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Links of Interests of the Week for Bloggers and Writers – 60 Blog Post Ideas, Headline Checker, Grammar Infographic

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Every morning I read a few newsletters I subscribe to and always come across articles of interest I feel are helpful to my writing. You would usually find me sharing those articles on my social media – particularly on Twitter and Facebook. But I’ve decided to compile a weekly list of some of my favorites of the week and share them here with you too. I’m sure you will find most of these helpful for your own writing purposes. Do let me know if you find them helpful too!


60 Blogpost ideas by Elna Cain – freelance writer

60 Blog Post Ideas For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, And Businesses


From The Publicity Hound – Joan Stewart – Write Emotional Headlines for your blogs that get noticed by search engines with this headliner checker





The Perfect Grammar Cheatsheet Infographic by Lisa Lepki of the ProwritingAid Blog

Finally, we’ve also included our top ten proofreading tips, from reading your text aloud to marking up a hard copy with a pen or highlighter. Following these tips will help you catch pesky errors and evaluate the overall flow of your text.

Grammar Cheat Sheet

I hope you enjoyed today’s social link shares!

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