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Hello 2021 I’m Back! Stuff Happens %#&@!

Hello my writing and reader friends. I’m back to my blog after declaring a blog break, which in essence, wasn’t much of a break, as I was still somewhat visiting blogland and social media – sometimes hard to stay away when I needed a distraction. Truthfully, my online life has been my sanity. And I didn’t appreciate Facebook banning me yet again, this time for one full week, for using free and clean speech.


Well I can’t really say that 2020 went out like a lion and 2021 came in like a lamb, because really, it still feels like 2020, so far, as a continuation of 2020. I didn’t get near the things accomplished as I had set out to do as the days seemed to vanish as quickly as they did before my break.


What happened?


In the 2-3 weeks of my blog absence, I’ve had three hospital runs with my husband and spent much of the time looking after him. It’s really difficult to complete an article with several interruptions to my concentration, so my writing is still impaired. My husband has been incapacitated with his liver issues as fluid continues to build up in his torso and legs, rendering his legs obstinate and uncooperative sometimes just to walk.

It didn’t help that the condo above us did something wonky when they took it upon themselves to renovate their shower and didn’t follow protocols, so the result became our shower leaking from above and almost caving in the shower ceiling with water weight. The jackhammering of tiles now and the dust and the no use of our master walkin shower has become an added weight on me until they finish repairing it. We are left with the guest bathroom tub/shower combo and with the tub being a foot or so high, my hub cannot get his tree stump legs up to step in the tub. So I have come up with some funky ideas to get him in. After numerous failures I’ve finagled a way to set up the step stool in front of the tub, where he can hold on to the towel bar with one hand and onto my shoulder as I lift one leg at a time into the shower for him. No such thing as can’t in my vocabulary!

It also didn’t help when the hospital screwed up his first appointment our wonderful Dr. B had arranged for my hub to have a paracentesis (draining of fluid through the stomach by radiology with a long needle that draws out the ascites fluid), a mixup that had me wheeling him directly to emergency for relief. That turned out to be a nightmare as emerge docs aren’t well-versed in the procedure and they didn’t get enough out of him – because they didn’t use the proper draw method and attached an IV tube instead, letting it slowwwwwwwwwwwww drip into a bag. He needed approximately six litres drawn out (which normally takes about half hour to 45 minutes – I know this because it wasn’t my first rodeo, and after three hours of only a litre dripped, my hubby was fed up and demanded to go home. We did, but not before speaking with the ER doc and requesting he forward what transpired with my hub to Dr. B so he could rectify the proper missed appointment.

Dr B’s secretary Lisa, emailed me an hour after we got back home late that night asking, “What happened to the appointment we booked? How did he end up in emerge?” I filled Lisa in and she immediately faxed back Dr. B, who in turn communicated with the appropriate department and got my hub back in on New Year’s Eve afternoon. It seems like an eternity ago already because a week later he retained back all plus! So back to the drawing board, notifying Dr B. and he faxed in a new request with a standing order of draining every two weeks for my husband, until such time he stops retaining. Not so simple. A whole week went by before the hospital called back with such appointment. Another hospital mixup occurred with instructions. Only this past Friday the hospital called to book hubby in for a date this week. I pleaded my case about the delays and the state of my husband’s health, his big abdomen that begun laboring his breathing, and the prior mixups and asked for mercy. They stuck him in same day on an emergency list. My heart sang until the phone rang again and I was in rush mode to get to it when I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my calf, maybe a tendon? I could not walk. I still can’t! I hobbled around on hubby’s walker, got him ready, then took his cane so I could walk on one foot til we’d reach the hospital and I would push him around the various departments leaning on the wheelchair hopping all the way.




I was disheartened to learn they could only get 4 litres out of the 8-10 that were circulating in him. Leaving him with only an 8 pound loss instead of the 20 he was retaining. As of this writing he’s already gained back 4 of those pounds since Friday and next appointment isn’t til a week this Friday. Oye!

This is has all been very difficult on me – not to even mention how my husband feels. But the standing order made me very sad because the heavy duty diuretics he’s been on to help avoid this situation, are no longer doing a great job. One of his diuretics was the hero for keeping him fluid-free and we’d worked so hard for a year, four years ago, monitoring for the correct dosage. But as it stands now, that pill has been quartered from its original dose because the drug was elevating his potassium levels to a dangerous number. Thank goodness for our wonderful doctors who also have a standing order for me to take him to the lab weekly to keep watch. The lower dosage has brought down the dangerous level, but leaves him building back fluid. The other diuretic has been increased to the max dose but still not enough to keep from pooling. Thus, Dr. B had warned that he just may have to be drained every two weeks indefinitely.

It’s all been so disheartening for me, myself and I, but as I’m not here to complain, only update, I wanted to share how my new year has begun – where it left off, and keep you guys abreast of my chaotic life.

I’m still eagerly awaiting my new sparkling 2021 to begin, but I’m back, because really, visiting blogland and being around all my far away friends is a comfort, and often where I come to feel sane.


Happy New Year



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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Sue Vincent

    Good to see you back, Debby. though I haven’t much seen you absent. It has obviously been a worrying and difficult time for you both… and looking like a swollen, beached whale myself, I can sympathise…
    I do hope they can stabilise things for you.

    • dgkaye

      Thank you so much Sue for stopping in and leaving your kind wishes. As you know, I’m well aware of your plight, as it seems so many of our community has endured some terrible health issues – on top of the Covid raging around the world. You are a champion my friend, and I truly believe we draw strength from one another collectively.
      Sending you more good wishes and keeping you in my prayers my friend. <3 xox

    • Terri Webster Schrandt

      My goodness, what an ordeal to go through, Debbie. I’m so sorry you are going through these health problems. I’m glad you have good health care. We were uninsured for two months unbeknownst to us. Too long a story to share but luckily we found new insurance much cheaper now that we are in Washington. We currently live with my husband’s brother and his older, female roommate, both whose health are not great. It is hard to see my BIL struggle and most of it is his fault for not following up with things. Oy is right. Prayers and peace to you and your hubby and swift healing and resolution to the health and house issues. ❤🙏

      • dgkaye

        Hi Terri. Thanks so much for you kind words, and for sharing of your own family health struggles. Seems, we are never alone. Thanks for the healing wishes. <3

  • Marian Beaman

    OMG, Debby! All this was happening and you continued appearing with comments on my blog. WOWZER!

    As you say, blogland is probably keeping you in touch with sanity these days. Gordon is so fortunate to have you as First Mate, advocate, and much more. From my experience, the patient MUST have an advocate because hospital staff often can’t (or, won’t) do it all. And then the leakage at home. Nothing worse – ugh! Prayers for you my dear. And HUGS ((( )))

    • dgkaye

      Aw, thanks bunches Marian. Yes, I was sneaking around some blogs, definitely sanity and a feeling of connection that has definitely been a comfort. Oh yes, G does have the best advocate, and he’ll tell you himself. His family is stunned that I manage to be allowed in with him for all the hospital ventures. Good connections with his doctors and secretaries has awarded me the opportunity. And I don’t give up very easily either, lol.
      Thanks for your lovely thoughts and wishes. 🙂 <3

  • Joy Lennick

    Hi Debs, Oh, I do feel for you both! And there’s me worrying about swollen ankles…Good health is so important. Do take care of each other. Let’s hope February is a better month for you. Cheers!

    Our Spanish weather is a tad cooler. In fact, Eric said his Aunt Ada has never known such a cold snap since she put her garters in the freezer! (Silly woman!) Hugs xx

    • dgkaye

      Lol Joy, thank you for your kind words, and always for your laughter! You said it, health is everything! So is having two good walking legs!
      As for winter in Spain – oye! Considering we here in Canada should be in the walloping stage of snow and cold and it’s been quite mild and mostly precipitation-less with no snow on the ground in mid January, sounds like we have the tender mercies lol. Love your silly! Hugs to you both! <3 xx

  • sally cronin

    It was certainly not the festive season for you Debby and thank goodness G has you to fight his corner and keep him cheerful.. tough for you both and I hope you have that leg up and are resting…otherwise I may have to come over and sort you out.. ♥♥

  • Hugh W. Roberts

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear all this news from you, Debby. It seems to have been one thing after another. I was hoping that your break from blogging would have been one where you could have got lots of reading and writing done, but it seems you’ve had to jump over lots of hurdles being thrown in your way.
    Take care of yourselves because we’ll all get through this one way or another.
    Hugs to both of you.

  • Camilla

    Oh, Debby! I am so sorry you two are going through this! I am sending oceans of love and thoughts of strength to get you through this, along with lots of hugs.

    I ended up in the ER last Wednesday, with lower back pain so intense that they had to give me morphine (and I have a high tolerance for pain). I don’t have chronic back issues, and am still in pain, and on pain meds currently. Getting on with my doctor in about 20 minutes so we can figure out what’s gone wrong with my back!


    • dgkaye

      Thank you so much for your loving thoughts and wishes Camilla. And I’m sorry to hear about your back issues. I’m glad you are looking into it to figure out the problem. Keep us updated please, and I hope it has nothing more than to do with a writer’s backache. <3 Hugs sent back to you <3 xoxo

  • Jane Sturgeon

    Oh, my unicorn buddy, sending healing love for you both and I hope your leg is up and you’re able to rest a bit. Thank goodness, hubbie has you to fight his corner and I applaud your spirit and attitude. Wrapping you both in much love and may you continue to kick ass and boot life with a stick into the bargain. You’ve got this and we hold you both in much love. <3 Xxx <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Aw thank you my lovely Jane. I can feel your wrappings sent our way. And you better believe I will continue to kick ass for anything in my path, lol. Determination is great fuel – so are hugs and great friends. <3 <3 xxx

  • Daniel Kemp

    You most certainly do go through it, and that’s no lie. I obviously can not help your situation in any practical way but please do know that I, like many others, do love reading your blog. Please continue.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Danny. You are too sweet. I appreciate your visits and kind words. And I also appreciate the humor you bring to everyone with your spot on jokes and memes! Always welcome. 🙂 <3

  • Jan Sikes

    Oh my goodness, Debby. I am so sorry for all the hard stuff going on with you and your husband. The holidays make it even more complex when it comes to medical situations. I’m sending you light and love and hoping for better days ahead! As my late husband used to say, ‘hang in there and smile.’

    • dgkaye

      Aw thanks Jan, so appreciated. And yes, holidays? Lol, Christmas/New Years passed almost undetected here. I’m hoping to celebrate Christmas in July as many are! Thanks for sending light, always welcomed. 🙂 <3

  • Debbie D.

    You must be mentally and physically exhausted, dealing with all of this! Wishing you and your husband all the best for better days ahead. Thank goodness, the internet provides some much-needed distraction.

  • Robbie Cheadle

    I am so sorry, Debbie, this really does sound wretched and exhausting. I hope that at least your calf muscle improves and the hospital can get the procedure correct and done timeously going forward. Think of you both. Hugs.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Robbie for your kind words. I sure hope so too. Next Friday we shall see if it runs smoother, and I may pop in to emerge for a well needed Xray too! 🙂 xx

  • Trish

    Like others, I thought you’d have a lovely and relaxing time away from social media and giving yourself a chance to recharge the physical and emotional batteries. You lace touches of humour through this account but, reading between the lines, there’s nothing funny about what the two of you have been through and are still experiencing. Do as Sally says and keep that leg of yours up when you can – you can always ask that nice doctor of yours for a quick online consultation that might end with some constructive advice. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. xx

    • dgkaye

      Hi Trish! Thanks for popping by and leaving your positive message. I have leg up as I type, lol. I think it’s a tendon, but I’ve seen enough hospital til next week’s draining, when if this leg doesn’t start to heal, I will definitely hop over (pun intended) to the emerge department then. Thanks for your healing wishes, so appreciated. Hugs xox

  • Pete Springer

    So sorry to hear about all of your husband’s health challenges, Debby. It shouldn’t have to be that complicated, but it all sounds so familiar. I spent a half-day or more in the ER with my mom whenever something went amiss. It is one of my least favorite places to visit, even though I know it’s also a lifesaver. I would worry about being in close proximity with all of the people who are usually crammed in those places.

    We all need to find those things that help our mental health through these tough times. As you say, blogging helps with that. For me, it is walking and getting out in the sunshine.

    “A break that isn’t a break.” I totally get that. Wishing both you and your husband lots of help and good fortune moving forward in 2021. Remember to take care of yourself when you can as your caring for him.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Pete. Thanks so much for your thoughts and wisdom. Yes, sunshine is something I’m craving terribly as we don’t see much of it in our grey winter. And surprisingly, our hospital is so well-organized, and the many times I’ve been there during Covid, I almost think it’s a ghost town! When I took hubby to emerge, there were literally only four people in the waiting room. I think many try to stay away during Covid and wait til they are in dire straits – not really a good thing. Double masked, seating all socially distanced setup, really I’m quite impressed with our hospital protocol, and blessed they allowed me to accompany my hub as I am his voice. Thanks for the good wishes! 🙂

  • Janet Gogerty

    No doubt imagining how you will write about it later is the only thing to keep one going during tribulations. Managing ongoing chronic conditions requires the patience of a saint and oodles of positivity, it must be awful for those who don’t have someone amazing to look after them. It’s scary for carers when we keep being told that hospitals have to cut down on regular stuff to cope with Covid.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Janet. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. So true, all this kerfuffle has taken me into some great worry about my own health as I age and worrying about who the heck would even look after me. Real eye-opening! 🙂 x

  • Diana Peach

    Oh, Debby. Such a hard time. I’m surprised that you were on social media at all, though I understand that it probably felt like a distraction from your worries. My heart goes out to you and your dear hubby. It’s hard enough feeling unwell without the bathroom ceiling falling down and medical appointments getting screwed up. He’s sooo lucky to have you. Hang in there, my friend, and of course, take all the time you need, whenever you need it, to care for your man. <3 <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Thank you my lovely friend. I’m so grateful for our wonderful community and my wonderful friends here like you. Wish we didn’t all live so far apart, but virtual is the next best! <3 <3

  • Christy B

    Oh Debby, my heart goes out to your hubby and you. I’m so sorry to hear about what has been happening. I hope your 2021 gets a restart soon, all sparkly new and fantastic as it ought to be! I do hope that the fluid drains properly at the next appointment from his abdomen and am glad you have Dr B, who sounds like he really cares. HUGS

    • dgkaye

      Hi Christy, thanks so much for your well wishes. Yes, we are blessed to have Dr. B who has saved my hubby’s life countless times! Good doctors matter! Yes, hoping to try and restart 2021 in February! LOL. Hugs sweet girl! <3 xx

  • John Maberry

    Holy bats**t! That is a very, very ugly way to start the new year! Makes me want to cry just reading it. Obviously, as you say, you are hanging in there despite it all.

  • Wendy Janes

    Oh Debby, my heart goes out to you and your husband. Sending you both positive and healthy thoughts. I hope 2021 simply gets better and better for you. Hugs.

  • Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    Oh my, Debby! I’m so happy you’re back, but I’m sorry you’ve been having such a sad and difficult time. I wish I could make things better for you and your hubby. You’re such a strong person, hang in there. I hope things get better soon.😊💕

  • Janice Spina

    So sorry to hear of all your troubles and health issues with your husband, Debby! I will keep you both in my prayers. Happy to see you back blogging. Friends help you get through tough times. We are here though far apart, you are always in our minds and hearts. 💕🙏

    • dgkaye

      Aw thank you Janice, I so appreciate you. And you are so right – we are here and I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful community of friends like you. <3 xx

  • Jacquie Biggar

    Hi Debby,
    I’m so sorry you’re going through these tribulations, especially with the extra stress of roofing issues and your poor leg.
    It sounds as though your hubby has a lot of the same symptoms as my mom. They misdiagnosed her for years until it reached the point where she couldn’t barely walk. Getting her into the car was a real chore. She ended up in the hospital last Mother’s Day and stayed for a month. They found she had acute edema and drained her body of over a hundred pounds of stored up liquid. The stress on her heart and other organs was profound.
    When she came out it was like she had a new lease on life! She has to delicately balance her liquid intake for kidney funtion and go salt free, but it’s made a huge difference.
    I hope your doctors find a miracle like that for hubby <3

    • dgkaye

      Hi Jaq, thanks so much for you wishes and for sharing your own woes with your mom. Wowwwwwww 100 pounds of water! I can’t even imagine, as I know well what 20 pounds does. I’m happy for the happy ending with your mom. I’m not quite sure what caused her edema, but my hub has Cirrosis of the liver and as he ages with it the fluid keeps coming back. Amazing that your mom can contain her fluid retention with diet alone, as that is not working for my hub. Thanks again for sharing. <3

  • Carol Taylor

    All that worry and your leg as well, how exhausting that must be…Keep that leg up as much as you can I do hope things improve for hubby…Take care and stay safe, Debs xx

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Oh gosh Debby … I really feel for you … especially too for your poor hubby – he must be suffering so much … and I know you too will be … going in and out of hospital and waiting – so mentally debilitating. But … it’s good to know what’s going on … we’ll be here for you … even with a brief occasional update from you – just stop occasionally and breathe … and take your time out, even those minutes or two, will make a difference. Thinking of you … all the very best – Hilary xoxo

  • Deborah Jay

    Wow Deb, what a crappy start to the year for you both. It’s not as if we don’t all have enough issues to contend with as it is at the moment!
    All I can say, is I hope things improve for you both, and you manage to stay safe despite such frequent visits to the hospital. I know you take extreme care of both of you – here’s wishing you a heap of luck on top of that!

  • Amy M Reade

    Debby, I’m so sorry you and your husband have been going through such a rough time. Sending lots of love and light to you and hoping your leg is getting better. I’m grateful that you have such a huge community of blogging and writing friends to share your journey with you.

    Hugs. xo

  • Sean P Carlin

    Debby: Terribly sorry to hear about all the hardships you’ve endured a mere two weeks into our New Year! Speaking for myself, even though my productivity suffered greatly during the hellish continuum that was 2020, blogging was my salvation; I think (IMHO) my blog took a quantum leap, quality-wise, because I had so much to say. I expect blogging will be a healthy outlet for you, too. I wish you health and productivity in ’21!

    • dgkaye

      Hi Sean. Thanks so much for stopping over to leave your good will. And you are so right, 2020 was hellish alright for so many of us. I know it hampered my own writing and still delaying my latest book release as concentration is a rare commodity these days. But I’ll settle into it soon hopefully. Thank goodness for blogland and books for sure! 🙂

  • Olga Núñez Miret

    Oh, dear Debby. I remember you’ve mentioned your husband’s health problems in the past, but wasn’t quite aware of how things were progressing. Although I’ve never worked in Hepatology, I do remember my training, and also that the mother of one of my friend’s at medical school developed cirrhosis (idiopathic, or at least they couldn’t find the cause at the time), and she had similar problems. It was very difficult, even with her whole family around her, and you’re a true hero for battling through this with your husband, who must be having a really hard time. He’s lucky to have you, for sure, and I know he knows. ERs are not the right places to deal with people with chronic illnesses, as you say, and my mother had similar experiences when my father was unwell, years back. It’s good that Dr. B is on the ball, even if things don’t always work out as intended.
    And the issue with the shower, on top of that. I know there are options that can help, but much of the equipment is very bulky, and of course, it not being a long-term thing it wouldn’t make sense to make any modifications. I hope they get it sorted soon (talk about bad timing)!
    I wonder if they have a mobility adviser in the hospital that might have some suggestions to help your husband as well, but I’m sure you’ve thought of everything.
    Sending all my best to your husband, and a big hug to you. Make sure you look after yourself as well, dear Debby. You need to keep strong for both of you. ♥

    • dgkaye

      Hi Olga. Thank you so much for your wise and kind words. And wow, it does sound you know exactly what I’m talking about with this disease. Yes, I’m a gal with infinite possibility ideas, and I ask a lot of questions, and my hubby will tell you himself, I’m the best nurse anyone could have. Thanks for your thoughts and sharing. <3 <3

  • Annika Perry

    Dear Debby, A Happy New Year to you … or maybe not so happy at all. I’m sorry the year has started off with so many problems – on top of all the ones the world are experiencing. I feel so much for your husband and for you too. It sounds horrendous and you must both be stoical to bear all this. At least the doctors seem helpful, when not getting appointments messed up. I can well see why WP etc are a lifeline – anything resembling normality is a much needed relief. I wish you both well (as well as can be), my friend. Do be careful – the last thing you need is for you to injure youself. hugs winging their way to you. xx ❤️

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much for your lovely and kind wishes Annika. The leg is still on the mend, and as you reiterated, online friends and community are a welcomed lifeline in these uncertain times. Thank you my friend for your visit and hugs winged my way. Now winging some back your way. <3 xx

  • Liesbet

    Welcome back to your own blog, Debby! I have seen you around elsewhere the last three weeks. 🙂 These connections are life savers, though. So sorry to read about your hubby. Meds are awesome, until they cause side-effects or the patient is allergic to them. Sigh! I hope his fluid retention situation stabilizes, because this really sucks. For both of you.

    I agree with you: 2021 just feels like an extension of 2020. My year started with a week of the flu (thinking at some point it might be Covid, so arranging for a Covid test in Tucson and standing in line with the car for two hours and then, after a negative result but because I had symptoms, I had to quarantine until results arrived of a second test. Those results were delayed, of course, because Arizona is going crazy with cases.) The second week of the year had me deal with a root canal across the border in Mexico over two visits. And, in the meantime, 8-10 hours a day behind the computer working and pushing Plunge, while not feeling great. Sigh!

    • dgkaye

      Hi Liesbet. Thanks for the warm welcome back. And arg, I’m sorry your 2021 seems the same as mine with different difficulties. Wow, I hope you didn’t catch the Covid! I’m glad you’re getting a 2nd test because so many false negatives. And good old Mexico has some of the finest dentists. I was hoping to get to one myself next month when I WAS supposed to be going back. The cabin fever is getting to me for sure! And, as I said, welcome to authordom! LOL <3

      • Liesbet

        Both Covid tests were negative, Debby. Luckily. It’s just so “stupid” – and expensive – to have to do this. Any other year, I’d just lay low (kind of) and sicken it out without having to run around getting tests and having needles stuck into my brain…

        Wishing you and hubby a better time in February!

  • Sherri Matthews

    Oh Deb, I feel your pain and so sorry for all you and poor hubby are enduring. What a start to 2021, eh? I need to post at the Summerhouse but like you, my distractions and family committments seem more than ever and my writing us under huge constraint. As you say, doesn’t exactly help ontop of a pandemic… I don’t know how it will all be when we begin to emerge, albeit tentatively. I’m with you, Deb, my social life consists of hospital, doctors, pharmacists, grocery shopping and let’s not forget the vets! We’ll push through like we always do, but it’s exhausting isn’t it? Sending you love and light and all good thoughts for your hubby’s recovery and for you, my dear friend. And thanks for cheering me on too, and how great to have our online friends when offline we’re turning inwards to hearth and home and doing the best we can to get through this intact! Hang in there, Deb, and I’ll do the same! Love & hugs <3 <3 <3 xoxo

  • Mabel Kwong

    So sorry to hear what you have been going through. Good that your hubby is doing okay and he is getting the treatments he needs. Health issues can be so worrying and getting appointments can be hard. Terrible timing with your apartment ceiling…that is probably one of the worst things to happen to an apartment you live in. Hopefully that is all resolved now. 2021 does seem like a continuation of last year. Hopefully things change for the better soon. As the others said, lovely to see you here. Take care ❤

  • Pamela

    Debby – our friendship with so many over the blogosphere makes our worries/stresses/cares and pain easier to deal with. I join so many here to let you know I’m thinking of you. I’m “with” you. I applaud how well you’re taking care of your man, and I understand how stressful and challenging it is. PLEASE, please take care of yourself. If you aren’t kind to yourself, you won’t be able to be there for your husband. Can you get a mani/pedi? (Ours are open here in NE, not sure about where you live). Something that can soothe you and let you breathe for awhile. Of course, reading helps, as well as sharing with all of your blog buddies. xo <3

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Pam for your concern and well wishes. Yes, I’m doing my best, but as you know, it sometimes does slip by the wayside to remember deep breathe. Ah yes, we are in total lockdown here in our province, that always adds to the fun! But yes, My long time manicurist still does a handful of her clients right now in her home, and thank goodness I’m on her shortlist, lol. Going nowhere, but nails done – not so much for vanity but just to function – being able to type without extra long claws tapping the keys. And lastly, having blogging buddies is my sanity. Thank you. <3 <3

  • Norah Colvin

    Oh my, Debby. It has taken me a while to get back to your post, but I’m so pleased I got to read it. What a dreadful time you and your Hub have had. I hope things have settled down a bit since you wrote this post. It sounds like quite an ordeal. I know you’ll be looking after yourself and himself, but I hope you both get some relief from your symptoms. You’re in my thoughts. Hugs. 💖

    • dgkaye

      Hi Norah. Thanks so much for your kind words. The leg is almost heeled, the shower just got finished 4 days ago, and sadly, my hubby’s condition won’t get any better. That’s where it stands. At least we have a shower now! <3

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