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Are You Losing Potential Readers?


tech talkDid you know that when we post links to our books on Amazon and people from different countries of the world click on them, you may be losing potential readers because many countries have their own country code in the URL and believe it or not, if they land on and aren’t tech savvy to navigate to their own country page, it results in a potentially lost sale.

I was reading an article which brought this to my attention and thought it worthy of noting here. I have run into this issue with some of my own Canadian readers telling me Amazon wouldn’t let them buy my book, because they weren’t tech savvy and didn’t know they had to go to Many people don’t think to look to the right side of the page where it says to click to go to

We may assume that everyone is as tech savvy as us bloggers and writers, and we may tend to forget that we also had to learn a lot along the way. Some readers are not well-versed in the cyber world.

This got me thinking about the fact that if the people I knew couldn’t access my book page, just how many people I didn’t know were missing the opportunity to purchase my books because they were also confused with navigating to the proper page.

I came across a few links that will help to solve this problem. Instead of posting an Amazon link to your pages, you can go to either or and you can make a universal link for your books with either one of those sites. What it does is convert your book link to a new link that you can use to promote your books. When a reader clicks on this link, the system automatically detects what country that reader is from and the URL links to the correct page in their country. How’s that for ease of landing? Try it here now with my links, you will see that whatever country you live in is the Amazon page you will be taken to:

Happy reading!

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