self discovery along with stories of struggles and hardships the author endured in her life. This book takes us through a whirlwind of emotions. Although written with great wit and humour, this author suffered many obstacles in her life from alcoholism, to major health issues, including a brain tumour. And until she discovered her own strength and self worth, she endured an empty marriage that she relentlessly tried to salvage.

As a reader, I was rooting for her halfway through the book to get rid of him. I won’t include any spoilers here, but there are a lot of great life lessons that can be taken from this book.


Visit Lorna’s Amazon author page HERE 

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