Writer’s Tips – Submissions, Website Essentials, Author #Marketing Tools

October edition of Writer’s Tips. This edition has some great lists on what’s open for submissions, what you need for an effective author website, and apps for authors to help create marketing ads.



Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing offers an extensive list for writers to submit

Writers: Lots of Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes for YOU


Joan Hall is over at the Story Empire with some helpful tips on the essentials for your author website



Author Judith Briles is featured at the Bookdesigner’s blog offering up some helpful apps for authors to use for marketing

A Few of My Favorite Author Marketing Tools


Question: Authors, have you used Book Brush? If so, I’m interested in learning how you think it differs from Canva?



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Writer’s Tips – Fantastic Ideas for Creating Videos, Booktrailers, Instagram Stories and More!

Welcome to another edition of my curated Writer’s Tips. In this edition, Natalie Ducey demonstrates how we can use Instagram stories to showcase our work, Nicholas Rossis is showing us how we can create free videos using Lumen, Diana Peach shares how to create a book trailer with Powerpoint, ad design tools from Bookbub, and how to re-purpose our blogs moving them to a podcasting platform, and Colleen Chesebro has an instructional for using Gutenberg editor.


Natalie Ducey has created another fabulous tutorial on how to create and use Instagram stories for our writing.



Have you thought of converting blog posts to audio for Podcasting?

5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast

Source: 5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast |


Colleen Chesebro has a great instructional series on using the Gutenberg editor




Nicholas Rossis has a helpful post to help us create videos using Lumen.




Helpful Design Tools to create great book ads

6 Book Ad Design Tools Authors Can Use



Diana Peach is sharing how easy it is to create book trailers using Power Point.




Chris Syme guesting at Anne R. Allen’s blog on how to avoid author crisis and management.

Source: The Five Myths of Crisis Management for Authors by Chris Syme


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Writer’s Tips – Great Resources for #Bloggers and #Authors

For this edition of Writer’s Tips, I came across some informative reads for more free images, an interesting concept – newsletter swap, tips and tools for bloggers, themes for your blog that actually work with Gutenberg, getting paid for writing, and some great additional links for writers. I hope you find them useful.



More sites with free images shared by The BookDesigner

Source: 72 Free Image Sources for Authors – The Book Designer



Nicholas Rossis shares about newsletter swaps are very trendy right now, especially among authors of similar genres. This is because they have three big advantages over traditional promos:






42 FREE themes that play nice with the new Gutenberg editor by Hugh Roberts





Doris Heilmann has an extensive list of links where you can get paid for your writing




Staci Troilo has a wonderful post this week out on writer’s inspiration and some fabulous links for writers






Everything from web hosting, to plugins and themes, Natalie Ducey Smith has a smorgasbord of goodies in this post for bloggers.





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#Writing Tips – 595 Power Words for #Writers, Book Cover Elements, Downloadable Fonts

This week’s edition of my Writer’s Tips are jam-packed full of goodies for writers and authors. You’ll find excellent tips from Anne R. Allen’s blog, free font downloads courtesy of Natalie Ducey, everything you want to know about choosing and making book covers, and more. There’s a ton of great info here I’ve bookmarked to include in this post. Of course, we can’t remember everything so do yourselves a favor and bookmark to file these articles because you will wish you had them to refer back to at some point. 😊




Wonderful post from Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris with some wise advice from some of the greats- The Secret Power of the Delete Button



An informative post from Anne R. Allen with some helpful tips on how to make your blogs stand out with great content with how to’s on highlighting, fonts, headings and more!  https://annerallen.com/2019/03/how-to-write-web-content/




A handy PDF free to download with a huge list of words to extend your vocabulary


Source: 595 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer • Smart Blogger



Free Fonts to download to beautify your blog, shared by Natalie Ducey-Smith  https://designbundles.net/free-design-resources/flourish-dividers-and-text-frames/rel=7cbuor




Part 2 from Natalie Ducey-Smith – How to download those fonts



How to create your D2D Author page by Doris Heilmann of Savvy Bookwriters






Great tips from the Kindlepreneur – Dave Chesson on how to create the right elements and fonts for your book covers.




Nicholas Rossis shares a great 3D Mockup bookcover site to help you create your promos





And last for this edition is a worthy article to bookmark with a wealth of information for authors – 50+ Publishing resources on everything from editing services to distribution and book cover design services to marketing tools plus more!



50+ Publishing Resources You Should Know About

13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger – Hugh’s Views & News

Blog sharing

Today’s post is a wonderful reblog I want to share from Hugh Roberts. Hugh has become quite the blogging expert when it comes to sharing helpful tips on everything blogging and WordPress. If you ever need an answer to a conundrum with either, feel free to visit Hugh’s blog and type it in the search bar. I’m certain you will find help there. Today he’s sharing 13 Fantastic Tips for new bloggers, but I’m sure there’s tips here for old bloggers too as many of us are still learning the tricks of the trade and may not be aware of the benefits of all of these tips.


13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger

If you are new to blogging or are even thinking about starting a blog, here my thirteen quick blogging tips to get you on your way.

  • It’s all about me. Ensure you have an ‘about me’ page. Tell visitors a little about yourself and at least give them a name by which they can call you. However, don’t have an ‘about me’ page that starts off by saying ‘This Is An Example Of An About Me Page’. Click here to read about setting up an ‘about me’ page and what it should include.
  • Make a journey outside of your own blog. I’ve always been amazed by just what information is out there in the blogging world. I’ve learned how to self-publishing a book, how to use social media and make it work for me, how to bake gin & tonic cupcakes, take great photos and, of course, picked up lots of blogging tips. Reading other blog posts can also give you ideas for writing your own posts. Even if you can only spare a few minutes a day, make sure you visit, read, and comment on other blogs.
  • Get talking to fellow bloggers. When you leave a comment on another blog, other readers will read and see your comment and may then come and visit your blog. However, ensure that the comment you leave is relevant to the post and at least proves that you have read it. Try and avoid leaving pointless comments such as ‘Great Post.’ Instead, tell the author what it was that made you think it was a great post or why you enjoyed reading it. They will appreciate your comments and may then visit your blog and become your next follower.
#BloggersBash #Bloggers
Some of the Bloggers from The First Annual Bloggers Bash – London, August 1st, 2015
  • Treat others how you’d want them to treat you. Don’t ignore anyone who has taken the time to read and comment on one of your posts. However, most importantly, never ignore anyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on the ‘about me’ page of your blog. Think about it like this. You’ve invited a guest around for coffee and completely ignore them when they arrive. That’s almost like ignoring comments left on your blog. Treat everyone who visits your blog as a guest and ensure they are made to feel welcomed. After all, with millions of other blogs out there, they can always go elsewhere…can’t they?
  • Not all links are seen as friendly. Speaking of comments, never leave a link to your blog in a comment unless it is either relevant to the post you have just read, or you have been invited to leave a link. When I first started to blog, I learned very quickly from other bloggers that this is frowned upon. What would you think if you owned a coffee shop and, without your permission, somebody from a rival coffee shop came in and left a load of leaflets about their coffee shop? It’s not your blog to leave details of your blog on unless it’s relevant to the post or you have been asked to leave a link.
  • Join a challenge. There are lots of writing and photography challenges in the world of blogging. Don’t be shy, have a try. Not only will it help you with your writing and/or photography, but other participants will come over and read or look at your take on the challenge. It’s a great way to make new friends, have fun, and pick up more followers.
  • Join a party. Blog parties are a great way to introduce your blog to many other readers and for you to discover new blogs to follow. This is a place where the host will either invite you to leave a link to your blog, one of your own blog posts or to introduce a blog that you follow. I’ve hosted and joined blog parties and have always found them a great success. However, the rule is usually that if you leave a link to your blog then you must at least visited some of the blogs of the other people at the party. It’s a great way of showing how friendly both you and your blog are.
#blogging #blogingtips #party
I met hundreds of new bloggers and gained lots of new followers at my first ever blog party.
  • Make sure you’re contactable. Can you imagine a TV or movie producer, an editor of a magazine, or another blogger wanting to contact you to invite you to write an article, and they can’t find a way of reaching you? Continue Reading , . .




Source: 13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger – Hugh’s Views & News

Just Sayin’ – Get Your Best Deals When Purchasing Apps and Website Services

Get Your Best Deals When Purchasing Apps and Website Services


Just Sayin'

Today’s episode of Just Sayin’ focuses on how to get your best price when purchasing apps and programs to aid in your writing/editing, security and antivirus programs for your computers, and for website domains and services that apply to your websites.


We see ads all the time for something every time we open a web page it seems. Those are usually targeted ads that follow us after we’ve visited a website and showed interest in a certain product. I find those ads haunting and annoying. But there are plenty of ads for products we may find useful but may not be aware of –  apps or programs that can aid us in our writing, particularly, editing apps.  So today I’m going to share a few ways we can find those deals and cut costs for products we may find useful or may already be using for our websites which require annual renewals.


Let’s start with apps and programs for editing. There are numerous apps available for writers to download for free as well as offered paid versions. Grammarly, Hemmingway and Prowritingaid are just a few of many that all do basically the same thing and are all limited as to what you can do with the free versions. Free versions will do the job just fine for some but paid versions offer many more capabilities. Free versions in these types of programs will offer spell and grammar checks on our writing, but if you’re looking for more such as: style check, fragmented sentences, plagiarism checks, find passive words, adverbs, and many more, you may want to opt for the paid versions.


But I’m not here today to promote apps and programs, merely to share with you where you can get your best deals on such items.




If you’re a writer and like to keep up to date in the self-publishing world, there are many pioneers in our industry who offer email subscriptions to receive news, updates, conferences, podcasts, webinars, as well as promotions on products. Some of my favorites that I’ve been subscribed to for quite a few years now are: The Bookdesigner (Joel Friedman), Jane Friedman, The Publicity Hound (Joan Stewart),  StandoutBooks,    and Sacha Black, just to name a few.


I receive a few emails, some weekly and some monthly from these folks and that’s how I keep abreast of what’ going on, what’s upcoming and many times, what’s being offered free and/or on discount as far as writing and learning tools and courses, apps, plugins, and writers conferences.  Often one of these sites will offer a promotion or sale affiliated with another writer or programmer they are promoting offered at deep discount prices. In the past I’ve purchased author media kit templates from The Bookdesigner and joined in many free webinars to learn about a new product or program for writers. I’ve purchased lifetime licences for photo editing apps, a great savings on Prowritingaid for a 2 year licence when Standoutbooks featured them in one of their newsletters, and more things I can’t even remember.


My point is that by signing up for newsletters with reputable people who have good info to offer, it benefits us in more ways than one. Subscribing to worthy newsletters is like subscribing to an author’s newspaper. Stay up to date and keep in the know of what’s being offered at discount prices.


Auto-Renew Caveats


Many of us use products to maintain our websites and at the very least use antivirus or malware protection products. Once you’ve signed up for and/or downloaded these products there always seems to be a spot where you can click on to auto-renew for when the product expires in case you forget. Often a supplier has auto-renew automatically and conveniently ticked off for you, this is important to have a look at and if you find it’s so, uncheck it. Don’t worry that if you don’t check this option you may forget when it’s time to renew. That’s not going to happen because the supplier won’t let you forget. They don’t want to lose you so you will receive plenty of emails in advance of your expiring product reminding you to renew.


But why not auto-renew? Because several products you may have initially bought at an introductory price, and the renewal rate is going to be higher. Or maybe just popularity, demand or greed sets in and that too raises the price. A great example of this is: Say you went self-hosted and purchased your domain as a first-time customer and paid $5.99 for the year, that a great deal!  But when renewal time comes along that same domain could cost you $30. I know, because I’m self-hosted. So, no thanks! I’m not auto-renewing, I’m doing my homework.


All webhost sites offer promotions on all their products from domain names to security applications to webhosting. Many times you don’t even have to go their site to find them. THEY WILL EMAIL YOU. Every year my website comes up for renewal, about a month or so before I begin receiving many email offers from my webhosting offering discounts on products from 20-40% off! Often those promos don’t apply to ‘existing products you’re already using’. And if that’s the case, I call them direct for my renewals and usually ask them to cut me some slack on the price because I’m an existing, repeat customer, and I may happen to mention,  ‘a struggling author’. Trust me it works! And if you renew for more than one year on your product the savings get bigger.


The same procedures as listed above apply to antivirus and malware products. Don’t auto-renew. Check their website for deals or call the company and ask if they’re running any promotions for that product for you to have incentive to stay with them. Check online at your local Staples, Best Buy or Office Depot store for sales on those products. Every week there’s usually a sale on antivirus products from one company to another and you don’t even have to go out to buy it, you can download it from the comfort of your own home. Do your homework!


I hope I’ve given you some good ideas on how go about getting your best deals on products that are necessary to our writing lives and a few that make our lives easier.

Who Has a New Book? – Informative Blogging Guru -Janice Wald


Today I’m excited to introduce “Ninja Networker”, pro blogger and now author Janice Wald with her debut book – An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog 




Janice runs her blog, MostlyBlogging.com and for those who aren’t familiar with her blog, you’re in for a treat! Janice’s blog is a wealth of information for writers and bloggers alike. She shares everything you could possibly want to know about starting, running, and growing a blog, from SEO to Apps, to how to effectively use social media. It’s no surprise that Janice is also a Blogging Coach and offers services for hire.


 Janice decided to compile her goldmine of information and put it into a book. I’ve been following Janice for almost 2 years now and can’t wait to sink my eyes into her book. I could see by just checking the ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon, and the contents that this book is a must have ‘bible’ for all bloggers to up their game. Not to mention, I was FLOORED when I found my own name and website listed in one of her chapters ‘71 Tips that Will Make Your Blog Successful’.


About Janice:


Wald’s blog, Mostly Blogging, is included in

In addition, Wald was also the featured blogger in an expert interview series, Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging on How to Make Blogs Better


Wald has been included in fifteen expert interviews and interview panels including a panel of experts sharing their strategies for increasing Google+ traffic.

In addition, she has served as a coach for many satisfied bloggers and authors desiring to improve their website traffic.

A recipient of a Master’s Degree in Education, Wald uses her skills as a teacher to empower her readers to increase their online visibility.

When she is not writing, Wald can be found reading current trends in social media, attending blogging conferences and social media webinars, and teaching medieval history and yearbook design.

A happily married mother of three daughters and two dogs, Wald resides in Santa Clarita, California.






Get This Book On Amazon! 



Are you a blogger? Are you ready to see your page views skyrocket?

If so, you know the importance of using proven tips to engage readers, improve content, and increase blog traffic.

In 2016, there were over two billion social media users.

Fortunately, this guide is the only roadmap you will need to send them rushing to your blog.

“By your reading this particular ebook, you’re finally ready to cut through the clutter and all of the confusion and online noise.”

Janice Wald’s tips are proven by research and easy to understand and implement.

AN INSIDER’S LOOK AT BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG is a collection of Wald’s articles from her own successful blog, Mostly Blogging.

It contains step-by-step directions for content creation, tips for increasing readership, and advice about which tools to use to make blogging easier.

By following the advice in these posts, you will be able to increase your content’s visibility.

Follow her established strategies and see a dramatic increase in your blog traffic.

Now let’s get to know more about Janice and her book and blog!


  1. Please tell us what inspired you to write this book and a little about how the book came to be.

Hi Debby, I am so excited to have my book featured on your blog!

My readers are amazing. When I entered my second year of blogging, the next logical step was to combine my articles into an ebook. However, I didn’t know what to write the book about. I surveyed my readers and they overwhelmingly responded they were interested in reading a social media ebook. There is tremendous overlap between blogging tips and social media tips since you use social media to promote your blog. As a result, when my publisher, Lois Hoffman read the book, she expressed a belief the books should be about both topics– blogging tips and social media tips, and I agreed. That’s why the book contains tips on both.


  1. How difficult was it for you to put together this book, given the vast amount of information you’ve packed into your book?

Thank you for the compliments on how thorough the information is in my book. Since I am a teacher, I am versed in breaking down information into understandable details. No cursory information here!

As a result, the editing process took longer than expected. Much of 2016 was devoted to this project.


  1. As a blog and content writer, becoming a first-time published author, did you find the book publishing aspect a difficult journey? Did you have assistance putting the book together?

Happily, yes, my amazing publisher Lois Hoffman (http://happyselfpublisher.com/) guided my every step before, during, and after the publication. My post “One Thing Successful Authors Know That Others Don’t” (http://www.mostlyblogging.com/successful-authors/) lists all the many people that helped me on this journey– you included.


  1. Being an avid blogger with so much weekly content to gather and share on your blog, can you tell us how much time you spend searching for new material, Apps, etc. and putting posts together?

I am constantly on the lookout (the hunt?) for new material. For example, while brushing my teeth I can often be found stumbling through articles on StumbleUpon looking for information I’d like to reference in upcoming blog posts.

As far as putting posts together, I used to claim it was four hours from start to finish for each post, but in actuality it’s much longer. As I indicated, once I get an idea for an article, I may spend months looking for information to use in the post. This starts long before I even schedule the article.


  1. Please share with my readers, about your ‘Linky Parties’. How are we able to take part, and what do we have to gain by participating?

I like to think of my site, Mostly Blogging, as a community for bloggers to visit and gain empowerment from their time at my site. I like to think they leave with more than they had when they arrived. Bloggers come to my site for information, of course, mine is a blogging tips site. However, they also come looking for a feeling of community that new bonds, new friendships, bring.

I am genuinely shocked when I hear people are unfamiliar with linky parties. I consider them so valuable for the blogging community to expand their connections, I actually host two each week!

Linky Parties are blogging events where guests come, and share a link to a post they’ve written. They can share as many as they want, although other linky parties may have a maximum and a required topic.

Blogging is about forging new connections, new bonds, and turning those connections into a community. For readers wishing to know more about how to take part in a linky party, I wrote an article they may find helpful: How to See Your Traffic Explode: Have a Linky Party Part II (http://www.mostlyblogging.com/how-to-see-your-traffic-explode-have-a-linky-party-part-ii/)


  1. What’s your advice for writers to help build their platforms? And what is your opinion on the best social media sites to use to grow an audience?

I once wrote a post called “Secrets of Successful Bloggers” (http://www.mostlyblogging.com/secrets-of-successful-bloggers/) However, there is only one secret– networking. I can not stress networking enough. The article explains why that has to be the secret of successful blogging. The tips apply to writers who want to broaden their readership. How to network is explained in my post “How to Easily Get People to Subscribe to Your Blog by Networking” (http://www.mostlyblogging.com/easily-get-people-subscribe-blog-networking/).

Regarding social media sites: That may depend on one’s niche. I am so grateful to the Facebook community for the support I’ve received as a writer. However, other bloggers, Do It Yourself (DIY) bloggers like craft and recipe bloggers will probably find the best reception over at Pinterest.


  1. Do you anticipate writing another book with yet, more information, down the road?

Big smile here. I don’t know Debby. I guess we’ll find out together what the future brings.


  1. What main factors would you say are the most important to focus on to build a readership?

Network, network, network. I can’t stress that enough. Finding like-minded bloggers matters too. If people you network with aren’t interested in what you’ve written, you won’t make much progress toward building a community.

Comment on the blogs of people in your niche and their readers will learn about you.


  1. Please share an excerpt of one of your many lessons in your book, about tips for writing attention-grabbing headlines.

Thank you for mentioning the importance of the headline. The headline is the first part of the post the reader sees. If it’s weak, no one will click the link to see the post.

I never publish a headline without checking with the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer first. Here is an excerpt from my book:

CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer is indispensable to bloggers.

Whatever tool I initially use to help me arrive at a headline, I invariably end up back at CoSchedule’s headline analyzer trying to get a higher score.

When coming up with a score, CoSchedule’s analyzer considers power words, emotional words, common words, uncommon words, placing of key words, length of the headline, the type of headline, your readers’ emotions, and even how the headline would look in an Email.


Thank you so much Janice for visiting with us all here today and for helping us learn how to make our blogs the best they can be!

FYI there is a live party currently going on at Janice’s blog to add your links to her linky party and share your blog. Please click HERE to join in!

Get Your Copy Here! 


Social Links:


Do yourselves a huge favor and visit Janice’s blog at MostlyBlogging.com