#WATWB – We are the World #Blogfest #RandomActsofKindness, New App for Hearing Impaired – Sign Language

Welcome to the last post for the year for the WATWB – We are the World Blogfest. Each last Friday of the month, a group of writers contribute an article about something good going on in the world to deflect from so much of the negative going on in the world. For this month, I’m sharing my finding of a new App for the hearing impaired.


British High School senior, Mariella Satow, found herself stranded in New York during the pandemic and in between her online school classes she decided she wanted to teach herself how to do sign language. Later, Mariella couldn’t find one streaming platform that added sign language. Her determination to create something for the hearing impaired inspired her to create a Google Chrome Extension called Signup. This is a box that comes up that can be clicked on with some streaming services now that will bring up a sign language interpretation version for the chosen movie compatible with the app.  Since Mariella created this, she is getting many requests for video translations. And since she created the app, others are getting the idea to create ‘Sign’ apps for many more streaming services.


Amazing how it only takes one concerned citizen to open up a new world for the hearing impaired. You can read the complete article at Goodnet HERE.



Here’s an example video of ‘Signup’ catching on with the American Sign Language for Ohio Citizens for Deaf Cultures



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How To Use Flipboard Tips


Today I’m going to introduce you to Flipboard a social media app that I believe many are not yet familiar with. I was introduced to how this app works and how to install a Flipboard share button on our blogs by the wonderful investigative author and blogger on all things blogging, Hugh Roberts. Hugh’s posts below which I’ve linked to will walk you through joining the Flipboard process without a hitch.


Flipboard is another means of sharing our work around the social sphere by sharing articles of interest within a magazine, flip structure. Basically once you join, you can add a new ‘magazine’ where you will send articles to which pertain to the magazine’s title context.

Flipboard is similar to Stumbleupon where you ‘like’ and can share posts to your own magazines from content you find on Flipboard or blog posts you enjoyed that you’d like to add to your own magazine by hitting the ‘share Flipboard’ button at the bottom of a post on someone else’s blog if they’ve installed the feature.

You can also download a Flipboard icon/marker (similar to Press This) to your toolbar which becomes like a ‘web clipper’ you can click on from any page you may want to copy an article from that doesn’t offer a sharebutton  at  https://about.flipboard.com/tools/

You really don’t have to spend a lot of time there, unless of course you’re searching and reading for articles to reshare, and according to Hugh, joining this social media content site brings lots more traffic to our blogs.


I’ve only just signed up days ago and if you go to my Flipboard page, you will find I’ve only just begun to collect and send articles and most likely will be creating more magazines with subjects of interest as I get more comfortable with it.


Hugh has written 2 great posts on how to use Flipboard and how to install a Flipboard share button on our blogs.


I’ll also point out that blogging guru, Janice Wald on all things blogging, has posted a few articles herself on this app : How to get Swarms of Free Blog Traffic with Flipboard and How to Get a 10 X Growth in Your Blog Traffic with Flipboard

To get you started, I’m reposting part of Hugh’s introduction to Flipboard below:


Flipboard share button


How To Use Flipboard – By Hugh Roberts


Flipboard is a social media platform where users create their own virtual magazines and add articles to them. With over 40 million users, it’s no wonder why I have seen a sudden upsurge of traffic on my blog from Flipboard.


The following figures speak for themselves, although I should add that I’ve only started using Flipboard within the last few days. Up until then, Flipboard was nowhere in sight on this list.


The good folk at Flipboard have been in contact with me after I published my recent article on how to add a Flipshare sharing button to a WordPress blog. They thanked me for posting the article and asked if there was anything else they could help with. I asked them for a link to an article that detailed how Flipboard works. They kindly sent me a link to a page that shows new users how to use Flipboard. Click on the following source link and start ‘flipping’.  Source: MagMaking 101: Make Your First Magazine on Flipboard . . .


Please continue reading Hugh’s details on joining Flipboard, where he’s included easy diagrams and links on both his posts on joining Flipboard and how to add that share button.

Source: How To Use Flipboard – Hugh’s Views & News 


Did you notice my new Flipboard share button? If you’re already on Flipboard or thinking of joining, please remember to feel free to share my blog content by hitting Flipboard on my share buttons below to add to your own magazines. And I’d love to connect with any of you who have already set up pages there by following you, so please leave me your page link below so I can follow you there. Follow me at http://www.flipboard.com/@DebbyGies