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Fun Book Review -“You know you want to read this!” (D.G. Kaye’s book commercial, take 2!) | witlessdatingafterfifty

Have Bags, Will Travel D.G. Kaye


I just had to share this clever and entertaining form of a book review from Robin at WitlessDatingAfterFifty

Robin’s blog is filled with photos and stories about those photos. They are comprised of family stories, art, blog challenges, reviews and whatever else sparks Robin’s mind to share her thoughts and experiences.


Recently, Robin informed me she was going on a trip to visit a friend. She would be flying on an airplane, something she hadn’t done for over 30 years! She’d been wanting to read one of my books and thought Have Bags, Will Travel would be a fun choice to take along for an airplane read. She informed me she was going to take that book and get some airline interaction with it, and to my delight she found a clever way to share my book around and created 3 posts, all with airline staff holding a copy of my book and according to Robin, these 2 women below got quite a chuckle out of the chapter where I write all about the germs on an airplane. No doubt they could relate!

Fall book review: “Have Bags, Will Travel” in hands of Eashika with Samantha


Eashika is on the left, she is a 

“quick study” and was skimming

the chapters. She’s smiling at 

Debby’s chapter on germaphopia.

D.G. Kaye is the author,

otherwise known as our 

friend and fellow blogger.

The book, “Have Bags, Will Travel”

was like a breath of fresh air.

Debby’s friends (Bri and Zan)

and occasional cousin,

are outgoing, fun-loving

while joining in hilarious

situations and spontaneous 

laughter. Equipped with 

“inside jokes,” 

nostalgic memories

and another “language”

of codes to further their

closeness and make

it easier to crack up. 

~   !      ?      !   ~


Continue reading Robin’s hilarious recap of my book HERE


Check out Rodney in D.G.’s

other book commercials!

Fall book review: Rodney’s presence (D.G. Kaye’s book commercial, take 1!)


As you may see, I enlisted an

Airlines personnel to serve as my

assistant, helping to promote

Debby’s book,

“Have Bags, Will Travel.”


Rodney’s look says: “You know you want to read this!” (D.G. Kaye’s book commercial, take 2!)



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