Remembrance Day
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Remembrance Day – LestWeForget #Poetry – Natalie Ducey

Remembrance Day


Today I share my gratitude for the men and women who fought for our freedoms.


Natalie Ducey has designed this beautiful image in recognition of Remembrance Day. She is also offering a printable copy for everyone to download on her website.


Lest We Forget




Lest We Forget ~ Free Printable Poem of Remembrance via @PeacebyPiecePuz #LestWeForget #Poetry


It’s with a humble and most grateful heart that I’d like to share the poem LEST WE FORGET. May we collectively honour all past and present serving members and respectfully show our profound gratitude for their service and sacrifice. 

I extend a warm welcome to all to visit our website, PEACE BY PIECE PUZZLES, where you can view and print LEST WE FORGET. This poem is available for free via our website. It’s a PDF file (8.5 X 11) available to download and print.

Natalie is generously offering this printable PDF of Lest We Forget on her website. Visit this link to get yours!

Source: Lest We Forget ~ Free Printable Poem of Remembrance via @PeacebyPiecePuz #LestWeForget #Poetry – Natalie Ducey

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