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Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons | The Sisters of the Fey

This is a reblog of another of my posts at the Sisters of the Fey blog – Why we meet people – some who stay in our lives and some that fade.


Ever wonder why some of the friendships and relationships we once may have considered important in our lives at one time suddenly disappear from our lives?


Often, times we reflect back on our life relationships and catch ourselves wondering ‘whatever happened to so and so?’. Sometimes we remember why those people have exited our lives, and other times we can go back and analyze these relationships, looking back on what the significance was that person played in our lives. I refer to these short-term relationships as seasonal relationships for reasons – blessings and lessons.

These people who come into our lives for brief stints appear for reasons, and because they don’t remain in our lives indefinitely, they are classified as seasonal.

The universe has a way of knowing what we need in our lives at different times. There’s a popular phrase – What we focus on, we attract. For example, if we are focusing our attentions on something we wish for, we will eventually meet people who may possibly introduce us to avenues that we are focusing our attentions on. Similarly, if we focus on negative things, we may also be introduced to people who come into our lives who can teach us lessons. . . Please continue reading at Sisters of the Fey



Source: Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons | The Sisters of the Fey

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  • Noelle Granger

    What a thoughtful post – and so true. You tend to do this more as you grow older (I can confess from experience).
    One of the things I’ve thought about is: why I am closer to the friend I had in high school than those I made in college? My daughter is the same. Perhaps because I can find them mostly in one place, where I grew up, whereas those from college are scattered everywhere and I can only keep in touch by email.

  • lisa thomson

    LOVE this topic, Deb. I’ve had many friendships that turned out to be seasonal. They all had a unique contribution to my life but when the time was up, the universe definitely sent signs. I don’t know why it works this way as we often want our friendships to last forever. I enjoy your Sisters of the Fey posts!! 😀

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Lis. It works that way because the universe sends us what we need to guide us. Some weren’t meant to linger but to teach. Those who are meant to stay do or come back at a later time. Life is a circle <3

  • Carol Balawyder

    Great post, Debby. Very uplifting. Sometimes you have to let go of friends because of so many reasons. I’ve often found letting go to be painful but reading your post made me see it more positively. What was learned and taught? 🙂

  • Christy B

    Oh Debby I’m so glad you shared this one here as otherwise I might have missed it. When you write that short-term relationships are ones that teach us things, that is so true. I believe our interactions happen for a reason and it is up to us to figure out their purpose… sometimes we can do so right then and there while other times it takes years to figure out why that person came into our life. Beautiful writing.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Christy. Thanks for dropping by. You know that everything happens for a reason to teach us something, including the people we bump into (although the universe makes that happen. something we refer to as ‘coincidence’). <3 xox

  • Liesbet

    Great topic, Debby. I have wondered why some people are still in my life, while others “vanished”. Often it’s because we do an effort to stay in touch. In our lifestyle, where we are full-time nomads, friends “come and go”, kind of with the seasons. But, some leave a deeper impression and will be seen again! 🙂

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