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2015 Best NonFiction Excellence Awards by Christoph Fischer

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I know I’ve put out more posts than usual this week. But it has been a most unusual and exciting week for me here around the blogosphere with getting enormous response to my copyright post, and then with all your heartfelt comments you’ve left me on my interview with Dan Alatorre. But just when you think it can’t get any better. I woke up to this post today by Christoph Fischer.

Christoph has included my book Have Bags, Will Travel in his 2016 Excellence Choice Awards for nonfiction, amongst some other esteemed authors and their books. So naturally, I have to share it here. Thank you again Christoph for choosing my book to add to this prestigious award! 2015 Christoph Fischer Best Non Fiction Award | writerchristophfischer

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Source: 2015 Christoph Fischer Best Non Fiction Award | writerchristophfischer 

“It’s been a busy year for Indie writers with many challenges and setbacks, not least due to Amazon deleting reviews and decreasing our visibility. So I decided to give out some Awards for the Best I have read this year. It was tough and I’m aware of a lot of fantastic books that didn’t make it to the final shortlist.

I’ll start with the Best of Non-Fiction for 2015. Four excellence Awards and one winner for outstanding Non-Fiction:

26631952Have Bags Will Travel by DG Kaye is an outstanding and hilarious DG Kaye awardtravel memoir. You can’t help loving this author with her honest and witty approach to anything she writes about. This is a great read.”


Continue reading here for more of Christoph’s excellent choices.




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