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Dear #Spanx – Letting Go -#Self-Esteem

letting go


Dear Spanx,


You’ve left me no alternative but to break up with you. You may appear small, but your mighty powers have stretched my patience. I will not subject myself to your abuse any longer.


You pretended to be my friend by complimenting me when all you were doing was sucking the life out of me. You led me to believe with your hugging and squeezing me we’d be good friends. But you deceived me. Your broken promises to hold me tight in times of need began to smother me. You just wouldn’t let me breathe till I felt as though I was bursting at the seams; gasping for air.


I am breaking free of you now. I will no longer allow you to cause me discomfort and pain. I can’t go on fighting with you every time we get together. You misled me, pretending to shape my self-esteem, yet, I see through your manipulative ways. You give me a compliment, and in the next breath your making fun of me by pinching my unflattering parts, only to create new flabby spots. You can’t fool me anymore. The rolls aren’t going to magically disappear, they only get squished to another location.


I don’t need this expanded version of your dishonesty. My insides are splitting as you persist to maintain your tight grip on me. I’m sorry we couldn’t play nicely together. I no longer wish to be restricted by your confines. I need my freedom. I choose not to use you as a crutch any longer, hiding behind your overbearing shadow.


It’s time for me to bust out and own who I am without needing you or anyone else to support me. I don’t need you to embrace me. I will embrace myself for my courage to walk away from you as I learn to love and appreciate myself for all that I am.


So thanks for all of your support in the past. The time has come to part with things that no longer serve me in kindness and comfort. Your welcome has worn out.




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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


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