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Be a Lucy | Teagan Geneviene | Pulse | LinkedIn


I thought the timing was perfect today to share one of Teagan’s Thriving Thursday posts she shares weekly on Thursdays at Linkedin. Thursday

posts are always uplifting and reminders to be kind and to love ourselves.


Today Teagan is telling us to ‘Be a Lucy’. Read the post below so you too can become a Lucy (or perhaps a Larry if you’re male).


Thriving Thursdays – by Teagan Geneviene


I’m the first to admit it, from kindergarten through senior-level careers, we’re expected to be just like everyone else (but do more with less and faster than everyone else who is just like you).

Don’t you think it is better to be valued for who you are?  If you pretend and pose as something other than yourself, then you’ll never know if they accept and want you or the facade. 

Does it seem difficult to consider being who you really are?  I know the idea frightens a lot of people.  Well, there’s one key to successfully being yourself.  Love you. . . Continue Reading


PS While you’re on Linkedin reading the post, you may want to connect there with Teagan so you won’t miss any of her inspiring Thriving posts.


You can also visit Teagan at her blog Teagansbooks


Source: Be a Lucy | Teagan Geneviene | Pulse | LinkedIn

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  • Teagan Geneviene

    Debby you are so very kind! LOL, now i’m totally blushing too ^^’ … because I chose this Thursday to be a slacker and not do the Thriving Thursdays post! LOL…
    It’s been a heck of a morning. The air conditioning was out at work (for the 4th time this summer), so I got permission to telework the rest of today. 😀 But I’m in online training for pre-retirement (as complicated as only the Fed can make something) — and today is all about estate planning and wills — i.e. what you need after you’re dead… Not exactly the best mood setter for “Thriving Thursday!” Hahahaha.
    Anyhow, thank you again my southwest pal. Mega hugs and I will reboot my Thursday and do my best to Thrive!

    • dgkaye

      Omg Teag, this doesn’t sound so thriving! Well I’m glad I resuscitated Thriving Thursdays for you! Funny, I went over to Linkedin specifically to check for your today’s new post, because Linkedin fails to inform me with notifications and I don’t always get there often. And I was surprised to find no Thriving post today. So I guess this was timely, and a good reminder to you to KEEP THRIVING!!!
      PS Hope those retirement plans are where they belong my Southwest gal! 🙂 xo <3

      • Teagan Geneviene

        I think the only LinkedIn will notify about these posts is to go there and hold your cursor over the flag symbol at the top right of your screen. Then it should show you new posts and updates from your connections. In other words, it doesn’t help much. I used to get email notices when one connection posted, but I haven’t seen those in a long time… LinkedIn is ticking off a lot of its users lately, particularly by manipulating how posts get broadcast (i.e. not sending them out to as many viewers)…
        More hugs.

        • dgkaye

          Thanks Teag. Yes, I’ve heard too many changes with Linkedin have been annoying, just like WordPress. And I used to always get notifications when someone liked or commented on my posts and as of the past 2 weeks, that’s gone too. 🙁 <3

  • olganm

    Thanks, Debby. I don’t seem to be getting any notifications from LinkedIn these days but you’re probably right about the changes. Teagan’s posts are always fun and inspiring!

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