Sunday Book Review – Canada, The Greatest Economy in the World

My Sunday Book Review was a bit of a more serious read for me. I read this book while away this past winter after purchasing it at Christmas time, which wasn’t so merry for us when the stock market took a huge dive and I felt compelled to learn a little bit more about the banking system here in Canada to learn about how our money is protected in crisis and how much power the banks have with OUR money.





This book takes a deep dive into how Canada’s economy works. It looks at aspects of the economy like the public pension system and the banking system and is pointing out obvious flaws in the system, how to protect yourself from them and what to do once you have acknowledged the problems. The book helps you wake up from what the investment and real estate industries are covering up and how they collude with the government for a significant profit. Reading this book will be a great eye-opener and can change the course of your life from a certain destination of losses to winning in the next economic collapse very few are seeing on the horizon.
In this book you will learn:

•How the Canadian Dollar is heading for failure and there is nothing the government or banks can do to stop it. Imagine a 90% loss of your net worth?

•How real money, commodities might be able to save the Canadian Economy when it collapses and how Gold and Silver is like a life insurance policy just for your wealth.

•How to take responsibility for your own money instead of giving it to the banks and the government and much more.


My 5 Star Review:

As a Canadian concerned about our own economy, I was curious to read this book – especially after the stock market began to tank in December. I felt compelled to learn more about how our banking system works and what possible scary situations could happen if our banks were to ever collapse – as they did in 2007-8 in the U.S.

John Thore Stub Sneisen offers concise information in detail  on how the Canadian economy works from our banking system to its potential flaws as well as good advice on how to best protect our assets in the event of an economic/bank crash. Good explanations on the differences between bailouts and bailins.

The information provided in this book is almost a rude awakening about government and banks profiting off individual citizens and big companies, investors and real estate colluding with government. Sneisen also speaks about the importance of buying gold for when all else loses in an economic crash.

This book isn’t the gospel on protecting ourselves. but offers some good insight into how the banks work in conjunction with the economy with solid back-up, and raises some interesting questions, which urged me to continue more follow-up reading. Yes, this book is based on the Canadian economy, but I think, just as informative for all country’s banking systems.


I also want to wish my Canadian friends here a very Happy Canada Day! Happy long weekend!

Happy Canada Day