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Cover Reveal: Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry | Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

I’m happy to be sharing my Fey sister Colleen Chesebro’s Cover Reveal for her fabulous upcoming book – Word Craft – Prose and Poetry, how to write syllabic poetry.

Colleen is serving gluten-free and calorie-free cake for her reveal, so enjoy the cake and check out the beautiful cover.




Help Me Celebrate!

Grab a piece of cake!

While I’m waiting to hear from my editors, I thought it was time to share the cover of my newest book creation, “Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry. This book will discuss the basics of how to write the Japanese and American Syllabic poetry forms we use in my weekly Tanka Tuesday challenge. . . .

Please hop over to Colleen’s party


Source: Cover Reveal: Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry | Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry



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