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Just Sayin’ – People Who Just Don’t Get It




It’s been awhile since I posted a rant, and yesterday while in the hospital waiting for my gross and vile barium dose of radiation exam, I couldn’t get over the inconsideration of one person.


The patient area in the designated hospital area has people awaiting all sorts of glorious tests from CT scans to Angiograms and ultra sounds, all having patients (like me) eagerly and hungrily awaiting their turn and looking forward to getting our tests over with and having a meal. I’m not a real big foodie or anything, but I think there’s some psychological aspect to the rule of no eating after 10pm, waking early and waiting for 2 hours before it’s our turn that makes us think about food just because we can’t eat – or at least, a nice hot cup of coffee.

As I waited my turn, I kept busy reading on my Kindle when a young man walks into the patient waiting area with his steaming hot bag full of McDonald’s fries and some sort of a giant burger he pulled out and began eating voraciously. As the smell wafted through the area and his constant crinkling of the bag and the numerous wrappings taken off his food and scrunched back into the bag kept annoying my concentration, I shook my head in disbelief. All the other patients were eyeballing him just as puzzled as I was.

I couldn’t help but wonder if people don’t even think. It didn’t appear he was with anyone, or possibly he was waiting for someone to finish their test, but regardless, there is tons of seating throughout the hospital and if he couldn’t wait to eat, what the hell was he doing sitting with the hungry and the grossed out people like me trying to suck back my venomous glass of fake flavored chalk?

I continued to look up at him as he chomped furiously on his ‘happy meal’, and I’m quite sure it was when his eyes finally locked with my ‘death’ stare that he got the hint and scrunched up his noisy bag and took off while still chewing and special sauce dripping down his mouth.


No food allowed


The man was well into his twenties and should have known better. Have we really come to the point where hospitals need to post ‘no eating’ signs in patient waiting areas for gastrology testing. Really? I should think this would be common sense for anyone to know better not to have a feast in these designated hospital areas, but hey, common sense and courtesy seem to be missing in many places these days.

Time to bring back respect and compassion in more ways than one!


Just Sayin'


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  • Stevie Turner

    The young usually just think of themselves. In the hospital department where I used to go for my radiation treatment there were huge notices not to eat ‘smelly food’. Sometimes the smell of certain foods when you’re having radiation can make you feel more nauseous than you already feel!

  • Toni Pike

    I do hope your tests go well, Debby. Poor thing.
    What an inconsiderate young man! No one should be allowed to bring food like that into any part of the hospital – it always stinks.

  • Norah Colvin

    Debby, that would have been horrendous – enough so with your prep without someone eating, and so noisily, in front of you. Maybe waiting rooms like that should have no food and no drink signs on doors like they do at libraries and other places – just to be sure no one comes in and adds to the discomfort of those waiting.
    I hope the results of your procedure are good. Hugs. xx

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for the well wishes Norah. Perhaps it’s time they do put up a sign. Those waiting rooms are for patients waiting to be taken in for tests. The only other people in those areas are those that have brought a friend, family member or caregiver so they can take them home after. I would have thought those people would understand because they know the fast involved for those procedures. I call it mindless and oblivious and incompassionate. <3

  • robbiesinspiration

    That is very inconsiderate, Debby. When my son used to go to the hospital for operations every month, I never used to eat until he went into surgery. I was to stressed out to eat even then but I also didn’t want to eat in front of him when he couldn’t eat.

  • Janet Gogerty

    Sounds like the sort of chap who shouldn’t be allowed to eat in public AT ALL let alone in the hospital. Perhaps in the future, like smoking, eating will only be allowed in designated areas.

  • Carol Taylor

    I feel your pain, Debby…People really dont think or consider anyone anymore….On a brighter note my sweet and tender hearted grandson bought a boy home with him and said nannie can he take two fish from our pond as they have nothing to eat…Of course we caught him two to take home to his mum…I am so pleased to have a grandson with a big heart xxxx

  • D. Wallace Peach

    I can just imagine, Debby. I wonder if he knew you all were in such straits. I would have gone over, sat beside him, and whispered, “Maybe you don’t know, but we’re all fasting and drinking chalk.” Educate the clueless is my motto. Ha ha. I hope your test came back with all good news. 🙂

  • Linda Lee Lady Quixote

    Oh, so sorry about your test! I’ve had that before, it is nasty.

    When I got to the paragraph where you stated his approximate age, I thought: “Entitled Millennial?” My daughter, a therapist intern, is the mother of one and auntie to several, and I have heard her use this term more than once. I don’t like to paint an entire generation a certain way, my “Boomer” generation has had far more than our share of that. However, child rearing trends seem to cycle from one extreme to another, producing a certain type of individual more predominantly than other types. “Dr. Spock” was blamed for ruining my generation. 😂

    I hope and pray that you will be well.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks bunches Linda for your kind words. And so funny, that term came to mind too ‘entitled millenial’, only I refrained from using it. 🙂

  • John Maberry

    I so hope the exam is not for something too serious. Yes, there are some totally clueless people out there. Fortunately I didn’t have any munchers while waiting for fasting exams lately. Did have some people on frivolous cellphone calls while waiting for the ER last month. Like that prominent person in America, they have no empathy.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks John. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I have another test in a month and then I’ll know more. <3 Ya, no cellphone chat, but plenty of noise from phones listening to videos and playing games. Maybe they could learn to put their damn phones on silence. We all aren't interested in what everyone is watching, especially while trying to read in silence. :)

  • Hilary

    Hi Debby – so so true … I’m glad he got the hint – whether he’ll remember in future … I sure hope he considers what was happening. No wonder you want to rant. Glad you have ranted and hope .. perhaps the Receptionist could say to anyone else … please eat elsewhere – it’s not fair on patients waiting …

    I hope all went well with the ghastly test … my thoughts – cheers Hilary

  • sally cronin

    Oh dear Debby.. well he did get the message when he was chiselled by your look of disdain and perhaps he will learn from his mistake for next time. Of course judging my his diet, he may well have been there for a gastro test and thought he would give them something to see! ♥♥

  • Pamela

    Oh my gosh. I’m sure he was totally clueless. Not that that is an excuse. So many seem to be unable to take them selves out of their own egos – out of their own heads in order to think of others. I hope you gave him a lesson with your death stare.

  • Olga Núñez Miret

    I hope the tests come out clear, Debby. Some people seem to have no awareness of anything and behave as if they were at home anywhere they go. They probably should put signs up, but then, do they have to put signs for everything that shouldn’t be done? They’ll need a huge wall! I am afraid we are getting to the point were unless something is clearly stated as forbidden somebody will do it or try it. And even then, some might try it for the sake of it… I sound older with each passing day. Oh, dear! All the best and keep your superpower (the death stare) always ready!

    • dgkaye

      Lol, thank you my friend. You are so right though, we shouldn’t need signs for everything, common sense should lead the way, but unfortunately, it’s not that way anymore. Change is needed! 🙂

  • Hugh Roberts

    Sounds like he’s one of the youth of today who has no consideration for anybody but themselves, Debby. It seems to be the way of the world these days. Just yesterday, I was out walking the dogs waiting to cross the road when a load of young lads on bikes came cycling up the road into oncoming traffi!c (it’s half-term week this week). Some of them tried forcing their way past me, but I was having none of it. I just give them a death stare. They soon backed off and decided to cross to the other side of the road avoiding me and the dogs.
    Hope the tests all come back with good results.
    Hugs to you

    • dgkaye

      So true Hugh. Entitlement seems to be the norm for many of the younger generation. Good for you for standing your ground!!! If we continuously remain complacent, I shudder to think how much more this nonsense will progress. And thanks for the well wishes. <3 xx

  • Elaine Mansfield

    When I asked my first meditation teacher how he put up with the stupidity of his students (including me), he said, “I lower my standards.” That’s worked for me in these worlds where I’m not in control. I have a day of testing coming up for a cochlear implant request right after Thanksgiving. It starts with a CAT scan, but there are no limitations about food and no radioactive drinks. I’m sure it will be plenty challenging anyway. I hope your test results were fine.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Elaine. I’ll send you some positivity vibes. I truly hope the implants will help you hear better. You’ve got this girl! 🙂 Thanks, that test came back good. Part 2 in a few weeks – the old ‘gastroscope’ for further investigations. 🙂

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