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Thank you once again Sally Cronin of SmorgasbordInvitation, for adding my latest book to your generous sharing of wonderful books for your Christmas Grotto.

Christmas Grotto 2015 – Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye

Christmas GrottoDebby Gies, author D.G. Kaye, is my Canadian Sistah…one of several I have found around the world who seem to have been born under the same star. We are of similar ages, backgrounds, have enjoyed life’s rich tapestry of ups and downs and have ended up putting pen to paper. Debby is a regular visitor to the blog and I love having her over. Her latest book is doing extremely well and I am delighted to feature in the Christmas Grotto. In the short time since its release it has received excellent reviews and the two I am including today give the book the thumbs up from someone who spent many years in the travel industry and one from a man’s perspective… Enjoy

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D.G. Kaye

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  1. There are some great gifts in that Grotto this year 🙂

    1. I would say Sue. Nobody would need to look any further than Sally’s backyard! 🙂

      1. I’d agree with that entirely 🙂

  2. Definitely delightful, Debby!
    Oh, and here’s something for the road:
    Huge hugs!

    1. Teagan! You’re a doll!!! Thanks so much for that inspiring video. Do you know I was searching for that song, remembered when I was a child. It’s been playing like a broken record in my head for months! The video is beautiful, and although I never believed the artist was singing about the actual state, it’s fitting! I watched it 3 times already LOL! xo <3

  3. Lovely write up of your book Deb, and I loved the quote about Kindness changing the world.. 🙂 we need lots of it xx <3

    1. Thanks Sue. My quote is timeless, but lends a particular strength at this current time in the world. <3

  4. Great endorsement! I’m sure if she had 3 thumbs, all would be up for your book! 🙂

    1. No kidding, lol. I’d love to have Sally as my press agent! 🙂

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