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My Two Cents – Rant of the Week – Stop Wasting My Time #BellCanada

My two cents


One of the most irksome pet peeves I have is having to deal with my communication companies on an ongoing basis for wrong billings. And why is it that communications companies are notorious for their computer systems not running effectively?


Every time I make the slightest change to one of my services, ie: home phone, mobile phone, internet or cable TV, the next bill I receive is NEVER the correct amount. Why is this so irksome? Because after wasting hours on the phone with one of these providers to initially make the changes, and after receiving confirmation that my new bill will be just as promised, it never is.

Every time I have to phone one of these companies I almost need to take a Valium just to deal with these companies. In January I called my home phone/internet provider, Bell Canada, to let them know that I was leaving and no longer interested in making a mortgage payment to them. I got put through to loyalty, because of course they don’t want to lose us to the competition. Although I wasn’t thrilled about their offer of compensation, it was $35 cheaper than the current bill and being that I don’t have the head for this nonsense, I accepted their offer before I’m ready to tackle cutting off the home phone line altogether and moving my internet to my mobile/cable TV provider, Rogers, whom I have to admit, are far more generous with their customer service and savings.

I don’t need to share the expletives that came out of my mouth when I opened my Bell bill today and found it $40 higher than it should have been, knowing full well I’d have to leave my work aside and fight for my rights once again.

I am usually quite disciplined at holding back my temper while attempting to reach resolution, but today’s episode could not keep me from holding my tongue. Maybe it’s because of this flu I have going on day 6, maybe it’s because I’m tired of doing their job, and mostly because calling these people is a HUGE timesuck!

So I ventured the phone call and was greeted by a rep who grilled me first on my life story once again after having listened to a damned recording asking me all the same questions prior to him picking up the call where I awaited an answer for 15 minutes. I proceeded to let loose about the WRONG amount on the bill and the amount it should have been, mentioning all the notes and references to the previous call where this new price was set up in January. He asked me several questions as the clock ticked away and my anger rose, I told him to CHECK THE DAMN NOTES! This call went on for the better part of an hour where I had to leave my current work to investigate their mistake . . . again. I reminded him I don’t work for Bell, Bell doesn’t pay for my time and I’m tired of their incompetence. More apologies, more waiting. I stood and listened to the dead silence for 10 minutes before I asked. “Helloooooooo is anyone there???”

He replied, “Sorry Miss, our computers seem to be running so slow today,” something I hear every bloody time I have to call these companies.

I lashed out – “I don’t get it. Every time I call you people your computers are down or slow, what kind of communication company are you?  I work on the damned computer 18 hours a day and have no issues.”

He apologized over and over. I told him what the bill should be and that was all I was going to pay and that I was hanging up and he could deal with the issue that I had no time to wait for something I’m right about. He blabbed on about how great their service is and sometimes we have to pay more for that. I almost barfed, but responded, “I don’t really give a shit what goes on behind your scenes, I only know that I was guaranteed what my monthly bill should be and it’s not. I also told him that I feel sorry for the many customers who I’m sure don’t check their bills thoroughly and just pay them with bogus charges on them. Again silence.

By then I wanted to tear my hair out. But I left him on speaker phone and went back to the computer to work. Then the rep asks, “How is your weather there?” Really?????????? Like you really give a crap, just making small talk to fill in the long wait gap.

I didn’t say that but did respond with a gruff voice, “My weather is fine!” About 10 minutes later I hear, “Have you seen any good movies lately?” That was it for me. I exploded at him.

“NO, I don’t watch movies.” Of course that was a lie, but I wasn’t about to start idle chatter with him while I was trying to work because he couldn’t get his computer to locate all the notes on my account. I further added, “Look, stop asking me insignificant questions to fill in your dead air time. I’M BUSY! Do you think I’m actually sitting here for an hour waiting for you? I’m working while I wait!”

Yes, maybe I was harsh. but maybe I wasn’t. This isn’t a one off event with these companies. If people would do their jobs properly when deals are made, us consumers wouldn’t have to backtrack every time a new bill comes in and have to remind them what our bill should be.

Okay, I feel better now that I shared this, lol. But I do wish there was a solution to these nonsensical happenings. I wish companies would do their jobs properly, and at the very least. hire competent people in billing so we don’t have to waste our time chasing them down for their errors. Nobody there is paying for our time!

Just Sayin'

Do you guys check your bills with a fine toothed comb?

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  • Jane Sturgeon

    Ohh, so with you in this one. I know we’ve talked about Mercury retrograde lately, but this is on-going. Yes, I check my bills and yes, it’s the technology companies that get them wrong. I am sending you some sparkly energy and sometimes we just have to cut loose with our temper. Wrapping you in love and sending healing energy for you. <3 xXx <3 xXx p.s. Unicorns have a handy horn to poke people sometimes…….just saying 😉

    • dgkaye

      Lollllllll, thank you sweet Jane. I’m always open to receive! And you are so right my friend, yesterday, although rare for me I had to use my horn! Big hugs to you oh wise one. 🙂 <3 xoxoxo <3

  • John Maberry

    It’s hard not to laugh–given the way you describe your travails, despite identifying with your experience. We’ve probably all been there more often than we’d like with one company or another. The only consistently crappy customer service I got over the last 20 years was from Verizon for my landline service. Since I’ve had them for wireless only, the reps are great. For every other business, it’s erratic–idiots and incompetents sometimes and knowledgeable great helpers other times. I don’t usually blow up but I do when I must deal with the ding dongs.

    • dgkaye

      Exactly the same for me John. It’s so hit or miss who you get on the phone, someone knowledgeable or an airhead which just adds fuel to my fire. Also, depends on the day when I’m on my last nerve. Like I said, I usually bite my tongue and endure the torture but when these are repeated mistakes that suck of my time because of their incompetence, eventually, I’m going to blow. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      I’m sure it’s the same everywhere Adele. I just had zero patience for it yesterday, lol. Once in a while you have to explode. <3

  • hilarymb

    Hi Debby – couldn’t agree more … which is why I keep everything as simple as I can. When I left the UK I had to tie things up … and that was troublesome … even now I believe I’m getting irrelevant post – drives me nutty. In fact most things I won’t give them an email … as I can then put things in writing … makes my life easier. But do hope things get sorted … take care – cheers Hilary
    PS I emailed you separately re your comment on my blog. No rush to reply!!

    • dgkaye

      Hi Hilary. Communications usually get gnarled during the mercury retrograde plus a full moon now! Thankfully only one more week to go with the craziness planet. Thank you. I saw your email contact note. I can’t reply from my dashboard, but I will when I check my blog emails this evening. 🙂

  • lisa thomson-The Great Escape...

    Ohhhh, so frustrating! I believe the slow computers and incompetence are by design, so that customers give up trying to straighten out their bills. They hope it isn’t worth it after what they put you through, that way they can keep the money they ‘steal’. I definitely check my bills and call in when there are mysterious charges, unnecessary fees etc. It’s amazing how often big companies over charge and again, it is by design…

    Good for you for giving them shit, Debby. It’s good to stand up for your rights even if it’s $20 or $2,000 isn’t the point. Bah, you got me all riled up! 😀

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Lis, how did I know you were just like me, lol – take no shit! Maybe cuz we’re the gals who took enough shit in our lives and don’t let anything slide anymore. 🙂 And funny, that’s what Sally said in her comment that companies make it difficult on purpose so we’ll surrender and they scoop the money grab. Well that’s disgusting, and that aint happening to this girl! 🙂 xx Thanks for gettin’ riled with me. 🙂 🙂

  • Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    Oh my… I know the feeling Debby and having been on the other end of your frustration. But we were never as bad as that. Unfortunately organisations get too big to manage effectively and systems are designed with marketing in mind not the customer. I always take the full name of the person I am speaking to and tell them that as they are recording this conversation, so am I for training purposes. Theirs. They work on the premise that it is such a long winded and frustrating process that you will give up and they can then multiply the error of $15 by thousands.

    Sorry you have had the hassle especially as you are under the weather.♥♥

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Sal for sharing your take here. I am not surprised you turn the tables – “I am recording YOU for training purposes” LOL I must try that one next time as sadly, I know there will be another time. 🙂 And wow, you think these companies purposely make it difficult to get any help and it keeps them raking in the overages? That disgusts me. Is anyone honest anymore?? <3 xx

  • Jacqui Murray

    If you replace ‘communications company’ with ‘Amazon’, I’m right there with you. Luckily my husband handles the phone company so he may be pulling his hair out but I get anything that sniffs of tech. My books are for sale on Amazon and they are a disaster.

    Though, I will say, they added a new call-back feature which I’ve been forced to use twice. They solved all my problems. I don’t know what got into them but I like it.

  • Annika Perry

    Debby, I feel your pain!! Irksome is the kind word in these situations. They just don’t seem to fathom that people are working and do not have hours to waste! My best was three hours once with our provider … by then I was so exhausted I didn’t even have the energy to be angry or upset! I’m sorry to hear you’ve got the flu – hope you’re much better soon. healing hugs xxxx

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for the well wishes Annika. And I am certain that each of us has had their own personal nightmares with these companies. 🙂 xxx I’m 80% better today, Day 8! What a trek! 🙂 <3

  • Robert Matthew Goldstein

    My take on this from my dealings with AT&T is the customer service is designed to make the effort to correct billing errors as difficult as possible. I’m still waiting for AT&T to send me the hundred bucks it shouldn’t’ have charged me when I changed my router in 2015.

    One would three that three time-consuming calls would be enough. 🙂

  • Christy B

    I think that instead of them asking how the weather is, they would be better off to ask how you are finding some of their services, how to make the bills easier to read, etc. THOSE are questions to ask 😉 Sigh, I feel your frustration! So glad we’re all here for you to talk to and that you got it straightened out xo

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Christy. I do love our community. And if I can spread awareness in my messages, I’m happy to help others too. <3

  • Tina Frisco

    Deb, I wouldn’t be surprised if employees are instructed to initially make all changes in favor of the company, hoping the customer will either be unaware or let it go. During our 2016 primaries, many States instructed their poll workers to tell Independents that they had to go to a specified table to pick up a special ballet in order to vote (many States require you to vote your party in the primaries). These instructions were actually printed in their manuals. Then the poll workers were instructed to have only a few special ballets on hand, knowing they’d run out long before all the Independent electorate had a chance to vote. Thus, Bernie Sanders lost millions of votes to Hillary Clinton. I don’t trust and have no faith in big corporations. Nothing is beneath their dignity, of which they are completely devoid. I always go with small companies whenever they’re available and have had only good experiences. I hope you finally got this cleared up ❤️

  • robbiesinspiration

    Haha, Debby, a good thing you don’t like in Southern Africa. Nothing works here and nothing is ever right. You need the patience of Job to deal with the bureaucracy. This kind of thing does drive you mad when you are a busy person.

  • Stevie Turner

    My pet peeve is that you can never ring a company and they’ll pick up the phone. These days we always seem to have to wait in a queue because ‘all lines are busy’. Even at 8am? It’s obviously a way to get more money out of us. Grr!

    • dgkaye

      Such a common thing to rip off consumers everywhere it seems Susan. If we don’t pay attention or fight for our causes. we just pay more. 🙁

  • Hugh's Views and News

    Oh, yes, all the time. And if I get any nonsense from the customer service people, I put them on to my lawyer…John. That usually does the trick. 😀
    Sorry to hear you’ve had the flu, Debby. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • dgkaye

      I have no doubts you are assertive with discrepancies lol. You are lucky to have John put the stamp on it! And thanks for the well wishes, I should be over this by weekend. Wish I could say the same for G, but we’re doing our best. <3

  • L. T. Garvin, Author

    This is one of my pet peeves also, Debby. It does take so much of our valuable time to sit on the phone with these impersonal companies while their reps act totally clueless. There is also nothing that I hate more than being given a quoted price only to find out that it is much more. I am teaching online this summer and recently had to have my Internet cable provider come out and install a new modem and run new lines and was quoted a price. If it ends up being over that I will be flipping out for sure. These corporate Nincompoops, yesh! Now you’ve got me riled up, LOL. Hang in there and get back to work 😀

  • Liesbet @ Roaming About

    Amen to that, Debby! I totally feel your frustrations, especially having been here with Mark when he went through the whole health care plan fuck-ups the last months. Same situation like you, having to deal with incapable people, Mark doing their job (not being able to do his in the meantime) and saying what should be done. But, the representatives do not apologize at Mass Health… when they get annoyed, they hang up. And, when it is near 5pm East Coast, they hang up as well. And, you’re on hold for three hours, because every 50 minutes, the on hold phone hangs up on you. You have to start all over again in the morning, and again and again…

    I won’t go into details (I should have ranted in a blog as well, and maybe I will one day, because this episode was seriously insane), but it took him about six calls to Mass Health over a period of two months, with being on the phone 3-5 hours each time. Yeah… I”m not kidding! And, to be honest, he’s still not done, unfortunately. Why don’t people do their job? Why are they not educated? Why do they not care? And, we get yelled at by unhappy customers, while Mark basically works 24/7 to help solve their issues. Don’t get me started!

  • macjam47

    Debby, i can’t help but laugh at this. Been there, done that, over and over again. When I call I want a quick answer, no excuses, just fix the problem and promise me it won’t happen again. Is that too unreasonable?

      • macjam47

        Someday I’ll have to write about our recent experience with Sears service on a 14 month old refrigerator. I might wait until Halloween though, it’s a horror story. 😉

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