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Editing and Editors: A Writer’s Guide – Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris

Reblog and featuring

Today’s reblog is from the blog of Anne R. Allen with Ruth Harris.  Ruth is a succesful author and former editor sharing her expertise on everything ‘Editing’.

9 Ways Editors Can Make You Look Good…and 7 Ways They Can Make You Miserable

by Ruth Harris


“As a former editor, I’m biased but, as a writer, I’ve learned that for me (and for just about every writer I know), editing is the most productive and transformative part of writing a book. Whether you hire a pro, rely on a crit partner, or DIY with or without input from beta readers, editing can take longer than writing and can turn an OMG-did-I-write-that? draft into a book you can be proud of.

Or not.

More on the downside later, but to begin on the bright side: If you are a beginning writer your editors are your teachers and mentors and will rescue you from the sh*tty first draft. If you’re an experienced writer, your editor can be the invaluable second pair of eyes.”


9 ways your editor can help. . . Continue Reading


Source: Editing and Editors: A Writer’s Guide – Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris

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