Happy New Year
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Happy New Year and What’s Up for 2018?

What’s Up For 2018?

Happy New Year


Wow! It’s January 2nd already!


By now most of us have set up our resolutions with great intent for the New Year and feeling fresh inspiration ready to tackle the new year. Many of my resolutions are staples when it comes to daily life – Keep smiling, Stay positive, Always try and fit in a few days a week at the gym, Be kind, Eat healthy, Be grateful for every day. But resolutions and goals for my writing life always seem to start out with plans and then life takes over and sometimes alters my goals. Setting goals is as vital as outlining a book, without a plan we’d have nothing to aspire to or be accountable for. My intentions are always good when I make a plan and I’m usually pretty good at sticking to my plans unless unforeseen circumstances intervene, or perhaps even serendipity takes me in a direction I may not even have considered. I like those detours.


So, what’s on tap for my 2018 plans? Well I already know that in my head, January is gone. This first week I’ll be sorting our home and business accounting receipts and papers from 2017 in order to prepare for doing entries next week for the accountant so that when I get back from winter vacation I don’t have to look at them.

Speaking of winter vacation, God willing my husband stays well, we are aiming to spend February and March in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yes, we pulled a little switchie earlier last year and cancelled our reservations for Arizona this year due to the political climate in the US. We’ve been spending the last few winters in Arizona as well as intermittent cruising in the Caribbean and my husband remarked last winter that it’s been a long time since we’ve taken a real beach holiday and he’d like to be on the ocean for a change of pace. So plans are in motion! And when I say January is already gone, I mean going away for a lengthy time entails lots of planning and executing – health insurance for travel, what to pack lists, particularly foods and staples and essentials I may not be able to get in Mexico. Prescriptions ordered in advance to take with us, doctor visits to ensure hubby is well enough to travel, hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, lots of going to the gym (LOL), and arranging for services to be looked after while we’re gone. Pairing that list with trying to get any writing done will be interesting to say the least.

But speaking of writing, here are my intentions for this year in writing:


What will remain:

  • Sunday Book Reviews
  • Guest Author Interviews (one scheduled for January, more to resume come April)
  • Inspirational Posts
  • Informational Share Posts
  • Opinionated Posts
  • Monthly #WATWB Contribution Posts
  • More Guest Post Features


What to expect while I’m away:

Not a lot of posting, but expect photos and little stories about interesting things I want to share, perhaps once a week so you guys don’t forget me! (Possibly with comments closed). Most definitely I’ll be posting on Facebook.

A break from me visiting the many blogs I visit on a nightly basis. With that said, I may pop in by surprise when finding postings on Facebook tempting me to hop over to a blog and read. 

I plan on catching up on reading many more books and articles on the craft of writing and self publishing, a luxury I never seem to have enough time to do. This of course will come with writing reviews and posting and usual sharing. Articles of author interest I come across will be shared to my #ABRSC Facebook group I run with fellow admins, Colleen Chesebro and Marjorie Mallon. (If you’re not yet a member please click the banner on the bottom of this post and join us!)

Writing! I’ve told myself I’m not going to write another book this year (LOL, we’ll see about that). I want to write sporadically and impulsively while away. I have a few ideas brewing!


Plans from April Onward:

I want to dabble in freelance writing.

I’ll be participating in regular contributions to themes at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Invitation.

Colleen Chesebro and I have set up a new Facebook group – Literary Diva’s Library for Book Reviews and News which is opened now! Come visit!

Literary Diva's Library - News and Book Reviews


I’m very interested in starting a Podcast talk show. I’ll keep you posted on that!

And of course, anything that strikes my fancy and piques my interest may take me in a direction I currently have no clue about but always ready to take a new ride!


Stay tuned!


©DGKaye January 2018





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  • marianbeaman

    Wow, Debby! You are the most prolific writer I know and even accomplish a lot when you switch to a lower gear.

    My own intentions will be published in my blog post tomorrow. By the way, I finished your marvelous book and posted a review on the Amazon website.

    Thanks for the link to the Facebook page. It sounds like a group I can definitely relate to.

    All the best in 2018, including a well-deserved vacation.

    • dgkaye

      OH wow Marian. I’m excited to read your review and read your thoughts! I will be hopping over to Amazon soon and will post your review next week on my blog! Thank you in advance!
      Yes, please do join our FB group, it’s a great group of writers. We started small and almost up to 200 people now!
      Happy New Year to you my friend! 🙂 x

  • John Maberry

    Very ambitious–and detailed too! There’s never any grass growing inder your feet!
    I’ve been working on my own post–a 2017 recap, 2018 goals and a revised repost of tips on how to make resolutions happen rather than being the stereotypical wish list soon abandoned. LOL. 🙂 Look for it later today or early tomorrow.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks John. We must set our good intentions, lol. I will check yours out. And I had to laugh, my father always said that line to me since I was a small child – “No grass grows under your feet!” 🙂

  • Marje @ Kyrosmagica

    Lots going on Debby, great idea about the Literary Diva Library. Wishing you much success with it. All the best for 2018, the #ABRSC is growing from strength to strength. Thanks to you and Colleen for being such wonderful members of the team of three rainbow gals! xx

  • hilarymb

    Hi Debby – good to know you’ll still be around .. just enjoy those times with your hubby – a beachy type holiday sounds ideal … something he’ll enjoy and something you can take some time out from … good luck with all your plans – cheers to our 2018s – Hilary

    • dgkaye

      Hi Hilary! Thanks so much. I hope it all comes to fruition because I desperately need a time out and would treasure the warmth and lots of reading time. Happy New Year my friend. 🙂 x

  • D. Wallace Peach

    I got tired reading about all you have planned for 2018! I need some of whatever you’re taking. Ha ha. It sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead, Debby, and I don’t blame you for one minute for taking a break from the US. It’s too weird over here right now. We’re all storming the border trying to get into Mexico. Happy Travels, Writing, and Relaxing. 😀

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Some great ideas for 2018, Deb! So happy to read you are heading to Mexico for your winter break! We are in San Diego now and fly off to Hawaii next weekend for a week. I can’t wait! Happy New Year and looking forward to what you have in store!

  • Jacqui Murray

    I love your ideas for this year. I’ve been interviewed on a few podcasts–they are a great way to get the word out.

    Funny you cx your trip to Arizona because of the US’s political climate. I have done that too but for other countries (like Mexico). But there are parts of the US I am definitely not visiting (Chicago, Baltimore–though I have to fly into it to see my daughter). I guess it’s what you get comfortable with.

    • dgkaye

      So true Jacqui. The world is certainly becoming more volatile. We just thought it was a good time for some sun and sand and perfect timing to get out of the arctic freeze. 🙂

  • Marianne

    I’m speechless! Just, “Wow”! I have no doubt you’ll accomplish most, if not all, what you’ve listed here. Blessings for a healthy, happy, and fun trip, Deb.

    Marianne xo

  • Chuck

    Have a great trip. My brother will be down in that area too. Give him a wave. 🤓
    Hugh told me to ask you a question, but I don’t want to do it here. Happy New Year

  • Robin O. Cochran

    Just try to relax, Debby. You are a travel professional!
    Hope your husband will put positive thoughts out into his brain waves and within his body, too.
    You and he will have a fantastic vacation! Sending you all the best wishes, as well as a big hug. Bon voyage, you two love birds.

  • Bonnie A. McKeegan

    My goodness you do have an ambitious list already! So sad to acknowledge the political atmosphere here in the U.S. :-(.
    Sounds like you’ve come up with a much better plan! I hope your husband stays well and you both enjoy some great R&R in Mexico. Looking forward to the little stories as time flies while you are having fun! Best of everything for 2018 Debby!

    • dgkaye

      Hi Bonnie, Happy New Year. Thanks so much for the well wishes. Yes, I’m almost going to begin the countdown! And I will still be buzzing around here even when away, lol. It’s hard to get rid of me. 🙂

  • olganm

    Great plans, Debby. I hope you enjoy your break (although we’ll catch up again before that) and I look forward to the pictures and everything else. Be well.

  • L. T. Garvin, Author

    Debby, I can’t tell you how much I love your enthusiasm. I feel better just reading about it. It is so lovely that you get to take a two-month beach vacation! I’m thinking about a run to the border to get walled in with you also, LOL. I really may have to make a run for it as I’m right in the heart of Trump country and can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I will look forward to some lovely photos and tidbits on Facebook, and I will be checking back during the year to read your wonderful blog. Much love and safe travels, xoxo

    • dgkaye

      Oh thanks bunches Lana for your lovely wishes, and for your ‘feedback’ – the wall – LOL. Hey, c’mon, you’re only a hop and a skip away from Mexico! And you and I together? Omg, we would be dangerous LOL. You know my sentiments. Exactly why I can’t go to the US right now because I cannot keep my opinionated mouth shut and I don’t want any trouble. In Mexico, I’ll be right in my element! 🙂 Stay tuned!!!!! <3 xxx

      • L. T. Garvin, Author

        We would be dangerous, LOL. Yes, I can’t blame you for not coming here. I bite my tongue a lot. Sometimes, I think it is all a bad dream and I’m going to wake up, but I never do. So I guess it is real. I love Mexico, I can’t blame you. Do be careful there, though. I’ll definitely stay tuned 😀 xx

  • Ann Fields

    Enjoy your upcoming winter break. What a lovely idea – Mexico. Such a beautiful country! Safe travels. And, I have no doubt you’ll realize all your writing intentions this year. Here’s to new adventures and new paths in 2018.

  • Hugh's Views and News

    I bet you can’t wait for that flight to Mexico (given the big freeze in your part of the world). I admire you for all the plans you got, Debby. I’ve not even thought about what I’m going to do this year (well, apart from one new feature), but I tend to be rather spontaneous. Plus, what I like one day, goes out the window the next day. I must stop throwing my boxer shorts out of the window so often. 😀
    Good luck with your writing plans for 2018. I know you’ll smash them. 🚀

    • dgkaye

      Lol Hugh, you make me laugh. But thanks for the kudos and no doubts you’ll be coming up with some crafty and fun ideas on your blog – you always do! And I’m not far away from you on how easily I can change things spontaneously too, lol. A writer’s prerogative! 🙂 Yes, also, many doctor follow ups this coming week for George, need the approvals from doctors to continue on with our trip and need the next 2 weeks to prepare for it! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3

  • Holistic Wayfarer

    Gosh, the preparation is so steep I think I’ll pass on the vacation, lol. All power to you in the ninja multitasking. Not sure how you keep all them apples up in the air but don’t forget to enjoy a bite, D. Happy new year.

    • dgkaye

      Lol, thanks Diana, it’s a learned skill believe me! And I’m working it! Minus 30 degree temps is a hugeeeee motivation to get out of Dodge! 🙂 Happy New Year my friend. 🙂

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