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My Review of Words We Carry by D.G.Kaye | Judith Barrow

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I always find it exciting when I’m blog reading and happen to come across a post about my own books! I was more than pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful review of my book Words We Carry, from author and blogger Judith Barrow.


It’s always inspiring for me to know that my words can inspire others, and help in some way with some of the issues my readers too struggle with.Words thumbnail100x150_72dpi (2)


My Review: By Judith Barrow


 Ever had that feeling of ‘not being quite good enough’,of ‘never fitting in’, of ‘always being on the outside’? Then please read this book.Words We Carry  carries (excuse the pun) words that can hit home with a sudden realisation of why we may sometimes feel that way. I’m not saying that everyone does. And if you don’t then you’re  very lucky. But, as far as I’m concerned I shall be grateful to this author forever. D.G.Kaye lays her soul bare and, by doing so, allows the reader to sit back and think; to understand that if anyone’s opinion touches a nerve, however well meant, however innocently said, there could be a reason from the past.


 Reading this book gave me a reinforcement of the self-knowledge I knew was in me but…  is…was my habit to dismiss because, long ago, that confidence was diminished. I’ll say no more on that. I just wanted to stress how invaluable reading Words We Carry was, for me.


The author’s  honesty about her own  earlier life; her own feelings of being inadequate, of struggling with self-esteem, allows the reader to do the same. Her empathy and compassion shine throughout the text.


 There is no magic wand to wave away past hurts but D.G. Kaye shows . . . Continue Reading


Source: My Review of Words We Carry by D.G.Kaye | Judith Barrow

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