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Mystery Mondays: First Reviews for “THE BODY IN THE SNOW” | writerchristophfischer

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Today’s Sunday Book Review is a little different. I usually post a book I’ve read with my review, but today I’m posting Christoph Fischer’s newest book, which I can’t wait to read, but have come quite a bit behind in my reading, and will be reading soon. I’ve read a few of Christoph’s books and I can tell you he knows how to captivate a reader! This is his first book in a new genre for him, and according to the reviews I’ve been reading, it’s already a smashing success. So today I’m introducing Christoph’s book (a reblog from his page), The Body in the Snow – a cozy mystery, so you too can be captivated.




Thanks for these first amazing write-ups: Fantastic and Suspenseful!


5 Stars This review is from: The Body In The Snow: A Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
The Body in the Snow is a fantastic suspenseful murder mystery. Bebe used to be quite the entertainer, however as time goes on her fame starts to fade. However she is bound and determined to regain her fame at any cost. When a murder happens in her neighborhood and her daughter is a suspect the story really takes off. I was on the edge of my seat in this murder mystery trying to figure out “who done it.” Let’s just say the author did a fantastic job keeping me guessing. This book is fast paced and highly entertaining. I hope we get to read more about Bebe in the future. Excellent read!

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Visit Christoph’s author page on Amazon to have a look at his marvelous catalogue of books. 

Source: Mystery Mondays: First Reviews for “THE BODY IN THE SNOW” | writerchristophfischer

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