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So You’ve Hired and #Editor? – Deborah Jay


Today we have another interesting and informative article on editing by Fantasy author, Deborah Jay. 


Many of you are aware that there are different types of editors. Deborah takes us through the different types of editors below in her post, and talks about the author’s right to agree or disagree with the editor’s changes. She also demonstrates when it is best to follow the editor’s suggestions.

editing tips

“So you’ve finished your book and you’ve hired an editor, right?

Hopefully you hired the right sort of editor…

‘What?‘ you say, ‘there’s more than one type of editor?’

Oh yes, folks, and if you haven’t got that piece of information yet, you need to go do some research. As an overall guide, you will find:

  • structural editors

  • copy editors

  • proof readers

and they won’t be the same person. . .” Continue Reading




You’ve hired an editor, but what happens if you don’t agree with them? #authors #writing

Source: deborahjay | Mystery, magic and mayhem



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