Hello 2021 I’m Back! Stuff Happens %#&@!

Hello my writing and reader friends. I’m back to my blog after declaring a blog break, which in essence, wasn’t much of a break, as I was still somewhat visiting blogland and social media – sometimes hard to stay away when I needed a distraction. Truthfully, my online life has been my sanity. And I didn’t appreciate Facebook banning me yet again, this time for one full week, for using free and clean speech.


Well I can’t really say that 2020 went out like a lion and 2021 came in like a lamb, because really, it still feels like 2020, so far, as a continuation of 2020. I didn’t get near the things accomplished as I had set out to do as the days seemed to vanish as quickly as they did before my break.


What happened?


In the 2-3 weeks of my blog absence, I’ve had three hospital runs with my husband and spent much of the time looking after him. It’s really difficult to complete an article with several interruptions to my concentration, so my writing is still impaired. My husband has been incapacitated with his liver issues as fluid continues to build up in his torso and legs, rendering his legs obstinate and uncooperative sometimes just to walk.

It didn’t help that the condo above us did something wonky when they took it upon themselves to renovate their shower and didn’t follow protocols, so the result became our shower leaking from above and almost caving in the shower ceiling with water weight. The jackhammering of tiles now and the dust and the no use of our master walkin shower has become an added weight on me until they finish repairing it. We are left with the guest bathroom tub/shower combo and with the tub being a foot or so high, my hub cannot get his tree stump legs up to step in the tub. So I have come up with some funky ideas to get him in. After numerous failures I’ve finagled a way to set up the step stool in front of the tub, where he can hold on to the towel bar with one hand and onto my shoulder as I lift one leg at a time into the shower for him. No such thing as can’t in my vocabulary!

It also didn’t help when the hospital screwed up his first appointment our wonderful Dr. B had arranged for my hub to have a paracentesis (draining of fluid through the stomach by radiology with a long needle that draws out the ascites fluid), a mixup that had me wheeling him directly to emergency for relief. That turned out to be a nightmare as emerge docs aren’t well-versed in the procedure and they didn’t get enough out of him – because they didn’t use the proper draw method and attached an IV tube instead, letting it slowwwwwwwwwwwww drip into a bag. He needed approximately six litres drawn out (which normally takes about half hour to 45 minutes – I know this because it wasn’t my first rodeo, and after three hours of only a litre dripped, my hubby was fed up and demanded to go home. We did, but not before speaking with the ER doc and requesting he forward what transpired with my hub to Dr. B so he could rectify the proper missed appointment.

Dr B’s secretary Lisa, emailed me an hour after we got back home late that night asking, “What happened to the appointment we booked? How did he end up in emerge?” I filled Lisa in and she immediately faxed back Dr. B, who in turn communicated with the appropriate department and got my hub back in on New Year’s Eve afternoon. It seems like an eternity ago already because a week later he retained back all plus! So back to the drawing board, notifying Dr B. and he faxed in a new request with a standing order of draining every two weeks for my husband, until such time he stops retaining. Not so simple. A whole week went by before the hospital called back with such appointment. Another hospital mixup occurred with instructions. Only this past Friday the hospital called to book hubby in for a date this week. I pleaded my case about the delays and the state of my husband’s health, his big abdomen that begun laboring his breathing, and the prior mixups and asked for mercy. They stuck him in same day on an emergency list. My heart sang until the phone rang again and I was in rush mode to get to it when I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my calf, maybe a tendon? I could not walk. I still can’t! I hobbled around on hubby’s walker, got him ready, then took his cane so I could walk on one foot til we’d reach the hospital and I would push him around the various departments leaning on the wheelchair hopping all the way.




I was disheartened to learn they could only get 4 litres out of the 8-10 that were circulating in him. Leaving him with only an 8 pound loss instead of the 20 he was retaining. As of this writing he’s already gained back 4 of those pounds since Friday and next appointment isn’t til a week this Friday. Oye!

This is has all been very difficult on me – not to even mention how my husband feels. But the standing order made me very sad because the heavy duty diuretics he’s been on to help avoid this situation, are no longer doing a great job. One of his diuretics was the hero for keeping him fluid-free and we’d worked so hard for a year, four years ago, monitoring for the correct dosage. But as it stands now, that pill has been quartered from its original dose because the drug was elevating his potassium levels to a dangerous number. Thank goodness for our wonderful doctors who also have a standing order for me to take him to the lab weekly to keep watch. The lower dosage has brought down the dangerous level, but leaves him building back fluid. The other diuretic has been increased to the max dose but still not enough to keep from pooling. Thus, Dr. B had warned that he just may have to be drained every two weeks indefinitely.

It’s all been so disheartening for me, myself and I, but as I’m not here to complain, only update, I wanted to share how my new year has begun – where it left off, and keep you guys abreast of my chaotic life.

I’m still eagerly awaiting my new sparkling 2021 to begin, but I’m back, because really, visiting blogland and being around all my far away friends is a comfort, and often where I come to feel sane.


Happy New Year



Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest D. G. Kaye – Dietary Restrictions, Consequences and the Eye-Rollers | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

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I was delighted to be invited to write an article for  Sally Cronin’s Health Column at the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. Sally is not only a brilliant writer with entertaining stories, she is a certified nutritionist and therapist. I’ve always done thorough research on on any ailments I encountered and in this article I’ll inform you why that’s important for everyone to do before taking prescribed medications and the importance of listening to what your body is telling you.


Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest D. G. Kaye – Dietary Restrictions, Consequences and the Eye-Rollers

My guest today writing for the health column is D.G. Kaye… Debby Gies.Debby has suffered from chronic intestinal disease for many years and has researched and devised a way to keep herself healthy without medication. It is all about the diet….


Dietary Restrictions, Consequences and the Eye-Rollers by D.G. Kaye


Thanks for inviting me here today Sally to share my own experience with dietary restrictions and the symptoms I experience when not paying heed to my body’s warnings.

There are so many of us who suffer with digestive issues. Some of us take preventative measures to avoid having to endure unpleasant symptoms, some don’t pay any mind, while others may have no idea, thinking that many symptoms they live with on a daily basis are just part of the aging process. But listening to our bodies is essential to better health and avoiding worse complications down the road.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease twenty years ago. I can certainly speak from experience about what straying from my gluten-free, and dairy-free diet entails. It took me a few years to find healthy and tasty substitutions for my diet while in the process of eliminating the foods I knew were aggravating my symptoms, despite my then doctor telling me that there was no special diet for Crohn’s, Colitis, and other forms of IBS.

Many people who are blessed enough not to have to suffer from these diseases, often don’t understand the connection with foods and intolerances that so many others deal with on a daily basis. Whether these are intolerances or allergies, eating culprit foods can exasperate symptoms from feeling discomfort to possible life- threatening situations if one ingests what doesn’t agree with their systems.


identifying intestinal issues


When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s, it took several months and a few ambulance trips to the hospital and several experimental drugs and tests before they figured out what was wrong with me. A few decades ago there weren’t as many drugs available for my disease, and the ones I was on had left me with terrible side-effects – some worse than the initial ones I was taking the medication for. One of the prescriptions I was on began eating away at my muscles in a short time and had me taking a few tumbles down the staircase. That was when I knew I had to seek my own information on the disease and search for something better to help me live better with the disease.

It was the late 90’s, just before computers were becoming household necessities, so I had my brother’s secretary at the time do some computer research for me and I visited my local bookstore to read up on it. I learned about other people who had suffered the disease and what worked and didn’t work for them. I learned a lot from Dr. Jordan Rubin’s book – Patient Heal Thyself, how the disease worked and how the body attacks itself when it no longer recognizes enzymes and natural functions within and how the body sees them as foreign invaders wreaking havoc on the intestines. And I learned how wrong my doctor was – diet absolutely was a factor in controlling my disease. Even though there is still no cure for Crohn’s and Colitis, there are quite a few things I found helpful in bringing myself back to better health. . . Continue reading.



Source: Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest D. G. Kaye – Dietary Restrictions, Consequences and the Eye-Rollers | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

#Alzheimer’s and #Dementia – Identification Bracelets

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This morning while having my coffee on the balcony on an unseasonably warm and sunny day, I noticed a few police cars parked below in front of my building. Within the next hour there was a knock at my door- it was a policeman.

The policeman was doing a door to door check, as he held his cell phone up to me, showing me a picture of an elderly woman, asking if I’d seen her. The woman was missing, she had Alzheimer’s disease. She lives in my building with her husband and was last seen, caught on surveillance camera, exiting the front lobby around midnight. I told him I’d never seen that woman, as I don’t really know anyone in the building.


He proceeded to ask me if he could come in and have a look around. I asked him if he thought I was hiding some poor lost woman in my condo. He smiled and said it was protocol to check to see if she slipped into someone’s apartment. I began chatting with him, telling him that I was sure nobody else was in my home except my sick husband.

As my heart felt so sorry for this lost soul and her poor husband who had awoken to find that his wife was missing, I couldn’t help but ask the officer if she was wearing some sort of an identification bracelet. He said she wasn’t.


This incident stayed with me all day long as the police cars remained parked outside for most of the day. I couldn’t help but wonder where she may be, and if anybody cared enough to try and ask her if she’s lost. Even if she didn’t know who or where she was, someone could have picked up on that and called the police. I thought about her poor old husband whom she still lives with at home. I thought about how hard and frightening it must be for him to be with someone he loves who most of the time doesn’t remember him, and to now have to worry about what I’m sure was his biggest nightmare – her wandering off.


No, I don’t know these people, and there are millions of others out there with this frightening disease, and loved ones who worry about them. I just wanted to share this story for awareness. Although I’m sure many caregivers of people who suffer this disease may think they have a handle on things, the victims of Alzheimer’s and Dementia live in a different realm in their minds. They aren’t always aware of what time it is, what day it is, or even what era they are living in. I’ve heard countless stories over time about Alzheimer/ Dementia victims disappearing in the night while their loved ones are still sleeping.


Today I’m just advocating for those who suffer these diseases. If you haven’t already got an identification bracelet on your sick loved one, please look into getting one for them as soon as possible. It only takes one time for them to disappear and not be found, or worse, found dead somewhere whether at the hand of a sick individual or the elements.


I’m including a link here from the Alzheimer Society of Canada, supporting the use of Medic Alert Bracelets and services. There is some good information about supporting loved ones who live with these diseases. Alternatively, if you Google this disease and/or identification bracelets for these diseases, you will find links to information for help in other countries.



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