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Today’s post is a reblog from Diana Peach of Myths of the Mirror.  She is sharing her detailed accounting of what it was like for her to abandon traditional publishing and become an Indie author, and loving it!

Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results


Eight months ago, I started the process of canceling my traditional publishing contracts and re-releasing all my books as an indie author. My reasons for the switch were detailed in two posts Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie (Part I) and (Part II).

The process went more smoothly than I could have imagined, and I wanted to share the results:

1. I left myself 8 months to convert 6 books. Two months per book would have been easier as I was reproofing as part of the process. The advice: Create a schedule and then give yourself extra time.

2. New covers had an instantaneous sales response. Covers do matter whether traditional or indie publishing.

3. My old reviews ALL carried over to the new books. All I had to do was ask Amazon to combine the old (publisher) and new (indie) editions leaving only the new editions visible. The same phone call also combined the kindle and paperback editions so that they’d show as one “tile” (the standard Amazon presentation).

4. Though I priced my ebooks significantly lower than my publisher did, I’m earning a greater per-book royalty. The healthier royalties now support further promotion, while the lower prices encourage more readers to try my books. Continue Reading


Source: Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie – Results | Myths of the Mirror Copyright 2018


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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Debby. I so appreciate it and love sharing what I see as the good news about indie publishing 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the info.

    1. My pleasure Diana. Your post was inspiring for all Indie authors, so I had to share. 🙂

  2. Wonderful to see Diana featured on your blog, Deb. Shared across my pages ❤

    1. Thanks so much T for always being so kind with your visits and shares. <3

  3. Thanks Diana and Debby for sharing this information with us 🙂

    1. Inspiring info for all us Indies. 🙂

  4. I have to say, Diana is one of the foremost reasons I chose to go indie. Her first post in this series made HUGEEEEEEEE impressions on me. I was never the same again.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful when we can glean such helpful information from our fellow writers? 🙂

      1. So many of you have had such a major impact, more than you’ll ever know.

        1. That’s what it’s all about Sach! 🙂

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