123 of the Best Free Blogging Tools that Will Save You Time Blogging (2017 Update)

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I’ve had to cut down my weekly Author Interviews to twice a month now instead of every Friday so I can spend more time writing. In lieu of those alternate Fridays I’d like to share articles that I’ve come across which I feel will be valuable to bloggers and authors, and today I’m sharing a wonderfully informative article by my friend and ûber blogging expert Janice Wald from Mostlyblogging.com


In this post, Janice is offering 123 FREE blogging tools we can add to our arsenal of tools. I’m sure many of us are already using some of them, but this post would be excellent to bookmark for future reference because as time goes by and we find our blogs growing , our interests tend to become more piqued about more things we can do with our blogs to gain readership, as well as using different avenues of social media. Check out Janice’s post below.

123 of the Best Free Blogging Tools that Will Save You Time Blogging (2017 Update)

123 Free Blogging Tools will help #bloggers save time #blogging

Are you aware of bloggers’ two most important priorities?

They are saving money and saving time.

This post, an update to my 2016 post 89 Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging, does just that.

The sites and apps I’ve discovered since the original post’s publication have been added. Sites no longer in existence have been removed.

These websites and apps make blogging so much easier you might wonder if they are free. Have no doubts. They all are.

The blogging tools are presented in alphabetical order.

Let’s get to them.

Free Blogging Tools

  1. Accessify will analyze your site’s loading speed and make recommendations for improvements.

  2. Ahalogy I used to use Ahalogy to schedule all my Pinterest pins to my boards and community boards. I am such a fan.

  3. Alexa has your blog’s Alexa score. Many experts revealed they won’t subscribe to someone’s blog if that person doesn’t have a low Alexa score.

  4. AnswerthePublic This fascinating site gives you blog topic ideas as well as ideas for long-tail keywords. Blogger Julie Kaulpali called it “fun” to use. I actually enjoyed seeing the extremely specific analytics. Make blogging decisions based on your reader preferences, which it will share with you. I will give you fair warning: When you get there, you will see a man waiting for you. His name is “The Seeker”. At one point, he started picking his teeth while he was waiting for me. As Julie expressed, a “fun” site to use. I was shocked to see how many ideas showed up when I typed in my niche, blogging.

  5. aSleep You don’t have to use the app to go to sleep. However, it produces white noise that will allow you to block out distracting background noise when you are trying to blog. If you find listening to the sound of the rain or the wind more relaxing than noisy neighbors when you are trying to blog, try the app.

  6. Backlink Checker tells you which sites have linked to you.

  7. BeFunky Photo Editor I find BeFunky quick to use and user-friendly. [Read: This is How You Spruce Up Your Visuals with 3 Free Tools]

  8. Bounce Rate can be found at Alexa.com. Its analytics are important. It will tell you how long people are staying on your blog and how many pages on your blog they are viewing. [15 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Bounce Rate Look Amazing]

  9. Buffer is my choice for social media scheduler but only allows up to 10 links to be scheduled at one time for free. [Read: 17 Reasons Buffer Will Blow Your Mind]

  10. Buzzsumo.com shows you trending topics. If you write about popular topics, you will be more likely to get page views. Blogger Harsh Agrawal recommends Buzzsumo. “You can use this information to discover what content performs best for your targeted keyword so you can create an even stronger article and get it to outrank your competitor’s.” . . . Please continue reading HERE for 113 more tips!

Source: 123 of the Best Free Blogging Tools that Will Save You Time Blogging (2017 Update)

Are you familiar with the Writing/Editing App – Prowritingaid?


Today I want to talk about a most helpful writing app I use called Prowritingaid . This is a wonderful writing/editing app which you purchase a licence for to use and then you download it into your Word program and/or your WordPress blog dashboard so the editing tools will display on your editing toolbars. The licence is also not limited to one computer which is a big bonus.


Having Prowritingaid in your arsenal of editing tools is immensely helpful for a multitude of writing sins. It’s more than a spell-checker offering suggestions for grammar checks, sticky sentences, fragmented sentences, repeated words, thesaurus suggestions and so much more.


Once you’ve downloaded the product you will receive explicit instructions on how to install it.


You can view just some of the apps capabilities to aid in your writing HERE


This is what your editing toolbox will look like when you download the Prowritingaid app to your blog’s dashboard. You will notice all the tools available to edit your posts, many more than the standard tools in our dashboards.


I received an email from Prowritingaid  recently, offering anyone who signs up for a licence for this app to receive 20% off if you purchase it through the month of May. If you sign up directly through this link https://prowritingaid.com?mafid=*|USERID|*  I too will earn brownie points toward my licence with extending the service to me for one free month for each person who signs up. Just use Code word FRIENDS


Are any of you using this App? If so, how beneficial do you find it to your writing?


If you’re considering purchasing this app or just want to have a look around the website to get a broader scope of its capabilities, please do so from the link they’ve sent me here which they’ve coded to track who purchases through my link so I can gain the credits. Thanks and happy writing!

Here is that link again: https://prowritingaid.com?mafid=*|USERID|* 


More helpful links:


How to download Prowritingaid to Word

How to download Prowritingaid to WordPress

More FAQS on Prowritingaid

How To Use Flipboard Tips


Today I’m going to introduce you to Flipboard a social media app that I believe many are not yet familiar with. I was introduced to how this app works and how to install a Flipboard share button on our blogs by the wonderful investigative author and blogger on all things blogging, Hugh Roberts. Hugh’s posts below which I’ve linked to will walk you through joining the Flipboard process without a hitch.


Flipboard is another means of sharing our work around the social sphere by sharing articles of interest within a magazine, flip structure. Basically once you join, you can add a new ‘magazine’ where you will send articles to which pertain to the magazine’s title context.

Flipboard is similar to Stumbleupon where you ‘like’ and can share posts to your own magazines from content you find on Flipboard or blog posts you enjoyed that you’d like to add to your own magazine by hitting the ‘share Flipboard’ button at the bottom of a post on someone else’s blog if they’ve installed the feature.

You can also download a Flipboard icon/marker (similar to Press This) to your toolbar which becomes like a ‘web clipper’ you can click on from any page you may want to copy an article from that doesn’t offer a sharebutton  at  https://about.flipboard.com/tools/

You really don’t have to spend a lot of time there, unless of course you’re searching and reading for articles to reshare, and according to Hugh, joining this social media content site brings lots more traffic to our blogs.


I’ve only just signed up days ago and if you go to my Flipboard page, you will find I’ve only just begun to collect and send articles and most likely will be creating more magazines with subjects of interest as I get more comfortable with it.


Hugh has written 2 great posts on how to use Flipboard and how to install a Flipboard share button on our blogs.


I’ll also point out that blogging guru, Janice Wald on all things blogging, has posted a few articles herself on this app : How to get Swarms of Free Blog Traffic with Flipboard and How to Get a 10 X Growth in Your Blog Traffic with Flipboard

To get you started, I’m reposting part of Hugh’s introduction to Flipboard below:


Flipboard share button


How To Use Flipboard – By Hugh Roberts


Flipboard is a social media platform where users create their own virtual magazines and add articles to them. With over 40 million users, it’s no wonder why I have seen a sudden upsurge of traffic on my blog from Flipboard.


The following figures speak for themselves, although I should add that I’ve only started using Flipboard within the last few days. Up until then, Flipboard was nowhere in sight on this list.


The good folk at Flipboard have been in contact with me after I published my recent article on how to add a Flipshare sharing button to a WordPress blog. They thanked me for posting the article and asked if there was anything else they could help with. I asked them for a link to an article that detailed how Flipboard works. They kindly sent me a link to a page that shows new users how to use Flipboard. Click on the following source link and start ‘flipping’.  Source: MagMaking 101: Make Your First Magazine on Flipboard . . .


Please continue reading Hugh’s details on joining Flipboard, where he’s included easy diagrams and links on both his posts on joining Flipboard and how to add that share button.

Source: How To Use Flipboard – Hugh’s Views & News 


Did you notice my new Flipboard share button? If you’re already on Flipboard or thinking of joining, please remember to feel free to share my blog content by hitting Flipboard on my share buttons below to add to your own magazines. And I’d love to connect with any of you who have already set up pages there by following you, so please leave me your page link below so I can follow you there. Follow me at http://www.flipboard.com/@DebbyGies

A List of Blogging Goals for My Hobby Blog – Marsha Ingrao

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Author, friend and prolific blogger, Marsha Ingrao, of all things travel and blogging is looking for help. Marsha’s two informative blogs are: Always Write and TC History Gal. Marsha is also starting up what I think will be a most informative and entertaining newsletter and is asking fellow bloggers to help her come up with a name for this newsletter and one of her blogs. She has also generously offered to pick a few favorite suggestions and offer a copy of MY little travel book, Have Bags, Will Travel to some lucky winners. She also offers a FREE PDF list of influential bloggers with suggestions of what you can expect to find from those blogs.


Read Marsha’s post below and visit some of her posts while you’re there. I promise there is something for everyone.


Have Bags, Will Travel D.G. Kaye


I Need a New Name


Ok, I want a new name for my blog. I don’t need a new URL. That remains tchistorygal.net because I was the Tulare County History Gal for a long time, and I love that identity.

Vincie picked out the name for my other blog, Always Write. I thought it was cute considering how bossy he thinks I am. ? I MAY be a little bossy.

Do you have any ideas you can share with me? Vincie and I need help. ?

If you have any blogging questions, head over to Always Write and or sign up for my blogging newsletter and grab your free PDF list of Influencer Bloggers. Or do both.

Or sign up for this brand new newsletter, yet to be named by you. It will be about traveling opportunities in Tulare County and beyond and fun posts about local events. Click here or click the picture to register.

blogging and traveling near and far
My old blog with a new name. Tagline: Blogging and Traveling Near and Far

Continue reading here.


Source: A List of Blogging Goals for My Hobby Blog – Marsha Ingrao

17 Ways Fotojet Will Quickly Help You Blog Better

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Many of you may know Janice Wald, the blogging guru. Her blog is aptly named, Mostlyblogging.com, and she recently put out a book on all things blogging.

Today I’m reblogging one of Janice’s posts on creating great photo images for our blogs and social media. The site is named Fotojet and it’s FREE and quite similar to Canva, only I find Fotojet is much more user friendly. Have a look at what Janice has to tell us about using Fotojet, and continue reading over at her wonderful blog.

What is FotoJet?

FotoJet is a web-based graphic design tool which can transform your photos into engaging graphics. FotoJet is a photo editor, designer, and collage maker.

This is Why You Need FotoJet

People can digest information faster by looking at a graphic than by reading your headline. In today’s hectic society that should be reason alone to use graphics, photos combined with text, to accompany your blog posts.

There’s more. According to research, 65% of people are visual learners who learn by looking at pictures.

You need pictures in your blog posts because images are key to engaging people. FotoJet will help you engage your readers so they click your links and bring you blog traffic.

How to Use FotoJet

Go to https://www.fotojet.com/. Continue reading . . .

Source: 17 Ways Fotojet Will Quickly Help You Blog Better