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I Challenge You to Build Your #Email List – Nose Graze

  Building An Email List

Today I’m going to share a great website with you called Ashley runs a fabulous blog there which is like a help site for all bloggers. She’s a web developer who, besides selling services such as coding, web design, themes, plugins, and so much more, blogs about wordpress and issues we can run into, as well as tricks of the trade to show us how to get the most out of our blogs.


In today’s post that I’m sharing, Ashley is talking about the importance of setting up a mailing list on our blogs.


3 Full-proof ways to grow your email list:


“I don’t care how hot Bloglovin’ or Feedly are, or even Twitter/Facebook/Periscope or whatever new social media is all the rage. The #1 subscription avenue you should be promoting is email. Above all others: email. Email is the best and most reliable way to get people to read your content. People check their email all […]”  CONTINUE READING 

Source: I Challenge You to Build Your Email List – Nose Graze 


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