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Missed Opportunities – Guest Post… Tina Frisco

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Today’s post is a reblog of a beautiful post I caught on The Story Reading Ape’s  (Chris Graham) blog, by Tina Frisco. Tina is reminding us not to waste a moment of opportunity to let someone know what we are feeling. Read her words below:





How many times have you heard yourself say: “I wish I’d said . . .”?  Sometimes we’re simply a little slow on the draw. But sometimes we hesitate, afraid to speak what we’re thinking and feeling. Maybe we’re afraid of not being liked. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with effusive reactions. Maybe we’re afraid of confrontation. Whatever the reason, it’s usually based in fear. And that’s really too bad, because we’ve missed an opportunity to grow.

How many times have you heard yourself say: “I wish I’d told her . . .”?  If we’re reticent to pay someone a compliment — perhaps afraid they may question our motives — then we’ve robbed them and ourselves of a joyful moment. If we’re reluctant to offer someone criticism — perhaps unsure whether we’re capable of handling their reaction — then we’ve robbed them and ourselves of an opportunity to change.

And the world is in desperate need of heart-speak.

How many times have you heard yourself say: “I wish I’d done . . .”? Maybe it was something as lofty as starting your own business or as unimposing as dropping a dollar in the cup of a homeless person. But wherever it fell on the spectrum, it was a missed opportunity to act — perhaps even for the greater good. . . Continue Reading 


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