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Guitar Mancer — Episode 13: Champagne | Teagan’s Books

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Today I’m happy to feature my friend and Birthday girl, Teagan Geneviene from . Teagan is an author and blogger with a whimsical imagination. Currently, Teagan is running a serial of her book Guitar Mancer, shown in weekly episodes every Saturday on her blog.


It’s not hard to get addicted to Teagan’s writing, as she uses a fun way to incorporate words suggested by her readers, and her whimsical photos to captivate her readers by adding the suggested words to her story each week, enhancing the mood and feel of her stories.


This week’s episode has left us readers hanging, eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s episode as Luci has been drugged and taken to the nightclub for an evening of dancing and deception by the Mancer. Will Tam and Bod get there in time to rescue her before her musical powers are stolen from her by the handsome and crafty Yamato? (Deliciously played by Johnny Depp). Have a read below:


And don’t forget to click on her video clip of ‘Begin the Beguine’ which only adds to the experience while you’re reading the story by taking us back to some ‘groovy’ days.


“I’m delighted to see you here in the 1959 Caddy for the road trip that is The Guitar Mancer.  This is an urban fantasy.  So suspend the rules of reality and be ready for some magic, even though we stay in the real world.  

Sometimes I wonder if the car is ever going to get out of the driveway, as I give you digestible chunks of this novel each week. However, I promise the story actually will get to the highway.  I’m glad you’ve taken the time to join the adventure.  Lean back in your seat and have some road trip snacks.”


Another wave of nausea rolled across her stomach.  The out of focus world around her continued to lurch and sway.  A goblet was pressed into Luci’s hand.  She sipped from it, expecting water.  Surely anyone could look at her and see that she did not feel well.  Yet the glass contained more of the fine champagne from the limousine.  With shaking hands, she returned the goblet to the blurry table and feebly asked for water instead of champagne.

Someone handed her a cool towel, and deft fingers began to massage her neck.  An orchestra started to play a 1940’s style big band sound with a swaying rhythm.  Her vision was beginning to clear, but Luci was still extremely disoriented.  She felt cotton mouthed.  The requested water never came, and she found herself drinking more of the champagne.  It could not help the way she felt, but it was better to drink it than to have such terrible thirst. . . READ MORE 


Source: Guitar Mancer — Episode 13: Champagne | Teagan’s Books 

Catch all episodes from the beginning of the series by clicking on ‘Recent posts’ at the sidebar of Teagan’s blog. 


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Teag. Written in desert sand. Never take off the rose-colored glasses my friend!

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