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When Hell Froze Over and Heaven Raged – Short Story Submission




Stevie Turner has a monthly short story writing challenge up on her blog and I’ve written this story to submit for the November challenge.


When Hell Froze Over and Heaven Raged


“We are untouchable. We the people decide what we want – whatever we want, despite the cost to anyone else.”

“This is your democracy – the one you asked for.” Satan delivered his sermon to the crowd and the people laughed and cried at the absurdity in disbelief. “I know I pulled a big one over you, but the bottom line is, you voted for me and this is now your reality.”

Absurdities fueled the cries and warnings of the people in the land. One citizen rose, “We were granted the freedom to speak by our founding fathers. What we are living now – these things aren’t supposed to happen here. Freedoms evaporating, children in cages, persecution of people because of their religion or the color of their skin. Lives not mattering. Have these values become obsolete, accompanied by the fear and loathing of everything else once sacred? Were these values we clung to so easily tucked neatly under those red hats, awaiting the word of Satan’s order of destruction of all things good, unleashed by the urgency of one paranoid gluttonous coward? We have sold our souls to the devil!”

God watched in the wings and had seen enough.

“I have seen what man has wrought onto my world. I am omnipresent. I am not your babysitter. I see and hear all of what you do, but I gave you all free will to do what you deem appropriate and you have chosen what you wanted to do with it.”

Another citizen stood to speak, “It appears to me we have abandoned goodness and the laws of God and his Ten Commandments in exchange for rule by the Seven Deadly Sins for instant gratification. We have abused the powers granted to us with greed and our loss of values for humanity.”

The shouting and cries continued from both sides – the good and the evil. They all took their turns fighting to be heard – some applauding for Satan and others repenting for what they had done.

Man had created everything they were living. God had sent them numerous warnings about protecting the environment, loving the brotherhood of man, and how to produce wholesome, natural foods to sustain good health, among so many other things. But greed spread as quickly as the devastating wildfires and floods. It became every man for himself, forgetting the poor and the hungry left behind. Chaos ensued when there was no longer law and order and God threw his hands up in defeat. And then he spoke.

“Commandments were broken repeatedly. Powers have been abused. You have poisoned the land I have given you with toxic chemicals because you couldn’t be bothered waiting for nature to take its course. You have poisoned your minds with false ideals and beliefs by get rich quick schemes and the promises of temptation. You have lost your way from common sense and kindness and compassion and love for your fellow man.” God had spoken. And now he let them run wild and parish into the hell they created.

This wasn’t the first time he had to do this, but hopefully, it would be the last. God once again raised his mighty staff and swiped the earth of its existence. Even hell had formed into a block of ice.

It was time to start over again with a clean slate.



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