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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Faces | Hugh’s Views & News


blog challenge

This week Hugh Roberts‘ #blogchallenge is all about Faces. Hugh invites us to post a photo on our blogs of an object that appears to have a face, and link back to his blog.


Photo taken by D.G. Kaye, Sedona, Arizona Jan, 2016
Photo taken by D.G. Kaye, Sedona, Arizona Jan, 2016


I took this as the perfect opportunity to share a most beautiful site in Sedona, Arizona – The Holy Cross Chapel and beside it, built up in the red rock mountains, is what is perceived as the Madonna and child followed by 3 nuns, or as some perceive to be, the 3 wise men.


Finding God Through Art –


“The Chapel of the Holy Cross is an architectural landmark and shrine. It was a gift from Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a sculptress, philanthropist, and a devout Catholic, who believed the arts should be in service of spirit and indeed, considered the Chapel of the Holy Cross to be her greatest artistic achievement and the fulfillment of her life’s mission. In 1932 Staude had an epiphany. While she gazed upon the newly completed Empire State Building, she saw a cross superimposed on the structure, and she thought, “What an idea for a church!” This idea, which affirmed her belief that churches should speak to the people of their time, would haunt and inspire Staude. “God can be worshipped as a contemporary–bringing him closer to earth and every one of us,” she said.


Initially, Staude envisioned the chapel as a modern skyscraper cathedral that would encircle one city block. Her early sketches impressed Lloyd Wright, son of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but were not approved by the archbishop of Los Angeles, her home at the time. . . . .” To read more about this fascinating, deemed, holy site, read the article below:



Blog Challenge Source: Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Faces | Hugh’s Views & News 



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