A Love Letter of Apology – I Miss U

A Love Letter of Apology – I Miss U


Miss U



Remembering when I first lost U.

Sometimes I don’t even think of U. U barely ever cross my mind – out of habit, gone as though U never existed.


In other times I’ll catch myself in pause and have a think back on most of my life – when U were in my life, a part of my heritage, and swiftly just vanished when I began writing books.


Now, more often, I’ll find myself thinking about U. I’m sorry I abandoned U, but I was told it’s better this way to sever ties completely. There was no point me leading U on by using U just sometimes then mixing up my head, debating on whether to keep U in my life or to completely abandon U so I could stay focused.


So, I suppose I’m just writing to say I miss U. I’m sorry for the circumstances that tore us apart. I’m just better off without U to avoid confusion.



As a Canadian writer who made a choice after chatting with my editor almost 7 years ago, asking if I should write my books in Canadian or American English, I took her advice and began writing in American English. How could I write books in American English then write my blogs and all other writing in my native Canadian English? It was confusing at first, and left a door open to create a lot more typos with a new version of Amer-English, which of course is not acceptable. So, with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to U and all your friends – favourites, neighbours, colours, et al. in order to get used to the new wilderness world of American English without U.


P.S. I still love U.


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