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Reblogging is flattery



I wanted to share this most lovely blogpost Chuck Jackson wrote after I reviewed his book last weekWhat Did I Do? Chuck’s words and sentiment touched me and I’m just as humble for his writing this as he was for my review for his book.



The Greatest Compliment is Peer Recognition


The best compliment any professional or artist can receive is praise from another within your discipline. I am a novice writer and do not recognize myself as a professional writer/author. When someone who is a recognized professional author compliments my work, I know I have taken that step towards acceptance. Today well-known author and blogger D.G. Kaye (aka, Debby Gies) has graciously promoted and reviewed my writing and my book What Did I Do?

For the last three years, I have followed Debby’s blogs, Live, Laugh, Love — And Don’t Forget To Breath! I have also read three of her books. In my opinion, we have a commonality in our writing. We write memoirs or stories based on our life struggles. We share our conflicts and triumphs so others may learn from our experiences. We open our hearts and share our weaknesses. We do this not for recognition or fame, but to help others.

I thank Debby for the review and the honor of being selected for her Sunday Book Review.


reading meme


It was a pleasure reading your book Chuck. Thanks for the lovely recognition and I look forward to reading more of your books.



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  1. Hi Debby – it’s lovely to find others with similar minds … and there are quite a few around the blogosphere … Chuck sounds special and I left him a comment – cheers Hilary

    1. Oh thanks Hilary, Chuck will appreciate that. And yes, it’s wonderful how we can have a wonderful circle of friends here who support each other. For many of us, it would be a lonely writing life without like-minded friends. 🙂 x

  2. It was a lovely post Debby…and review.. hugs ♥

    1. Thanks bunches Sal <3 xx

  3. Kindness shown always ripples in ever widening circles. I read the review and left a comment on Chuck’s blog. I can relate to many parts of his story. Thank you, Debby! ((( )))

    1. Oh thanks so much Marian, yes, kindness certainly does ripple among circles. Thanks for visiting Chuck’s blog. 🙂 x

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to be repaid in compliments… And how our encounters can have profound effects on each other..
    You seem to have this affect Debby on Many my dear friend <3
    Much love your way <3

    1. Aw shucks Sue. You know how to make someone’s day!!!!! <3 <3 xx

  5. It’s nice to be appreciated, especially in this crazy busy world. Reviews remain to be the top promotional tool we have, so when we help each other out in that way, it is hard to overlook.

    1. I so agree Kate.:) Thanks.

  6. What a lovely post by Chuck, Debby. Your review did pique my interest in his book.

    1. Thanks Robbie. I think you would enjoy it, despite the sadness, his resilience was remarkable! 🙂 x

  7. Peer recognition is definitely something to be treasured.

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