Recognizing the Signs of Your Child’s Moods – Listen to Your Children

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Moody. I don’t like that word. Moody was a common name my mother called me – constantly. No smiles or laughter from me constituted moody.


When I look back on my not-so-stellar childhood and think about the words – “You’re so goddamned moody,” I shake my head and shudder.

What did I really want to reply to her snide remarks? “I’m not moody, it’s you who makes me miserable, always breaking my spirit. This face is just for you.” But instead, I kept my hurt and resentment to myself because I knew if I didn’t, I’d pay dearly for opening my mouth. It was just easier to stay silent and miserable, using my facial expressions to evoke what I wouldn’t dare say verbally. Certainly, living under those circumstances kept me moody for years. How I didn’t turn out to become a chronically depressed person is nothing short of a miracle.

Growing up walking on eggshells around my mother and HER moods and volatile fits of anger kept me pretty quiet. Being a personal slave to her whims, demands and demeaning created my moods. But I couldn’t tell her that. I craved so badly for her to ever ask me why I looked so unhappy. But I did what was expected of me and kept my laughter and good sense of humor under wraps; revealing my happy side and humor only for others. She never really knew me.

Despite my crappy childhood, I was lucky. I was a thinker, an analyzer, and a planner, living on my dream of leaving home one day. And after I finally did move away from home at 18, Humpty put herself back together again on her very own. I was calmer without living with daily anxiety as I did at home, I devoured self-help books, and fell into a wonderful circle of loving and supportive friends. I met my best friend Zan within a year of moving into my cozy little apartment. She taught me that it was okay to be myself, allowed me to cry out loud, made me feel I was worthy of being loved, and cared about me, especially on those days when I didn’t wear a smile. She was also the first friend I ever had who told me she loved me and taught me to feel comfortable saying those words to others. ‘I love you’ was a phrase uncommon to me.

Between my new friendships and the many books I read, I found myself. I grew to love myself. The big personality I had hidden deep inside bloomed outwardly and I felt my personality radiate wherever I went. I realized then I was not a moody person; I was well-balanced, held no more pent-up anger, and no longer felt I was living in a perpetual state of anxiety. I loved to laugh and make others laugh. And although I may have and still do rant at injustice, I’ll state my ire, get it out of my system, and move on with a smile. From a childhood filled with not being heard or understood and stifling my thoughts, worries and dreams, I grew in all the healthy ways I should have done growing up at home.

And this little insight into my former years leads up to my question, what is wrong with parents who don’t even try to understand the reasons for their child’s behavior?

There’s a reason for a mood – bad or good, there is something behind those moods. People, especially children, wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sure, kids may be sad or mad for trivial issues such as: they didn’t get their way or perhaps they hurt themselves, or they may not be feeling well. But kids who walk around carrying sadness or hurt in their hearts will undoubtedly present themselves displaying signs of hurt, anger, displeasure, nervous habits, and mostly silence. These children need attention. They need love and compassion and a parent to notice and ask questions.

A child shouldn’t be made to suffer in silence with worries and anxieties plaguing them. It’s the parent’s job to notice these behavioral changes in their children. If a well-balanced child is showing continual signs of unhappiness or anxiety, it’s the parent’s job to speak with the child with compassion, giving them the comfort and freedom to speak about what’s on their mind.

A child needs security. They need to know their parents love them. They need to hear their parents tell them they are loved. They need to feel comfortable in knowing if anything is bothering them they can freely talk to their parents without being afraid to confront them or made to feel their problems are insignificant or a burden to their parents. It’s a parent’s duty to know their child and question them when they see their child is unhappy. What they don’t need is name calling, being ignored and left to their own imaginations, wondering why they can’t share their concerns.

I know growing up in my era, parenting didn’t come with an instruction manual, as it still doesn’t today. But in today’s world there is a lot more awareness about child rearing, many books available, and many support groups available  to get educated on raising happy, healthy children. I’m not sure whether or not compassion can be taught, but I will add here that having compassion for your child should be the very first prerequisite to entitle a parent to be a parent.

Yes, I say I was lucky because it’s quite common for children who grow up in a disturbing environment to carry their angst and hurt with them throughout their lives. They’ll often remain reserved, sometimes falling into deeper or long-term depression. Some grow up being easily led astray by anyone who offers them a false sense of loving them, and many grow up combative and become bullies because of the resentment embedded deep within their psyches from their underlying hurts.

Emotional damage can take a lifetime to overcome, and for some, they may never get the chance to become mentally stable or be able to experience happiness in their lives. If they’re lucky like me and have a strong will and sense of what is right and what is wrong, and can wade through their childhoods and discover methods and people who can help them grow and nurse their wounds, they’ll have a fighting chance. But sadly, for many, this isn’t always the way things turn out. So, please, give a child a fighting chance of growing up happy and healthy. Have compassion, use patience, spend time with your children, and tell them they are loved.

Guest Post by Tina Frisco – Follow Your Passion

Inspirational Posts shared by DGKaye


Today I’m delighted to have Tina Frisco share one of her inspirational posts with us. I think we can all feel that the world is in a tailspin, changing many aspects of life that we may have previously just taken in stride. But it’s a powerful change and Tina’s post is a good reminder to acknowledge, stand up and be counted and heard. Like Tina says:

Now is the time to release old habits and beliefs, open our hearts and minds to infinite possibility, and accept the miraculous life awaiting our participation. It is time to follow our passion and create the world in which we want to live.”

Follow Your Passion

 Image by Lucie Stastkova

Image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova


(For the purpose of this article, passion is defined as a fervid and compelling desire to create that which serves the common good.)


A new Mayan Long Count Calendar began on 22 December 2012. For the ancient Maya, it was a huge celebration to make it to the end of a whole cycle, each being 144,000 days in length.


This new cycle ushered in The Golden Age of Enlightenment, an era of heightened energy awareness that commands our attention and demands our presence. It beckons us to open our hearts and see with our inner eyes. It stimulates us to create and share our light with the world. It insists we focus our intention on being and doing only that which serves the common good.


The effect of this new energy is evidenced in the global call for peace we now experience. The old patriarchal world order is dying; and as with any entity facing imminent death, it is rearing its head and digging in its heels for a last stand. We must not align ourselves with its push for continued existence, for it no longer serves. Its time has come to an end. We must align ourselves with the quickening vibration of Mother Earth. Now is the time to release old habits and beliefs, open our hearts and minds to infinite possibility, and accept the miraculous life awaiting our participation. It is time to follow our passion and create the world in which we want to live.


Upon opening our minds and hearts to this new energy, we are guided to identify that which no longer serves, give thanks for all it provided, and then send it on its way. We are moved to give birth to something new, something beneficial, something powerful. We begin to see clearly the face our passion wears, compelling us to serve its purpose.


Following our passion amplifies our awareness and raises us to higher consciousness. It fashions wings that give flight to our spirits, expanding our visions to behold the expansiveness of the universe and its inimitable possibility. It fills our hearts with gratitude as we experience the ease with which this virtue allows us to navigate the world.


Now is the time for all of us to stand in our power and make a positive difference in the world, no matter the depth or breadth of its reach, no matter the force of opposition. All beneficent creating is significant, regardless of scale, for Mother Earth is a great web. Any action taken by one is felt by all who dwell upon her.


From this point forward, let all action we take serve the good of Mother Earth and all of her beings. Let our thoughts focus on manifesting only that which serves the common good. Let our passion be blessed and our good intention be swift as an arrow.


Energy follows thought. It is time to think, feel, live, and be LOVE.


Where does your passion lie?


Until the next time, my friends… Namaste


©Tina Frisco 2012/2017


About Tina:


Tina Frisco is an author, singer-songwriter, RN, activist, and student of shamanism. Born in Pennsylvania USA, she attended nursing school in New York and lives in California. She began writing as a young child and received her first guitar at age 14, which launched her passion for music and songwriting. She has performed publicly in many different venues. Her publishing history includes book reviews; essays; articles in the field of medicine; her début novel, PLATEAU; her children’s book, GABBY AND THE QUADS; and her latest novel, VAMPYRIE. She enjoys writing, reading, music, dancing, arts and crafts, exploring nature, and frequently getting lost in working crossword puzzles.


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Sunday Book Review – The Late Great Planet Earth

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye

Today’s review is on a book I was recommended to read by Tina Frisco. Tina and I are very much on the same wavelength about life, death, inspiration, world politics, just to name a few. We sometimes share our thoughts on the state of the world and possible outcomes, and after a conversation we shared about ‘end of the world’ theories and conspiracies, Tina inspired me to read this book. I’d already read several books on the topic, from bible excerpts to Nostradamus predictions, but this book had me captivated from start to finish. Granted, it’s not a book for everyone. It’s dark and ominous, but frighteningly relevant. Even more frightening is that the book was published in the late seventies and has proved accurate before and since that time.






The impact of The Late Great Planet Earth cannot be overstated. The New York Times called it the “no. 1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade.” For Christians and non-Christians of the 1970s, Hal Lindsey’s blockbuster served as a wake-up call on events soon to come and events already unfolding — all leading up to the greatest event of all: the return of Jesus Christ. The years since have confirmed Lindsey’s insights into what biblical prophecy says about the times we live in. Whether you’re a church-going believer or someone who wouldn’t darken the door of a Christian institution, the Bible has much to tell you about the imminent future of this planet. In the midst of an out-of-control generation, it reveals a grand design that’s unfolding exactly according to plan. The rebirth of Israel. The threat of war in the Middle East. An increase in natural catastrophes. The revival of Satanism and witchcraft. These and other signs, foreseen by prophets from Moses to Jesus, portend the coming of an antichrist . . . of a war which will bring humanity to the brink of destruction . . . and of incredible deliverance for a desperate, dying planet.


My 5 Star Review:


Are you a believer? In the end, according to Hal Lindsey and the prophecies from the bible, the world is on a path to destruction of its own making. 

Lindsey takes us on a journey through predictions going back to ancient times – many of which that have already happened and many that portend things to come. I’m not sure if fate, man or time can stop what God has in store for the end of time, but one thing is certain: It’s a good idea to become more aware and pay attention to what is going on around the world with politics, war and natural disasters in order to grasp what world leaders are dishing out so we can learn the difference between goodness and “pretend goodness” which will inevitably lead to evil and destruction.

This book will give you a better understanding of the AntiChrist who will come and gather believers because he/she will give them promises of greatness only leading to their demise, and explains the difference in believing when the “real” Messiah will make his descent back to earth.

Be careful what you wish for and who you believe, because believing in goodness is the only thing that will save you in the end.


The Cycle – Flash NonFiction – Life Learn Repeat

Life Learn Repeat


Live Laugh Love





I’m not sure where this came from, just a pattern of thoughts in the wee hours of the night. I think what I was trying to convey is emotions we experience and lessons we learn in life we take with us into the next life. But lessons aren’t always learned. Perhaps we get them right after a try or two?


Ego bruised,

Spirit falls.


Heart breaks,

Soul hurts.


Compassion heals,

Faith renewed.


Lessons learned,

Search forgiveness.


Life teaches,

Creating growth.


Aging and wisdom,

Death and rebirth


Try again.


Love encouraged,

Lifts esteem.


Heart full,

Happy within.


Have compassion,

Spread kindness.


Teach goodness,

Open heart.


Speak positive,

Smiling words.


Aging fulfilled,

Death and rebirth.



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The event will run all day with different hosts every hour. In order to drop in and visit, please click on the link before the day of the event and ‘like’ the page. Once you’ve ‘liked’ the page you have access to the event. Once you’ve ‘liked’ feel free to tick off in the box on the post if you’re ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’. Although it’s not necessary to inform us ahead of time, it helps to give us a general idea of how many will be visiting.


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Guest Post – Tina Frisco on #Forgiveness

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As many of you know, I enjoy sharing posts here by Tina Frisco. And I was elated at Tina’s agreement to write a guest post to feature here today while I’m knee-deep in re-writes on my newest book.

Tina has an inner wisdom, which opens our eyes to simple things we often take for granted, or sometimes hold a place within us that we sometimes struggle with but may not be able to come to terms with. In this post, Tina shares her experience with finding forgiveness and methods she utilizes to delve deep within her soul to find resolution.


Author Tina Frisco





Image Courtesy of Terri Webster Schrandt


“We tend to think of the rational as a higher order, but it is the emotional that marks our lives. One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment.” –Merle Shain, Canadian journalist and author, 1935-1989


Forgiveness is the highest form of virtue. It requires a strong and open heart. It challenges faith, trust, and understanding. It demands a willingness to let go of judgment. It moves us into compassion and elevates our consciousness. It fashions a deeper awareness of ourselves and others. Its gift is a more peaceful and fruitful life lived here on Mother Earth.


Forgiving someone a deep hurt is one of the most difficult challenges I have had to face.


As a small child, I was abused and often overlooked in favor of my younger sister. I was an afterthought. Because children have embryonic coping mechanisms, this neglectful behavior by the adults in my life carved a deep hole in my psyche. Desperate to be recognized, I became an overachiever and a slave to codependence. The imperatives of service and recognition fueled my desperation to a point where it imploded. I fragmented, and many took advantage. I was a walking, breathing wound.


In my teenage years, salt was added to that wound by those who mistook my need to help for egoism. Fortunately, I have a strong will and was able to rebut such claims. Unfortunately, this got me nowhere. I was labeled stubborn, angry, selfish, and a know-it-all. I would be the first to volunteer and the last to be selected. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get people to see me.


These labels followed me into early adulthood. Every time my eagerness to serve was mistaken for arrogance or selfishness, I either lashed out or fell into despair. My life had become one of emotional extremes – a roller coaster ride of peaks and valleys, racing fast to stand still.


All of this began to change when, at age thirty-three, I apprenticed to a medicine woman. She was as brutal in pointing out my weaknesses as she was compassionate in acknowledging my strengths. She forced me to dive deep and breathe while in the grasp of fear. Upon surfacing, I saw that all emotion is self-imposed. I alone am responsible for the choices I make. As my awareness grew, I began to own who I am – a wounded warrior made stronger for having faced that which terrorized me.


A few years into my apprenticeship, an issue I thought I had resolved attacked with a sudden and nauseating potency. Once again, and painfully, I felt overlooked. The hurt cut so deep, I nearly lost my life. I thought I was regressing, but I thought wrong. Issues become lighter as they are resolving. The pieces we have dealt with rise toward the surface. The nearer the surface, the more clearly we see them and the more powerful the impact. As these pieces are released, we might feel we are exploding, much like an erupting boil or volcano.


Naively, or perhaps wishfully, I thought I had finally battled this demon for the last time. Again, I thought wrong. Releasing negative emotion is like peeling away the layers of an onion – we clear different aspects at different times, until we reach the core and identify the source within. Since I have not yet reached the central part of this devastating emotion, it made a return visit, and very recently.


A friend I had become close with unknowingly overlooked me. This time, I was not even an afterthought. The pain struck sudden and hard. I reeled for several days, wondering why this issue still haunted me. When I let go of asking why and instead asked what it was I needed to learn, I received an answer: forgiveness.


I closed my eyes and moved into the hurt. I gasped and caught my breath as the pain ignited and burned my heart. For the first time in my life, I willingly held and comforted that little child so brutally abused and ignored all those years ago. Once her needs were met, a voice spoke to me:


This is an old hurt. You may hold it or let it go. It is an ancient hurt with roots buried in the beginning of time. You may carry it until the new light dawns, or you may release it into the custody of Mother Earth. The choice is yours, and the result will be the same. We have crossed the threshold into awakening.


I had become attached to a pain that my inner child mistook for love. It was time to hold myself in my own arms. It was time to let go. As I did, I discovered that letting go is a process – two steps forward, one step back – the human condition. At times, my mind wants to refute that the pain I continue to feel is of my own making. Yet my heart recognizes this as truth.


“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.” –Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight


My friend does not know her action triggered this old hurt in me, for it was I who pulled the trigger. So often we want to blame others for our feelings, forgetting we have a choice. If we did not have a choice, we would not have free will. Yet we pride ourselves on free will being a hallmark of the human species.


Owning our feelings does not mean granting license to ourselves or others for the commission of heinous deeds. Emotions are raw and private. They harm or uplift only the being in which they reside. If we act on our emotions in a way that inflicts harm on others, we must be held accountable. We must take responsibility for our actions as well as our thoughts and emotions.


I have forgiven my friend her shortcoming. She has given me the gift of opportunity. The hurt is still acute, but I will not close my heart to her. Although the pain I feel is not of her, it stands in relation to her, so I need to step back a little in order to witness myself more clearly. I am not pulling away. Or am I? Perhaps a little. We cannot see our reflections in the mirror with our noses pressed against it. We cannot survive a fire if we stand too close to the flame.


It is interesting how one person or event taking center stage can actuate a lesson of a lifetime. I observe myself each day as my mind battles my heart, attempting to reconcile the vestiges of a deep pain conceived so long ago. In remaining witness rather than doer or receiver, I am slowly healing the hurt that has controlled my life.


It is both fascinating and excruciating to keep one’s heart open to someone the mind perceives as having inflicted pain. This has enabled me to own my feelings. It has moved me to feel compassion for my friend. It has rewarded me with the ability to forgive us both.


I have learned that divine love is born of wisdom, and forgiveness is born of love. I have learned that if we humans are capable of forgiveness, we are capable of germinating the seed of divine love within us. And most of all, I have learned that the more my mind does not want to forgive, the more my heart must …


Namaste, my friends

© Tina Frisco 2017


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From Tina:


I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings on my blog posts. My hope is that we affirmatively broaden our perspective on what lies ahead for our species and our planet. I look forward to meeting, sharing, and dialoguing with kindred spirits at


Aging and Wisdom – The New Perennial Age of Women

Perennial years




How many times have we said we don’t feel or look our age? When did middle-age sneak into our lives? Where did the years go?

I’m sure we’ve all begged the answers to those questions once or twice as we women approach our ‘Perennial’ years.


What comes to mind when women use the terms ‘the new 40 or 50′, even 60 or 70? Here’s a clue:  it encompasses so much more than just looks.


In my opinion, looks have changed since the last generation, without discounting so many other changes that have occurred through the decades to empower women. Women in their 40s and 50s look much younger than those from decades past. I’m not referring to the advent of cosmetic surgery, but when I look back on decades past, I notice some interesting hairdos and fashion statements.  Looking back at the women in my own family and even movie stars with the styles of yesteryear, it’s not hard for me to compare a woman of today in her 40s or 50s appearing younger looking than those before us at the same age. Was it the hairstyles, a more sedentary lifestyle which gave the impression a women in her 30s back when of 30 or 40 years ago looked similar in age to women now in their 40s or 50s?


Back in those days, women didn’t lead lifestyles like they do now, some with powerful jobs, being the bigger bread winner, many working what used to be considered, jobs for only men, or raising a family while carrying a job. “We’ve come a long way baby,” as the old cigarette ad used to say. (Am I giving away my age?)


I have to laugh at the many times me and my sister would bring up the subject of our dreaded childhood weekends we were forced to spend at our paternal grandparents’ house. We’d remark to one another about how even when we were small, our grandmother looked like . . . well, a grandmother. We only envision her old from as far back as we can remember. But lol, I digress.


What made me write this post on women then and now was prompted by a conversation I had on the weekend with one of my sister-in-laws. She shared a topic of discussion that came up between her and her yoga teacher. Her teacher had referred to women in the age group of 40s and 50s as ‘perennials’. Have any of you heard this term used before? I haven’t. But I love it.


I’ve heard of some more unflattering terms such as menopausal, even cougars, but not perennials.


According to the yoga teacher’s preferred term, perennial, it represents this age category because many women are reaching their full potential, ‘in full bloom’ as they enter their 40s and 50s. This age bracket is where many women enter new phases of life such as: the empty nest stage where their kids are finally moving out or getting married, making new lives for themselves or raising families. This is a time where women begin to re-evaluate their accomplishments and desires and come to realize they want to do things that either they may not have thought about doing when they were younger, or were too busy raising their families or building careers, choosing to put their own desires on hold.


I can identify with this wonderful choice of word, perennial, representing a time period of continuation of our evolving. We are still evolving and learning and doing. Every year we bloom with more knowledge from our experiences and eventually, the new bloom leads to desires of the ‘me time’. A time for us to focus on the things we enjoy whether it be travel, new hobbies, furthering our education, or even writing books.


So much can apply to this ‘new age’. The possibilities are endless if we allow ourselves the entitlement to flourish and bloom to complete ourselves for ourselves.


I absolutely adore the term ‘perennial’ and it does sound so much better than ‘the change’. In fact, there may even be a book from me down the road on the subject.


How do you feel about the term ‘perennial’?

Blogger's Pit Stop feature winner


Sunday Book Review – The Courage to be Creative – Doreen Virtue


Book reviews by D.G. Kaye

My Sunday book review today is featuring two wonderful and inspiring books from Doreen Virtue. Doreen is a best selling author of over 100 books and a doctor of psychology. She works with angels and besides books, she offers several types of angel decks, podcasts and has appeared on several television shows through the years.


Courage to be Create - Doreen Virtue

Get This Book on Amazon!



You were born creative, because you are the creation of the Creator, as we all are. If you don’t feel that way or your artistic endeavors haven’t worked out, this book can help you. Doreen Virtue, the beloved author of over 100 best-selling books, card decks, and audio/video programs, shows you how to gain more than a dozen forms of courage that lead to creativity – including an unshakable belief in yourself and dedication to seeing your sacred ideas and dreams through to fruition.

In these pages, Doreen reveals the secrets behind her own incredibly prolific creative output, details what guides her writing process, and offers an unprecedented window onto what it really looks like to be self-employed in the creative arts. In addition, each chapter features useful tips to lead you to discover your natural talents as a writer or artist and in other creative vocations or avocations. Doreen also includes summaries of fascinating psychological studies that showcase how to become a successful and satisfied creative individual.

Filled with real-world advice, scientific research on creativity, and true stories, The Courage to Be Creative both lays bare the divinely guided path to “birthing” a creative work and charts the earthly path to jump-starting your creative career (including confidently navigating the labyrinth of literary and creative agencies, publishers, marketing outlets, and much more).

This extraordinary book merges the spiritual with the practical, demonstrating how to courageously harness your innate gifts for purposeful artistic pursuits and lasting fulfillment – creatively, personally, and professionally, as well as financially – and leave your unique mark on the world.


My 5 Star Review

As a long time follower of Doreen Virtue, and a reader of many of her books, I couldn’t help but want to read this one too. One may think there is only so much one can write about angels, but if you’ve read Virtue’s books you will know there are many angels among us and each serves a particular realm they govern over.

This book resonated with me because the author shares more of herself in this book with her journey to becoming a writer and obstacles she’s overcome in her own life in pursuing her dream to be a prolific writer and a messenger of the angels with her words. She also shares what it’s like to have a low self-esteem and how she learned to build herself up and pursue her dreams despite the rejection along the way.

As a writer myself, who writes about overcoming low self-esteem and growing through adversity, it was interesting to read from a most popular fellow author that many of our paths are not easy. Virtue offers a wealth of positivity in this book by recognizing that we all have creativity within us. She shows us the way to find our own creativity and use it with the useful tips offered in this book and includes an extensive list of references we can use to build our creative selves and places we can let our work be seen.


Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue

Get this book on Amazon! 




When you clear away negative energy residues from fear and worry, your natural spiritual power awakens. This innate power allows you to know the future; freely communicate with God and the angels; and heal yourself, others, and the planet. In Chakra Clearing, Doreen Virtue guides you through meditations and visualizations to clear your chakras, which activates your inborn healing and psychic abilities.

Enclosed you’ll also find a download link for meditative audio that complements the material in the book. The audio starts with a morning meditation designed to begin your day with a bright, positive energy frequency and surround you with healing light. The relaxing evening meditation that follows clears away energy that you may have absorbed during the day, and invites angels to enter your dreams and give you divine messages.


My 5 Star Review:


Another inspirational self help guide and book from a great author and communicator with angels. 

Virtue is a master at showing us the way to heal ourselves with the help of meditations and learning how to manifest healing and desires with the summoning of angels. In this book she introduces us to the Chakras, where they are positioned in our bodies and how to recognize blockages which can stagnate the energies within us. Her guidance will help us understand how the Chakras work, and her tips on how to clear the blocked energies which govern our bodies is written to demonstrate how visualization can manifest and regenerate the light within us. There is also a section about how to call on your angels, and what the different angels represent when calling on for protection.

If you’re a believer in angels, or wish to learn more about the subject then this book is for you.

Two winning and insightful books by Doreen Virtue.