Messages from Beyond
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Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Messages from Beyond | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Messages from Beyond

Messages from Beyond

I was thrilled to be invited to Sue Vincent’s blog and contribute a post after reading her post titled – A Ghost of Myself, 


It seems that by the interaction of conversation in comments in both our posts, many bloggers were interested in this enigmatic topic about life after earth and offered up some incidences they’ve also encountered in their comments. Sue decided that since so many were fascinated by the subject that she would invite bloggers to submit their stories to her so she could share them on her blog too. Sue created a post as an invitation. Elusive Realities – An Invitation to Share Your Stories.


Messages from Beyond


Thanks so much Sue for your open invitation for writers to guest post at your beautiful blog. I’m finally taking you up on it as it’s been awhile.

In light of your recent blog post,  A Ghost of Myself and another by Stevie Turner, they prompted memories of some paranormal experiences I’ve encountered in my own life and thought I might share here.

It’s natural for us to be skeptical about what happens in the afterlife – Are we really dead? Is there life after death? Does the soul live on? Those are just a few questions lingering in our minds, particularly when we come close to death ourselves or encounter the loss of a loved one.

How many of us has given much thought about what lies on ‘the other side’? Do you believe in spirits visiting us from the beyond? When I was young I would wonder about these things and although I was curious, I remained skeptical until I began experiencing visits from some of my loved ones. It wasn’t that their spirits appeared to me as a vision, but rather, through my sense of smell, touch and intuitive messages I’d receive invoking  an inner-knowing that comes over me.

I was very close with my father and after he passed away, now 27 years, I began sensing when he was around me. When he visits me there’s a distinct odor that surrounds me, . . . Continue Reading


Source: Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Messages from Beyond | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Sue Vincent

    Thank you so much for coming over and sharing, Debby. There are so many stories untold…and so many questions … it would be good to open the doors to some sensible discussion and show people they are not alone in their experiences.

    • dgkaye

      I know Sue, a fascinating subject for those who have been there and for those who are curious to learn. Great idea for you to extend invitations for this series. Looking forward to submit my next post on connecting with the other side. 🙂 xx

  • Annika Perry

    Debby, I’m tear-eyed reading your guest post on Sue’s blog. No way are these coincidences rather gentle reassurances such as the smell of your father’s cigarettes and the hand on your arm by the fridge (I nearly jumped just reading this!) The intense feeling of anxiety and distress before tragic news of your loved ones is intense and something that sadly makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so much for sharing…❤️

    • dgkaye

      Hi Annika. I’m glad my post touched you. I suppose my inner ability to sense oncoming trouble is both a blessing and a curse sometimes. I’m glad Sue opened the door to this fascinating topic. I will be posting at Sue’s again at her request on my visit to heaven. <3

  • Norah

    Very interesting post, Debby. I have heard similar stories of connecting with those who have gone before. It definitely makes for something to ponder on.

  • lisa thomson-The Great Escape...

    That was a great read, Debby. I got goosebumps! The freakiest was you grandmother’s touch. Your dad and you obviously had a really strong bond. I like that he comes to visit you once in a while. I have felt the presence of my grandmother a few times (I wish it were more). It’s a smell, an overwhelming feeling of her presence. It happened the night of her death. She came to visit me, no question in my mind. As a child, I’ve had many visits from strange spirits. They used to scare me but now I understand what it was. I don’t get it as much now but sometimes dreams will be connected to a visit.

    I will have to read Sue’s original post too. This is a fascinating subject. Not everyone believes though so it’s hard to explain to people if they’re skeptics.

    • dgkaye

      HI Lis! Thanks for sharing your own experiences with us. It seems you and I have the same type of connection with spirit. Yes! You should absolutely take Sue up on her offer to share your story. I’d love to hear more! And just as a heads up, I should be posting again at Sue’s in the next week or so as she’s asked me to come back and share the story about when I actually visited my dad in heaven! 🙂 xx

  • Aquileana

    This is such an awesome post dear Deb… I have recently had a “vivid dream” in which my cat (who passed away last january and was like 13 years old) sent me a tweet definitely saying goodbye and asking me to “promise him something” … I knew what the promise will be: to be happy and never remember him with tears, or something similar. It was not intuitive guessing. I knew what it was, like when someone is telling you something and you absolutely know what comes next. No need to tell you that my cat Nobel was one of the most intelligent and sesnsitive creatures I´ve ever met.
    In another ocassion I felt the presence of a friend from Primary School with whom I kept in contact until she sadly passed away in a car accident while she was in vacation with two other gals I knew. She was in her early twenties.
    When the connection happened I was in Pinamar, which is close to the other city beach in which she passed away. I would never forget how powerful and unbelievable those feelings I experienced were!… Love reading your “paranormal Experiences”, my friend. xxoo

    • dgkaye

      Wow Aq, I’m not surprised to learn you have ‘the gift’. Certainly your cat and your friend wanted to connect with you! I’m sorry for both of those losses you had, but those messages can be such a comfort. Sue has created a wonderful topic for conversation with these encounters. You should consider sharing these stories in a post at her blog, her invitation is open to anyone. The link is on this post. You can expect another one from me in a week or so about my experience going to heaven! 🙂 <3 xx

      • Aquileana

        You are so kind to tell me, Ty Debbie… I´ll take a look… And I´ll be waiting for your new post on this fascinating issue… I´ll tell you here cause the 140 characters are a bit restrictive 🙂 It seems there was a bug on Instagram and at least 6,000,000 users were hacked last weekend… Among them Lana del Rey who lost ALL her posts (but of course being a super star & IG verified user, she could recover her account with same amount of followers)… They also got phone numbers, passwords etc of many celebrities… And they sold everything in the so-called “dark web” … Each account U$S 10… you can google: Instagram hacked or Doxagram and you´ll get more details… If you don´t have the”two steps validation process” on your IG, I´ll recommend you to set it up. Basically, you´ll receive a SMS each time you sign in or change password, etc. Hence, presumably the hacker will literally be needing to have your phone in hand to steal your account. You´ll find it in settings, right after change password. (Not sure if the cyber attack last weekend beat the security code, but in any case it is so much safe than just the password) xx Hugs

        • dgkaye

          OMG AQ. That is horrendousssss! I haven’t even checked my INstagram in months, so busy. I better go check it! I’ll cross my fingers I don’t have the same disaster you encountered! You said they were after celebrities? So they must have thought you were famous? 🙂 Seriously, so awful! Thanks for sharing this terrible news for others to read. I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful photos there. 🙁 <3

          • Aquileana

            Yeah, they probably tought I was famous LOL … Seriously though: many average users were hacked those same days. So that explains it… Anyway, I´ll make sure to email (me) all my pics and use the two step validation code for my new account. I am planning to get back, once I my cat´s account reach 10 K more or less (some booting trickes in between). I only have a few pics here, so I´ll probably switch username, and that´s it. I already have 4K followers on that one. In the meantime, I am checking out if I get kick off or whatver might happen. If it works, fine. It is doesn´t, I don´t lose anything as I already saved all those pics. Thanks for caring. You are a good friend, Deb.- <3 HUGS xx

          • dgkaye

            Sounds like a good plan Aq, and a lot of work. I admire your tenacity. It’s just really sad when evil lurks. Big hugs my friend. <3 xoxo

  • Christy B

    Wow Debby, just wow. Your experiences speak to the ability of souls to connect, irregardless of the state of the human bodies at the time. Excellent reading and congratulations on the guest post at Sue’s blog <3

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