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Invitation to Sally Cronin’s End of Summer Party at Smorgasbord Invitation

Newsworthy notes


Just spreading the word here in case you missed this Bulletin Alert from Sally Cronin. Sally is whipping up a fun-filled weekend at her blog in honor of the end of summer. Read about it in her post below and hope you can all pop by and meet some stellar bloggers and mingle in the comments section at Sally’s Smorgasbord Invitation!


Smorgasbord Invitation to an end of Summer House Party – Saturday 26th to Monday 28th August


In a few weeks we shall be coming to the end of the summer holidays and I thought that as I am also approaching my fourth blogging anniversary, it was time to have a party.

I have already begun to prepare my guest list with those wonderful writers who have supported me throughout those four years. They will be appearing automatically with their details and links over the three days.

However, as with any good party there is also an opportunity to mingle and share contact details with others to promote your blog, books and social media connections.

There will be some music, personal recollections of my special guests and something to eat and drink…virtually of course. . . Continue Reading


Be sure to visit Sally’s blog Saturday through Monday to join the festivities!


Smorgasbord Invitation to an end of Summer House Party – Saturday 26th to Monday 28th August

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