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Fun with #Filing « Jo Robinson

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Today’s reblog is from Jo Robinson, writing for Lit World Interviews on a subject we can all relate to – storing massive amount of files, often in a disorderly fashion that can have us searching on lengthy manhunts when we need to access a file. Jo is sharing some good organizational practices that can help us all.


Fun with Filing by Jo Robinson


“It’s a good idea to keep your virtual filing cabinets in good condition. Rather than having to search through a mile and a half of documents for a document whose title you forgot a year ago, create specific files and folders for specific things, and then make an effort to use them.

When you’re writing your first book you are blissfully innocent of the pitfalls that could await you when the time comes for editing, formatting, and loading onto the various sales sites. Many writers still hit the tab key for indents, and whack the carriage return button to create as much white space as they’d like to see on their title page. . .Continue Reading 


Source: Fun with Filing « Jo Robinson 

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