Writer’s Tips April Edition – 10 Website Mistakes, Make Videos on Canva, Broken Link Checker, Author Public Image, Beta Readers, Ebook Piracy, Value in Free Book Promos, Creating QR Codes for Blogs

Welcome to my April best curated Writer’s Tips. This edition is chock full of goodies. Learn how to avoid and fix 10 website mistakes by Nate Hoffelder, how to embed a Canva video into your blog by Natalie Ducey and how to create a QR code for our blogs, Hugh Roberts is showing us to find and remove broken links in our blogs, Sally Cronin with advice on polishing our public image, D.L. Finn on the importance and value of using Beta Readers, David Chesson (the Kindlepreneur) on what to do if your books have been pirated, and Deborah Jay shares her experience with paid book promotions. Something for everyone!


10 Website Mistakes New Authors Make–and How to Fix Them by Nate Hoffelder at the blog of Anne R. Allen



How to Embed a Canva Video in WordPress tutorial by Natalie Ducey


Easy way to find broken links in our blogs – Broken Link Checker. Hugh Roberts shares a post on why it’s important to remove broken links from our blogs




Public Relations for Authors series by Sally Cronin – Author’s Public Image Check Up



The importance of Beta Readers and what there job is by D.L. Finn at The Story Empire


Another helpful tutorial from Natalie Ducey – How to Create a QR Code for Your Blog


The Kindlepreneur – Dave Chesson on Ebook Piracy and what to do if your book is pirated

Deborah Jay generously shares her data project on if it is worth doing a FREE book promo and the value



Writer’s Tips – Action Writing- Apple Books for PC- Self-Hosted Blogs and More!

Welcome to this edition of Writer’s Tips. I’ve come across a wealth of insightful articles these past few weeks that I’m happy to share here for writers and bloggers. In today’s curated articles there’s a plethora of information on everything from better writing tips, publishing with Apple books news, onlines tools for free, self-hosting vs. WordPress.com, editing tips, and how to get more viewers for Youtube. Also, Harmony Kent has been running a series at The Story Empire with a detailed description on how to load our books on the Amazon platform. Check it out!


Author Meghan Ward is guest writer at the blog of Anne R. Allen sharing a wealth of tips of how to keep the action alive in our writing.

Is Your Story Getting Lazy? 5 Ways to Improve the Action in Your Story


David Gaughran demonstrates how to publish with the new Apple Books for Authors now available for PC.



Nicholas Rossis is sharing some great online tools for writers.



Also from Nicholas Rossis- a free tool – the Amazon Book Description Generator!




Jessica Norrie is sharing some great editing tips on how to de-clutter our writing.



Natalie Ducey has another informative post on the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress self-hosting and what’s involved.



Janice Wald of MostlyBlogging.com has an excellent article on what’s involved to get noticed on Youtube.



Last, and far from the least, Harmony Kent has a writer’s help series at the Story Empire where you will find all the links to each article in-depth on how to publish on Amazon. Below find the first part of the series:




I hope you find these articles as helpful as I do, and I suggest saving what is relevant to you in folders for easy access.




Blogging – How to Add Extensions and Universal Share Buttons

Today’s post is about sharing – not just sharing on blogs, but sharing from just about any page you come across on the internet and find an article of interest you’d like to share or capture to potentially use in a blog post or social media. The two options I’m going to write about today are the ‘Add Any’ Chrome extension and the ‘Press This’ marker.


I know I’ve written on these topics before, but it’s come to my attention many times through the years that some bloggers are still not aware about how to use these must have tools to capture reblogs and/or any articles from anywhere on the web, as well as to be able to share an article from any page – including articles that don’t offer share buttons on their posts.


Add to Any

Let’s start with the Chrome extension. So what is that? On the top right-hand corner of your computer you will find the 3 vertical dots. If you click on that you will get a drop-down box. Move your mouse over ‘more tools’ and you will see the option to click on ‘extensions’. You will now be offered a list of extensions you can add, and the one you want to click on is the ‘Add to Any’. If by chance you don’t get that option, just type it in the above search bar. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, you will then discover the tiny blue blue icon with a plus sign in the middle, now resting on your top right-hand corner of the page. By clicking on that icon you will get a long drop-down box of social share buttons you can use from anywhere on the internet to share the current page you’re on.

I find myself using the ‘AddAny’ extension multiple times a day on many sites I visit – especially blogs. With the advent of the new Gutenberg editor, which I still haven’t endeavored into switching over to, I have noticed that approximately 40% of the blogs I now visit no longer display a Twitter share button to me. I’ve questioned many of my blogging friends about the missing button, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s me, not their blog that no longer can see a tweet button, and in some cases even a Facebook share button has gone missing.

Enter the ‘AddAny’ extension. With this extension I now have the ability to click on the little blue icon and share that blogpost via the extension to any social media by clicking on. The only drawback I find with using it is that it doesn’t tag the author of the post as it does from clicking that share button directly under a post. So what happens is I have to either remember that blogger’s Twitter handle or hop over to Twitter to obtain their handle. This is a bit of a time suck, but still a great sharing option. I can share to anywhere with this extension whether I choose to add a tag or not, which is a huge help for me when reading articles I wish to share from anywhere. I love to share posts and articles I read to various platforms so this little tool is invaluable for doing so.


To give you an idea of what your top tool bar will look like after you’ve added these extensions, I’ve captured a screenshot of my top tool bar. Notice the ‘press this’ I have there for easy access at top left, for when I want to capture something to reblog. On the top right is the blue ‘addany’ icon for sharing on social media when there are no share buttons offered. And at the very top right are the 3 little dots you can click on to add the extension. (Note: you will have to enlarge the toolbar to see as I couldn’t enlarge the screenshot itself.)




Press This

The Press This tool is another invaluable tool we should all have access to, especially for reblogging someone’s post and there is no reblog button offered under the post. This happens mostly when I’m on self-hosted blogs like my own, where we don’t get an option to add a reblog button (more on this later). This saves a lot of time from having to open a new post in your dashboard, copying a link to a post and having to copy and paste everything over to that post.

When you download the ‘press this’ marklet from your blog’s dashboard in ‘Available Tools’, it will send an icon to your top toolbar for easy access when you’re on any web page and wish to reblog it. You only have to click on the icon and a draft editor will open up with the link to the post you wish to reblog. Once it’s opened you have the option to type whatever you want to the draft and hit save, or just hit save with the link to the post embedded. This will now become a saved draft in you dashboard. You can also hit ‘publish’  right away in that draft box, which I prefer not to do because I’d rather save it and be able to elaborate on it before publishing.

Once you have that link in a blog draft, it’s easy to go back to your drafts and view. Just open the post, click on ‘preview’, then click on the link you’ve saved in that preview. Now the article you wish to share will open up for you on a new page. You can then copy and paste whatever you wish to share from that article back into the drafted post. And voila!

Now that I’ve alerted you to some helpful extensions to make your blogging and sharing life easier when you’re visiting other blogs, I’m also going to introduce you to another valuable plugin you can add to your own blogs to make it easier for visitors to share YOUR posts:

If your blog is a free blog with WordPress – meaning your blog’s URL address ends with ‘.wordpress.com’ then you don’t have the option for plugin add ons, but WordPress made sure they gave you a reblog button as a means for others to share your posts. But for those of us who are self-hosted or on the WordPress business plan, you have the option to add your own plugins. I highly recommend for those bloggers who don’t have the option for bloggers to reshare your work that you add the plugin ‘Add to Any’, which is available to install from your plugin page in your dashboard. You only have to open the page and click in the ‘find new’ search box and it will come up. Now you can add the ‘add any’ plugin and activate it. You can click on the blue ‘plus sign’ on the page and the drop-down box will offer you a multitude of share buttons you can add to your posts. And with that, I’ll now list some of the advantages and disadvantages you will encounter with these new sharing buttons:

Below is a video to demonstrate how to add the ‘Add to Any’ share buttons to your blog:




  • When someone shares from the ‘add any’ share buttons, the only disadvantage, as I mentioned earlier, is that the writer’s name of the post is not automatically tagged like it is with regular share buttons. So if you want the poster of the blog to be accredited and alerted to the share, the only way is to add their tag name manually – such @ so and so for Twitter. Still, at least a great option to share if you don’t decide to tag.
  • A great advantage of adding these buttons are that now people can share your posts to more of their social media outlets.
  • You will be able to add the ‘W’ button – one of the only means of having somewhat of a ‘reblog’ button for self-hosted blogs!

Yes, it’s true! I finallyyyyyy have a sort of reblog button now on my blog!!! So many bloggers have asked through the years why I don’t have a reblog button that has been out of my control until my recent discovery of the ‘addany’ button!

If you look at the end of my post, you will see my ‘follow me’ on social media buttons where you can visit my pages on all offered buttons. Below the ‘follow me’, are the ‘share this’ buttons which will allow you to share my post directly to your social media. BUT NOW . . . look just below those share buttons (I still cannot find a way to keep all buttons together) and you will see my new row of share buttons. Yes, Twitter and FB buttons are an automatic, so I couldn’t delete them, but look what I’ve got now! I’ve added a share to: Gmail, Amazon, Mix,, MeWe, plus the ‘addany’ button for any other social sites I haven’t included but you may want to share to, and most of all,  THE W BUTTON! Yes! If any of you aren’t yet using the ‘press this’ method to share a post without share buttons, you NOW have the ability to share my posts by clicking the W (WordPress) button! I’m so excited! All you need to do is click on the W button and fill in the URL to YOUR blog when prompted, and voila, you can open a draft post (you may have to scroll to bottom like I do). The only thing I’d advise is to copy the link to the URL of the post you’re going to reblog or draft before clicking on the ‘W’ button as it does open in a separate window and it doesn’t grab any text without you entering it. So open the draft and paste the URL you wish to reblog inside, title it (you can always change later) and hit save. Now the post will be in your drafted posts and when you’re ready to reblog, just open it, click on preview, then click on that link you’ve saved in post and the original post will open. From there you can copy and paste back in your draft having both posts open to work easily. Then save or post as your heart desires.


I hope you found these tips valuable. If you have any questions about these excellent tools, please leave them below in comments and I’ll do my best to help you with these tools. Is anyone here today using any of these tools?


NOTE: After posting this article, it came to my attention that some were having problems accessing the ‘add to any’. Here is a link to the WordPress instructions for those self-hosted https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-to-any/ .

The video I posted above will demonstrate a visual for you to add from your dashboard plugin page. I’ve also added an easier method to add the ‘Add to Any’ marklet to your toolbar for easy access to share from anywhere. Just click on the link and drag the marker up to your tool bar



Alternatively, you can load it from the Chrome page directly:




© D.G. Kaye and DGKayewriter.com, 2014 – 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to D.G. Kaye


Writer’s Tips – Great Resources for #Bloggers and #Authors

For this edition of Writer’s Tips, I came across some informative reads for more free images, an interesting concept – newsletter swap, tips and tools for bloggers, themes for your blog that actually work with Gutenberg, getting paid for writing, and some great additional links for writers. I hope you find them useful.



More sites with free images shared by The BookDesigner

Source: 72 Free Image Sources for Authors – The Book Designer



Nicholas Rossis shares about newsletter swaps are very trendy right now, especially among authors of similar genres. This is because they have three big advantages over traditional promos:






42 FREE themes that play nice with the new Gutenberg editor by Hugh Roberts





Doris Heilmann has an extensive list of links where you can get paid for your writing




Staci Troilo has a wonderful post this week out on writer’s inspiration and some fabulous links for writers






Everything from web hosting, to plugins and themes, Natalie Ducey Smith has a smorgasbord of goodies in this post for bloggers.





Happy birthday to me




#Writers Tips for Authors and Bloggers – Book Launching, #Twitter Tips, Editing Your Manuscript

Tips for Writers



My last Writer’s Tips post for 2018 offers some resourceful sites on bookmarketing, book trailer making, book launching, book editing and Twitter tips for authors – everything bookish! I hope there’s something for everyone here.



How today’s authors are launching their books, on the blog of Anne R. Allen

New Book Marketing: The Bad Girl’s List for Book Launch Success


Twitter tips and what you may be doing wrong with Twitter by Rachel Thompson, featured at the blog of Anne R. Allen

What You’re Doing Wrong on Twitter and How to Make It Right


How to edit your manuscript by editor Jeri Walker



A new type of presentation better than Power Point – Microsoft Sway and what’s it all about? Jacqui Murray has the scoop for us



And last but not least, here’s a great rundown on how to use Lumen to make your own book trailers at Indies Unlimited


Make Free Book Trailers with Lumen5


Have any of you used any of these apps or methods? Feel free to share your experience in comments.

Writer’s Tips – Book Marketing, Publishing, New Social Media Platform and More!

Tips for Writers



I’ve collected some helpful articles for writers and authors over the last two weeks – something for everyone. From editing to blogging, to self-publishing and marketing – Enjoy!



Anne R. Allen with an informative post on how to find legitimate publishers and scams to beware of

Source: How Can You Tell Legitimate Publishers from the Bad Guys?



Editor, Jeri Walker with some excellent tips on where to market our books




Thanks to Nicholas Rossis for this excellent information on extra income for authors




How about a new social media platform I came across on Janice Wald’s blog – Mostlyblogging.com

Check out wakelet.com



Do you follow the Bookdesigner? If you’d like to learn about what makes a good book cover, Joel Friedlander, a.k.a. The Bookdesigner has an open invitation for authors to submit their new book cover to be critiqued by him. I’ve learned a lot from him on what elements a cover requires by reading critiques of the books entered, and I’ve entered all of my own over the years. I will add that I tied for nonfiction winning book of the month a few years ago with my book – Words We Carry, and happily settled for the Gold Star for a close second.

e-Book Cover Design Awards, September 2018



Hugh Roberts is back with more detailed information how to make your blogs presentable and comfortable for readers


Writer’s Tips – Friday #Blogshare – #SelfPublishing #WordPress Changes Coming

Tips for Writers

This Friday blogshare has some interesting and informative links from the big change coming soon with your WordPress Editor, Joanna Penn talks about writing with dictation, David Gaughran talks about the differences between publishing paperbacks on KDP and Createspace, and an interesting post on memoir writing.

Gutenberg is coming, supposedly at the end of August! Your WordPress editor is about to change!

Diving Deep Into the Latest Gutenberg WordPress Editor (2021)

The Ultimate Overview of the WordPress Block Editor for Developers in 2021


Gutenberg for Self Hosted sites – or the option to add a plugin to keep Gutenberg from taking over our blog editor. Of course I added the plugin!




Gmail has new features every writer can use. Guest writer at the blog of Anne R. Allen. Nate Hoffelder offers 12 helpful hacks. Ever wanted to unsend an email? Now you can do it!

Source: The New Gmail: Twelve Gmail Hacks Every Writer Can Use


Joanna Penn on the benefits of writing through dictation



David Gaughran informing us on the differences between publishing paperbacks on KDP vs. Createspace





Important Notice: – The #GDPR in Effect May 25, 2018 Is Your Blog Ready?



You may have seen some articles around the internet speaking about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law that comes into effect May 25th, 2018. To be quite honest, I’m still trying to grasp all the rules involved with this change and have read quite a few articles about it, which I will share here with you.


This law has to do with the privacy policies used with shared data accumulated by having people sign up to our blogs and websites. The law was written for EU citizens that visit websites and fill out their information to sign up for updates and also just to be able to comment on blogs. The catch is, even if we are not from the EU, as long as we have visitors to our blogs from those countries, we can be held responsible if our privacy policies are not clear. And from what I’ve read, there can be heavy fines for those who do not comply.

I am far from knowing everything as the reading about all this can be quite intensive, but I’ve learned that the bare bones of this is to do two important things: Make sure you have added the GDPR addition clause on any campaign emails you are sending to your readers by email. That way any new subscribers to your blogs and websites will automatically have signed and ticked off the appropriate boxes on the form when they sign up to receive your emails. Make sure you’ve added the new GDPR policy to your existing outgoing campaigns and any new mailouts by inserting it into the form on your provider’s page (I use Mailchimp). Be sure to send out a separate campaign to your current subscribers to allow them to re-confirm they have signed up to receive emails from you.

There is also a WordPress plugin we can add to our blog sites available that will get permissions before bloggers comment on our blogs. For those who are not self-hosted, I should think that WordPress will implement this plugin with their updates, but you should still get some sort of a notification.

I have created a new email campaign that will go out this evening to my subscribers of this blog. I would appreciate that any of you who have previously signed up to receive emails from me will comply by clicking on the ‘update’ button at the bottom of that email, which will enable you to continue receiving posts from me as I will be doing for those same emails I’ll no doubt be receiving in coming days and weeks from many of you.

The buzz is just starting to get more attention on the internet as the compliance date nears into effect. Like I said, I still don’t know the nitty gritty of all of this but I am going to share some very helpful links I came across where tips are offered on how to go about adapting to these changes.

Note: – If you are using Mailchimp, they have a preset form with GDPR compliance request inserted in the post you can send off to your current subscribers. Many popular email services have this ready for their subscriber lists, but it’s up to us to send them out.


Here are some links that will explain GDPR much better than I can:


From WordPress.comhttps://en.support.wordpress.com/automattic-gdpr/


Thank you Hugh Roberts for this link for WP.com usershttps://en.blog.wordpress.com/2018/05/14/new-privacy-features-and-updated-policies/


Great up-to-date info for bloggers – https://createifwriting.com/gdpr-faqs/


A great post from Nicholas Rossis on GDPR – http://nicholasrossis.me/2018/05/15/gdpr-and-authors-what-you-need-to-know/


Another insightful post on GDPR from author Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-does-gdpr-mean-your-blog-newsletter-website-doris-maria-heilmann/?published=t


What is GDPR and WHY the Heck Should You Care?


Mailchimp help for adding GDPR to all forms – https://kb.mailchimp.com/accounts/management/collect-consent-with-gdpr-forms


More tools from Mailchimp – https://blog.mailchimp.com/gdpr-tools-from-mailchimp/


WordPress Plugins to download for compliance with GDPR to be included in comments and forms from your blog – https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/gdpr/


This process is ongoing and tedious, especially for non-techie bloggers. Some of the plugins require some code work and more, which I am clueless about. I have chosen to add this plugin below

Cookie Information | Free GDPR Consent Solution

I think my job is not yet complete after updating my mail out forms and adding the above plugin which should now ask readers to tick off a compliant box before commenting. I have seen a ‘Cookie’ banner pop up on many blogs I follow, regarding the policies used for cookies on a blog. Most of the plugins I’ve read about installing ask for some ‘techie’ tweaks to be done that I have no clue about. If any of you added that policy to your blog, would you be kind enough to share which plugin you used. I have just downloaded this one:

Termly | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner

We bloggers all need to work together to help each other to stay informed of what we’re learning about this new law. If we don’t comply the fines are staggering amounts as you will read in the link above – Great up-to-date info for bloggers.

I hope I’ve helped here in some way and if any of you have any knowledge to contribute here, I welcome it in comments. 🙂