Blogging basics
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“My Blog Sucks And I’m Kinda Clueless” | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

Blogging basics

Friend and author Dan Alatorre is a humorous nonfiction writer. I’m not quite sure exactly when we connected, but I think it was somewhere around the time I was researching disgusting prep remedies before my colonoscopy, and came across his humorous memoir on his experience with his colonoscopy. That book is naturally titled: The Night of the Colonoscopy. But Dan’s books vary, and quite a few of them are written about things he’s observed by being a parent to his little girl Savvy, along with other short stories, illustrated children’s books and cookbooks. Now that’s what I call diversity! Check out Dan’s author page HERE to view his library of published books.


Dan is a wonderful writer and takes the ‘real’ into account of any life situation, puts his spin on it, and makes an entertaining story of it. His blogs are not only informative about writing, but often hilarious.

I wanted to share one of Dan’s recent blogs here because he shares his raw thoughts and humor on the blogging process. He talks about reasons why some of us may not have a big following on our blogs and what we need to do to rectify that, in typical Dan style. In the words of Dan . . .



“Here’s some mistakes I see in unsuccessful blogs. They have no followers (well, that’s a chicken and the egg thing) and they have no/few comments. That indicates that they don’t write interesting content OR they don’t know how to attract people to their blog.

Been there.  . . . . ” Click the link below to continue:

helpful writer ramblings from a disturbed mind just like yours (by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR)

Source: “My Blog Sucks And I’m Kinda Clueless” | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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