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Just Sayin’ – How to be Resourceful – Seeking Resolution with Postal Issues


Just Sayin'


I’m starting a new series where I’ll be sharing about thoughts on things that perplex me, or injustices I come across that I found resolution for with tips I used or recommend to resolve annoying issues.


I’m sure we’ve all had our share of complaining to customer service centers over something or other through the years. I know I certainly have had my share of voicing my opinions when there’s a problem with a public or consumer service when we come across errors. And I’m sure we all know how frustrating the process can be trying to relay our issues to some rep who usually has no authority on helping and merely passes us or our message on to someone else after having to press several digits on the phone before even finding a human.


But today I’m going to share a little exchange that went on between myself and Canada Postal Service, to let you all know that there is always a way to get to the bottom of things but you have to learn to be resourceful and persistent spending some time Googling up sites where you can find the appropriate channels to direct your concerns to.


speak up and be counted



I don’t take lightly to my mail being put in the wrong box constantly, left on the mailroom floor, or parcel notices left in my mailbox stating they’ve tried to contact me for pickup when they haven’t and left with having to go to the post office to pick up my parcel when nobody had ever tried to contact me. And after my wonderful mailman left for another walk after a few years of great service, the nightmare began.


I live in a building complex where we have a mailroom to pick up our mail. The protocol is, if there is a parcel to be delivered, and if the mailman is kind and generous like my former one, he will bring it up to our door, but at the very least, he will buzz up to inform us they have a package for us, asking us to come down and get it. If we are not home and there is no answer, there is a parcel box with several locked compartments in our mailroom where the postman is to leave a key in our letter mailbox informing us there is a box to pick up. Now this sounds like a fairly smooth practice, until my wonderful mailman changed his route and we were given a temporary mailman who didn’t follow protocol.

As a writer who works at home, I don’t get out much, therefore I order many things: books, apparel, office supplies, online and have them delivered. I would say on average, I’ll have at least one parcel delivered per week. And I don’t have the time to keep running to the post office to pick up my parcels which I paid to have delivered to my home.

Enter, the new mailman. I’d go down to pick up my mail and listen to a cacophony of jibbering from other tenants about how many mail items were put in the wrong mail slot. I’d see numerous pieces of mail sitting on a bench from tenants who picked up their mail and found items that didn’t belong to their unit, mine included. And then I received mail pick up notices for parcels I was expecting, ticked off in the box that said ‘no answer’ when I was certainly home and no attempt was made to contact me, and consequently, my parcels were taken to the pick up facility. I was livid!

Nobody knocked on my door, nor buzzed me up asking me to pick up my parcels, and I was never left a key in my mailbox to pick it up from the parcel box in the mailroom. I was also concerned that I wouldn’t receive my new passport which I was expecting because it was coming as ‘registered mail’ from the government, meaning I had to sign for it. This prompted me to take action.

I Googled up Canada Post, looking for somewhere I could contact a higher up and discuss the new shabby state of our mail system in our building. After pressing several numbers and waiting for a rep, I relayed my complaint and was told that there was nothing they could do, except create a ‘service tag’. After grilling the rep, asking him if he could check who does that route now to inform them of proper protocol for their job or at least pass me on to a supervisor, I was told my message will be passed along. I was fuming!

I wasn’t about to wait till the twelfth of never until anybody bothered replying to my issue, and I continued to search around Canada Post sites to see if I could find any contacts to any higher up supervisory positioned person who could rectify the ongoing problem. All sites led back to the ‘contact us’ same ‘create a service ticket’ for issues. And after what I went through with the first rep, I wasn’t into the runaround again. I was told he’d pass the message, and I MADE SURE to get a case number I.D.

Still fuming and searching, unsatisfied that my complaint would quite possibly linger in the ethers of unanswered cyber grievances, I came across a site for the Ombudsman for Canada Post where I clicked on and filled out forms with my complaint and made mention of the previous case I.D. number I was given with not much else. And then I’d wait for their response.

While waiting, two days later, I went to clean out my mailbox and inside I found a notice telling me I had a registered letter to pick up. And not even two feet away from where I was standing in the mailroom, I noticed on the floor was another ‘pick up’ receipt addressed to my husband. THESE WERE OUR PASSPORTS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED AND SIGNED FOR AT OUR DOOR. I immediately went upstairs in a rage and wrote a lengthy note to the mailman, telling him how to do his job, how to deliver mail and packages, and to STOP TAKING MY PARCELS BACK TO THE DEPOT without trying to contact me, or at the very least, instructing him to at least leave me a damned parcel box key. I taped it to the opposite side of my mail box where he must insert my mail from and would have to see it.

Ironically the next day I was to receive a parcel, as I get email notifications informing me when ‘it’s on its way’, and lo and behold I actually found a parcel box key in my box, and picked up my package barely one foot across from my mail slot. That same day I received a mail response from the Ombudsman’s reply after almost two weeks of hearing nothing back. There was a lot of mumbo jumbo, auto response stuff on it and quite frankly, it pissed me off more and I decided I surrender. I thought I was chasing my tail with trying to get someone else to help, considering it’s a government issue.

Three days later, I get a phone call from my lobby. The man introduces himself as a supervisor from Canada Post sent to investigate the problems I’d written about to the Ombudsman. At first I was a bit nervous and thought what are they doing at my door? But he asked to come up and talk to me and I buzzed him up.

The supervisor was holding copies of notes and summaries I’d sent to Canada Post complain center and summaries from the Ombudsman. He went over all of my concerns and asked if I had kept the evidence packaging from the registered letter (passports) I had to SIGN FOR and pick up at the depot, the notices that were left without trying to contact me with our passports, one in my mailbox and one on the floor. Ironically, I still had those envelopes from the new passports I picked up and clear as day it stated ‘registered mail’ which I must sign for. He assured me that what I’d endured is not how Canada Post operates, and although it’s up to the postman if he wants to be nice and bring up our packages, at the very least the mailman is to buzz up to us to ask us to come down to pick up a package, not write down ‘no answer’ without making any attempts, to contact us, adding that registered mail requires a signature and must be brought up to our condo to sign for. I was told the mailman would be reprimanded and assured there would be no more mix-ups and protocol would be taking effect immediately.


Moral of the story?


If we all just sit back and take the sloppy services we're given change is never going to happen . . . Click To Tweet


  • Don’t just sit back and accept injustice because it’s a hassle to try and contact the right resources and it’s time-consuming and aggravating. If we all just sit back and take the sloppy services we’re given, change is never going to happen by not speaking up. We shouldn’t be complacent.
  • Google is our best friend to get to the heart of the matters regarding contact numbers and addresses to relay injustices and getting them rectified. Don’t become a victim of having to take what’s being served by people who aren’t doing their jobs properly.
  • Customer service in many fields needs to be informed of misconducts and if you feel you aren’t getting the proper resolution from first attempts, keep going until you reach the appropriate channels. There’s always a higher boss, in this case as in many other civil and governmental issues you can always contact an Ombudsman.
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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Jacqui Murray

    I would be fuming, too, Deb. I constantly have those sorts of problems with Amazon US. I have about a dozen books for sale on Amazon and when I (often) have problems, all I get are form responses. If I could be an author without Amazon, I’d do it.

    So glad this worked out for you. Although, we’ll see, hunh?

    • dgkaye

      Hi Jacqui. Thanks for chiming in here. Well, so far it is working, but the point is you have to ‘fight city hall’ sometimes with businesses and governments to get anywhere. I think because it’s such a hassle trying to get to the proper channels it deters many from doing so and basically throwing in the proverbial towel and taking what they are served. I don’t. And as far as Amazon goes, they are sorrily lacking on many fronts with their customer service and most notably issues with authors seem to linger. Now that isn’t for lack of trying by many authors including myself. Perhaps if we bombard them enough with our concerns they may consider doing more for us. 🙂

  • Christy B

    Hi Debby, I can already tell this is going to be a great series! I like that you are not just sayin’ the things that are aggravating but also pointing out how to take action with them and the morals of the story. Woohoo, you’re a woman out there getting stuff done! It’s a reminder to me not to sit back and let unfair things happen. I can’t believe this postal worker didn’t buzz you or anything! That’s protocol when there’s a package! Great that you finally got a response in person.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Christy! How did I know this post would grab your attention? Lol. Well, I figured since I’m a person who abhors injustice and am known to voice my opinions, why not share some the things we encounter in life that can be aggravating, and of course adding my two cents how I rectify them. Not so far off from the new wonderful series you’ve created in the self help category. We share a common thread. 🙂 <3

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Sorry for your problems–nothing worse than your mail and packages being waylaid by idiots. Sadly our Federal govt that supports our postal service is floundering since stamps are upwards to 48 cents a piece. No wonder no one mails letters anymore! I’m lucky my UPS driver is awesome (I live in the burbs, so they come right to the door). BUT, USPS drops off a package in plain view of the street, unlike UPS. Grrr. Postal workers everywhere get a bad rap because some of them are lazy government employees.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing Terri. It seems even government employees can be slackers. What’s up with people not giving a crap about their jobs anymore? And hey, don’t get me started on the cost of postage. You said 48 cents, lol, ours is almost 90 Cents. Sending anything more than a letter is a luxury. When I was in the US this winter I sent a few of my books to my friend Tina. I was in Arizona, she lives in California, I paid something silly like $6. Where I live here in Toronto it costs me $12 to send one book! It’s so expensive here they’ll soon be charging for oxygen. 🙂 xx

  • Tina Frisco

    Wow, Deb, what a powerful post! I know you’re a go-getter and change-maker, and this exemplifies your undaunted spirit. I love the phrase, “linger in the ethers of unanswered cyber grievances.” I’ve had my share of these and waited nearly 2 years for an answer to one of them. But you’re so right ~ take the reins and don’t back down. You rock, girlfriend! This is just one of the many things I love about you. And as an aside… I can’t believe I made it here today! But I’m so glad I did, because now I’m refueled and once again can hiss at the TV news 🙂 Hugs, my fearless rider through the ruckus ?

    • dgkaye

      Lol T, you make me laugh. I love your cheerleading, you’re the best! You know me, and I figured, why not share a few of my adventurous missions on justification. So stay tuned for next week’s, lol, I already have it in draft – a nagging perplexing dilemma for many women. <3 You rock my friend! xoxo

      • Tina Frisco

        Adventurous missions on justification, indeed! I’m absolutely sure you were a suffragette back in the day ~ banner in hand, fist raised to the sky, and facial expression so fierce it would drop dead any man who dared even look at you 🙂 ❤

  • Jeri Walker

    I like how you point out there is always a higher boss. Many times I’ve played my patiently assertive cards as I’ve been transferred a few times to get to the higher-up who can actually help me with an issue.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Jeri. Believe me, I know the game well, lol. This was far from my first mission trying to get to the top, although I’ll admit that it was probably the most I’ve had to climb to get action. That’s me, unstoppable, lol. Glad to know you’re just as tenacious. 🙂 xx

  • olganm

    You’re right, Debby. I had an issue with my phone, got in touch through their messaging service but then realised a few days later that although they’d told me it was resolved, it wasn’t. Then I tried again and they gave me a lot of you have to do this and that and it can’t be done, when I mentioned somebody higher up, the person I was talking to, surprisingly managed to sort it out herself. Why, oh why, make life difficult for everybody. I’m sure it’s not a pleasant job, but then again… Oh, and here in Spain, trying to clarify something for my mother, the best and prompter answer I got through messaging them in Facebook. Bizarre but true…

    • dgkaye

      It happens everywhere Olga. I’ve had my share with the phone and cable companies too, but I’m relentless!
      I think people don’t care about their jobs, especially if they aren’t paid well. And I also know that many businesses don’t take the time to train employees properly. Attitudes must change, until then we must be the seekers of justice! And funny you mention FB, I once got resolution from finding them on FB and giving them a blast publicly. That got their attention. 🙂

  • http://www.salpa58.wordpress.com

    Great post Debby. I have been down that road many times, and just when the mail person gets it right, they change the delivery person and it starts all over again. The Ombudsman and I became quite friendly. It’s a government job. They are very forgiving.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for chiming in Patricia. Well glad to hear that you too at least got to the Ombudsman. It seems our work is never done, policing that others are doing their jobs. 🙂 xx

  • reocochran

    It takes confidence and persistence! This is a great and useful idea to change and update your posts, Debby! I have restarted or changed my direction on my blog twice. It rejuvenates your own creative juices and meets the needs and interests of your readers!
    Congratulations with “Just Sayin’ ” and may it grow into an advice book! ? ?

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Robin. I like to switch up a new series every once in awhile. And hmm, good food for thought here. Perhaps I will write a book of good advice in the future. 🙂 <3

  • Hugh's Views and News

    Agree with everything you say, Debby. As a Brit, I’m always complaining about something but, unlike many Brits, I actually do something about it and complain to the relevant authority. Unfortunately, many companies make it difficult to raise a complaint in the hope that people will just give up. No, not me, I’m like a dog with a bone, and I’ll do everything in my power to speak to the right person and get my complaint resolved to a standard that I’m happy with. I’m currently going through a long complaint process over the care my late mother received when she was in a Nursing Home. They’ve done all they can to try and make me give up on the claim, and I can see why many people will have given up. Not me, though. Unless its followed through right to the very end, then customer service will never improve and companies will believe they can continue in getting away with offering poor and unreliable service.

    • dgkaye

      Now how did I know that you and I are similar with our common thread of justice? Lol. That’s exactly me point, we must be persistent because they want us to give up and not have to deal with or acknowledge customer opinions or problems. We are adamant justifiers! I often fill out surveys when a company emails me for my opinion. Not sure where these opinions go or if they matter, but if we all ignored them then they may think everything was fantastic. We have to use our voice! 🙂 xx

      • Hugh's Views and News

        Oh, they do matter, Debby. Many people feel they don’t have the time to give feedback. We all know how hard it is to get reviews for our books. If we didn’t do it, then life would be a lot worse for many other people. So, keep on giving that feedback.

        • dgkaye

          You are so right Hugh. I review a lot more than just books. I fill out surveys and commend where it’s due and blast heads off where there is injustice. That’s how I roll. I’m thinking, much like you, lol. 🙂 xoxo

  • Annika Perry

    Debby, I’m so glad you got this sorted but yikes, it takes time and becomes an endurance test! A great deal of patience and mindfulness is called for! ? Wishing you a lovely, hassle-free weekend!

    • dgkaye

      Lol, thanks Annika, I’d be happy to have a hassle-free weekend. And yes, persistence is key to getting anywhere nowadays. I can’t say I have many patience left though. LOL. <3

  • Mabel Kwong

    I think I am going to love this series. So far, so honest but so sorry to hear what you have to go through with the postal system. Absolutely shocking to find the pick up receipt on the floor. Anyone could have taken it. Perhaps it was delivered to the wrong box by mistake but as someone making the deliveries, you really do have to be very careful with your job. Good to hear you stood up and tried to set it all right. Here in Australia, the delivery people have a habit of not attempting to make a delivery, just putting a card or receipt in the mailbox. Or they just leave it lying outside. Perhaps it’s the same situation in many parts of the world. Have a good weekend, Debbie 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Mabel for reading and leaving your thoughts here. I’d have to think this goes on in many parts of the world. I’m not sure about laws in other countries but if the postal service is part of government rules must be complied with. Yes it’s more than likely another resident received my notification card and threw it out of their mailbox. But the point is specifically for registered government documents, they must be brought directly to us for signing, as was the case for our passports. If people don’t speak up these kinds of careless acts continue. 🙂

      • Mabel Kwong

        You are right – postal service is often tied to the government. That’s the case in Australia. Thankfully you got your passports sorted. They are the most important kind of documents! I’m expecting quite a few parcels in the mail in the next few weeks. I hope they arrive 🙂

  • Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

    You have lit my fire. The way my mail is crammed into my box makes me furious. I archive my journals, and I do NOT want them crumpled in a manner that only ironing page by page could restore them.

    I have also had packages that “never arrived” – tough to prove that they were never delivered, but the parcels that are sent back “undeliverable” make me crazy! My office is RIGHT on the other side of the wall from the lobby with the post boxes – I could be there in under 30 seconds. TinkerToy barks when the buzzer is rung, so it is not *possible* that I didn’t hear it, since I’m *almost always* home, wide awake and working at my computer in the afternoon, which is when the mail is delivered – ALWAYS when I am expecting something specific.

    I have been tolerating this situation, but reading this post I will follow your example and COMPLAIN – though I wouldn’t want the Postmaster showing up at my door and expecting to be invited in. One look at the state of my office on most days and s/he would be positive that somewhere among the stacks of papers and reference books I would find the missing mail. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    • dgkaye

      Well I’m glad I lit a fire under you Madelyn. If I knew better I would have thought you already exercised that power because of your strong personality and what I feel about you as girl who doesn’t stand for shyte. This is not right, and messing with US postal regulations is no different than here in Canada Madelyn. Stand up and be counted! If nobody speaks up, nothing will ever get done. 🙂 xx

  • Kathleen Aherne (@CoolTweed)

    You could have been a detective. I am a bit like you when I don’t get what I paid for. Often I have been able to get my money back – the largest was $6000. I must admit that I am getting tired of always tackling about things these days. I just don’t like getting ripped off or taken advantage of.
    I have found that using logic and keeping contact records as you did is essential.

    Blogger’s Pit Stop

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for chiming in Kathleen. It’s refreshing to learn that you also stand up and be counted. We can’t allow ourselves to be steamrolled by incompetent business. If nobody spoke up things will only get worse. That’s why I chose to share this on your blog. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for tomorrow’s next ‘Just Sayin” post. 🙂 x

  • macjam47

    Hi Debby. It’s good to hear your perseverance brought results. I find more and more I am fighting the same battle on various fronts. The post office, the grocery clerk who puts my heavy items on top of my bread and eggs, and I could go on and on. I remember when great service with a smile was the norm. People took pride in a job well done. I’m looking forward to more of these posts. Love and hugs.

  • Liesbet

    Hear, hear!!! I’m so glad you got this issue resolved. We have been in many similar situations and besides the feeling of “injustice” and “helplessness”, we also have to deal with our “principles”, so we rarely let people get away with it. But, doing like you, requires some time, effort and especially determination. A lot of people don’t even want to bother or have to give up after a while. You are so right, Debby… If we never react and let every irresponsible person or employee get away with such behavior, things will never change. I am with you to encourage everyone to make a point of getting the service they pay for or that the employee’s are paid for!! Being on the other side and aiming to give the best possible customer support for our product ourselves, seeing how other companies get away with not caring or not helping, makes things even worse.

    • dgkaye

      Yay Liesbet, so great to hear that you are proactive like me. You’re so right, it’s time consuming and plenty aggravating but we must speak up! 🙂

  • Ann Fields

    I am so sorry you had that awful experience but so glad you shared your positive resolution with us. It has given me the will to go back in the ring with American Airlines who really dropped the ball in service during my last vacation. Here I go…will keep you posted!

    • dgkaye

      Hi Ann. I’m glad I’ve motivated you. I believe I wrote a post here about 2 years ago about a runnin I had with an airline. Their website was misleading with hidden costs. After I booked my ‘all inclusive’ trip, and found extra hotel charges, I called them out on it and in the end I was reimbursed for the charges they failed to mention. We must speak up! <3

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