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How To Handle Grief And Mourning | Michele Cushatt



I have been following Rabbi Evan Moffic for over a year now. I find his words very wise and comforting on many life issues he discusses. Apparently Michele Cushatt feels the same way as she has written the passage below on her blog and posted below it is what Rabbi has to say about #grief and #loss.

Today’s post is from Rabbi Evan Moffic, spiritual leader of Congregation Solel in suburban Chicago and one of my dear friends. Although I rarely do guest posts, his insights on grief have been a huge source of encouragement and wisdom for me as of late. In addition, the holidays can often stir the pot of past grief unexpectedly, which makes this post timely. I hope it encourages you. To learn more about Rabbi Moffic, he blogs at and Huffington Post. Author of Wisdom for People of All Faiths, his next book, What Every Christian Needs to Know About Passover, is available February 2015 from Abingdon Press.

Read Rabbi’s wise words below in this post about grieving and mourning the loss of loved ones.


How To Handle Grief And Mourning | Michele Cushatt.

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  • Mélanie

    interesting article, Debby… every nation and each person deal differently with death and grief, sometimes according to his/her religion, level of education, personality, etc … a dear person who left into nothingness whom we loved and who loved us, will always be present in our heart(s) – in spite of his/her physical absence… we all need “to tame” our departure to the final destination since it’s the last chapter of our temporary existence…
    * * *
    btw, I also read HuffPost(France, USA and Canada), it’s on my blog, too, up right… 🙂

    • dgkaye

      I read this quite awhile ago, from subscribing to your blog. I write about grief and loss sometimes as a memoir writer and found your depiction of the Shiva process, beautiful. I also wanted to share because many people who aren’t of the Jewish faith, don’t understand the process of Shiva. I wrote about it months ago in my own post after burying my own mother, but your explanation is so much more eloquent.
      Thank you.

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