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Creative Ideas – Autographing your Books Across the Miles

Have you ever been asked by a reader of your books to send them your autograph on a piece of paper so they can insert it in the front of the book?


Here’s a great idea I came up with for autographing across the miles.

I was thrilled when one of my readers sent me an email telling me she’d love to have my autograph on two paperback books of mine she purchased. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind signing my name on two pieces of paper and mailing them to her so she could add them to the books. Wow! I’d never had such a request. Because she’d become an acquaintance of mine through a mutual friend on Facebook, I told her I would send them to her. 

I thought about what type of paper I would sign my name and good wishes on because I wasn’t just going to scribble my name on a plain piece of paper, feeling that wasn’t very professional.

And then I came up with the great idea.

I decided to use Fotojet photo editor and make up a ‘thank you for reading’ thank you note adding a design, color, and space to be able to sign and write a sentence or two, about 3″ x 4″ wide. I then printed the image twice, addressed the reader, and signed my name then proceeded to cut them out. And voila! I made some nice little placards she could insert inside the front cover.

I then signed a small ‘thank you’ card with my real name, inserted the placards inside that card, along with a bookmark of one of my books and sent it off to her.

There are many ways we can connect with our readers, this is just one of many, and a personal touch from a request. I’ll also note, that we wouldn’t want to be doing this for every random request we may receive because of all the postage costs that would be incurred. Also, I’d advise that we be cautious to whom we’re sending to when putting a return address on the envelopes.

As an alternative, you can always send a digitally signed note and signature to any readers requesting an autograph by using the authorgraph app, which I have done several times. If you’re not familiar with authorgraph, I wrote a post a few years ago about how to use it.

Wishing you many signature requests from your readers!

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