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Guest author: D. Wallace Peach – Room to Breathe | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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Today I chose to reblog a beautiful post by Diana Peach Room to Breathe. Diana wrote this post as a guest post for Sue Vincent’s blog and it resonated so much with me as I think it will with many other writers because it’s about the daily grind of a writer’s and author’s life. For many of us, the hours turn into days as we strive to continue writing books and keeping up with blogging, while trying to  squeeze in our ‘real life’ duties in what seems a constant race against the clock.

Room to Breathe


I’m delighted to guest blog today on Sue’s wonderful Daily Echo. I’m sitting in my recliner looking up, wondering what to write. There’s a ten-foot long spider web hanging from the ceiling fan to the beam over my head, gently blowing with the heat circulating around the room. Tapestries of cobwebs grace the corners of the high windows that I can’t reach without a ladder. More delicate threads crisscross the Christmas star that I never took down – from 3 years ago. I kid you not.

When my grandson was 2 years old, he said the house was “spooky.” I laughed but didn’t whisk them away despite the cute commentary.

It feels good to sit and stare for a few minutes, to breathe and relax and study the floating web and the way it catches the light.

I’ve been writing full-time for seven years and blogging for about five. It’s been a labor of love, but full time has been overtime, averaging between ten and twelve hours a day. I couldn’t get enough, and I let the rest of my life slide as I immersed myself in the glory of words and worlds, the lives of the characters inside my head.

I always felt as though I was making up for lost time. A new story would begin to weave, threading through my fingertips before the last one ended. If I paused the web I was spinning would falter, the pattern altered, not better or worse, just different.


In seven years, I took a few breaks, but they were always with a purpose, Continue Reading . . .



Source: Guest author: D. Wallace Peach – Room to Breathe | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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