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Strange Happenings In This Mercury Retrograde – Technical Woes

I don’t know about you people, but this Mercury Retrograde is wreaking havoc in many aspects of my life – especially everything technical and digital.


Mercury Retrograde is the phase in the planets where planets pass each other, and the more going on, the crazier things get. Let us add to this Retrograde the full moon with a half lunar eclipse and we have a recipe for crazy time.

Mercury goes into Retrograde 3 – 4 times a year. This means that Mercury appears to be running in the opposite direction of the earth as it orbits around the sun. As Mercury moves slower than the earth it leaves us with the illusion that it’s moving in Retrograde.

Mercury rules communications, technology, and transportation systems, so it’s really no big surprise that in these times of Retrograde that many plans – travel, communications, and technical devices are affected. And I can say with certainty that I’ve had my fill of this edition!

We are told to avoid signing legal documents, making travel plans, buying a home or to refrain from making expensive purchases during the Retrograde phase. But life goes on and many aren’t aware of the crazy snafus occurring, only that ‘weird things’, delays, and cancellations of plans are common fallout of this phase.

I for one cannot waitttttttttttt for this Retrograde to be over! I won’t bother getting into the mishaps I’ve endured in these past few weeks, but I will mention some of my technical woes I’ve encountered – ironically, only beginning when the Retrograde was surfacing.


Strange happenings



So here are some of the hair-tearing experiences I’ve been dealing with on a daily basis since early July:

My laptop needs an exorcism big time! It has developed a new habit of freezing up on me where I have no option but to do a hard shutdown and reboot. Intermittently, my laptop likes to just close all tabs in the middle of doing anything or just go to a black screen, forcing me to do another hard shutdown and reboot. This is still ongoing and happens approximately 20 times a day! I am blaming it on Google Chrome. I’ve surmised it’s the culprit in the madness from my investigations. And following all the prompts and updates to the extension hasn’t helped.

Windows 10 updates are a nightmare (as usual), when it takes the liberty of downloading updates that coincidentally wind up unticking items and ticking other items I haven’t ticked off in my systems operations, leaving me having to waste hours searching for what went wrong, and of course, fixes for the ailments.

My website – don’t get me started! I went through 2 weeks of madness every time I drafted a post and previewed it, only to find my header took the liberty of plastering itself in duplicate and triplicate all over each blog post I drafted. Despite the agro I endured, I am grateful for the ‘preview before posting’ option so I could see the disasters before I posted, which then sent me on a couple of hours of madness trying out different tricks to stop the invasion. I thought it was my theme, but in the end, I discovered that after a recent Jetpack update that I could no longer copy and paste from another blog that I was reblogging or sharing links from because it was now catching code from the blog I was copying from. Resolution – I’m now copy and pasting what I need from a post onto a Word doc. After I paste, the option comes up asking me if I’d like to ‘keep source formatting’, and that’s where I click NO. From the Word doc I then paste over to my blog. Yes, I love all the new added steps. NOT!

And if the above website woes were not enough, I’ve began to encounter problems with sharing buttons when I visit other blogs:

  • Facebook is giving many of us writers grief when it comes to sharing a post there. I’ve come across a few blogs where I hit the FB share button on a blog and it won’t share because FB deems A POST ON WRITING inappropriate and abusive! As a person who believes in sharing a post I enjoyed and feel would benefit or entertain others, when the share buttons don’t work, I take the long way around to share. I simply copy the URL of the post, go to my FB page or group directly, and share it to the page or group manually – and yet, some blogs are still deemed unacceptable to share according to FB rules, I find the whole thing totally moronic that writers posts are inappropriate but trolls are taking over that site at alarming rates.
  • Tweet buttons on over 80% of the blogs I read daily have disappeared and are merely replaced with the word ‘tweet’. This mystery I have yet to resolve, but I’ve found a workaround, yet again. I added an ‘Add Any‘ extension to my bookmarks bar. It’s a universal sharing extension that when I click on while on a post, or any other site I wish to share info from, a dropdown box appears with icons for all the various social media sites. I just click on the icon to where I want to share an article to and it sends. The only problem I’m having with using Add Any to tweet from is that it copies all the info just as if I’m sharing from the Twitter button on a blog, only it doesn’t tag the handle of the post owner. And to be quite honest, I certainly don’t remember the handles of every writer. And when I’m reading numerous blogs and sharing, I’m just not able to jump to Twitter every single time I’m sharing and look for the person’s handle. So please forgive me, and know that when I’m reading your blogs, I’m still sharing to Twitter, only you may not be notified that your post was shared by me. I will continue to tweet by this method until such time that a new WordPress update stops the madness. I also use the Add Any to share to where several writers have opened up a page of their own and a few of us run author groups there. As of yet, there is no share button offered from WordPress for that site, so Add Any is helpful in that respect.
  • Comments – There are a few blogs I visit regularly which I leave comments and never get a reply back from. Now, I know these writers, and I know they always reply to comments. I think I’ve detected the problem: Some of these blogs have boxes to tick off after we leave a comment. One of those boxes says: ‘Click here to receive replies to comments’. Well, I tried that route, and some of those blogs get many comments on their blogs and what I receive in notifications by email are tonssssss of comments and replies from every blogger who leaves a comment on that post. I had to uncheck this because I assumed it meant a reply to my comment not every comment that is written on that blog. So if you are responding to my comments, please know that if I don’t acknowledge your responses it’s because I’m not receiving them as I normally used to up in my notification bar from WordPress. I also will note all blogs I visit that are not on the WordPress system, such as Blogspot, I never have and still don’t receive replies to my comments from there.

Just to inform you of the duration period for this Retrograde period, Mercury began it’s pre-shadowing to the Retrograde on June 20th, going full Retrograde July 7th, and won’t end until it’s post-shadow on August 15th. Ya, that’s a long time, especially when it comes to having to endure with technical woes.

If you’d like to share your Mercury woes in comments, please feel free. And if any of you have encountered same share button and/or comment issues on other blogs, I’m all ears!




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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Norah Colvin

    Thanks for sharing your Mercury Retrograde woes, Debby. I didn’t realise it was a ‘thing’, I thought it was just me having technical woes. I know you’ve commented a few times on my posts about the sharing buttons not working properly but I hadn’t been able to locate the issue. I also agree with you about the notification of comment responses on WordPress. I don’t turn on the email notification of comments, except for on my blogs, because, as you found, my inbox was filled with every comment made on those posts, not just responses to my comments. Fortunately, WP lets me know in the notifications what comments have been responded to. But I’ve found that it’s not infallible and if I miss a couple of days, then even more go missing. It never tells me if you’ve responded to my comments here. I need to come back and check through the posts to see if I need to reply to you. I’m not sure why that is, because you’re WP, aren’t you? I apologise that I don’t always think to go back to check. When I remember, I use your weekly update as a reminder. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing all that Norah, because that’s exactly what happens to me with certain WP blogs too! On some blogs I don’t get the notification reply. And after so long of following the same blogs I do the same as you – when I go back to visit another post, I check the previous post for reply. That I cannot make sense of why some and not others. WP is far fro infallible to say the least. So no my friend, it’s not just you. I’m sure there will be a few here with similar woes. 🙂 <3

  • Jane Sturgeon

    Ohh Debby, yes to all of the above, especially my laptop freezing. I have also noticed that twitter is displaying differently and I haven’t changed a thing, It’s making me avoid my laptop and working on it, so not helpful, Huge hugs for you my buddy with much <3 and shared frustration. xxx <3 and more <3

    • dgkaye

      LOl, love that Jane – with shared frustration <3 Well I'm happy to bring that to your attention Jane. Yes! It's like our laptops are possessed! Hang tight for another few weeks dear Jane! Yes, Twitter has changed their setup at least twice in the last little while. I don't think it's as user friendly now. That's the problem with technology as it always changes sites are always tweaking. Nothing stays the same Jane. <3 Hugs my friend xoxo <3

  • Hugh Roberts

    So sorry to hear of all the technical problems you’re having, Debby. The only one I have experienced that you mentioned is when I leave a comment on a blog that is hosted on Not only do I find it difficult to leave comments on that blogging platform, but the whole platform itself seems to be way behind others I know. Now, I only leave comments there if I do have something useful to say.

    As for the ‘Click here to receive replies to comments’ box, I click the unsubscribe button as soon as I know I’m not going to get any more responses from the blogger whose post I left a comment on. That then stops all those other comments coming through. However, I sometimes find that comments can be more entertaining than the post itself. I’ve also got ideas for new blog posts from the comments left by other bloggers.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks as always Hugh, and lovely to have you back in blogland. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading over comments on many blogs. But with that Blogger platform if I hit the box to reply to comment and that blog has as many commenters like you do, that’s a lot of inmail in my box. <3

      • Hugh Roberts

        That’s why I like being able to unsubscribe from further comments on most WordPress.Com blogs, Debby. I think a lot of people overlook the fact that they can unsubscribe. On the other hand, I know a few bloggers who never tick the ‘notify me of new comments’ box, as they never reply to the return comments I leave them. Some of my replies ask questions, but they never come back to me.

          • Hugh Roberts

            They won’t see our response if they don’t tick the box, Debby. Unfortunately, that almost makes it a oneway conversation. However, all bloggers who blog on WordPress.Com have a notification icon on their blog where responses show up. Then again, I have come across some responses that don’t (for some reason) show up under the notifications icon even though I’ve had an email notification. They are few and far between though.

          • dgkaye

            Thanks Hugh. Yes, I know that non WP blogs don’t show up in notifications. And thanks for letting me know to tick the box, and when I receive a reply, click on unsubscribe after so I don’t get everyone’s response. <3

  • Jo Robinson

    That explains a lot! I was beginning to think someone had put a whammy on me. I actually thought my computer was dying last week but you’re right about the Microsoft updates – that was probably it because it’s working fine again now. Hope all goes smoothly for you till the 15th – for me too! 😀

    • dgkaye

      Hi Jo, nice to see you pop by. I’m also glad I could help solve your mystery. Yes, it feels as though someone put a whammy on us, lol, great explanation. 🙂

  • Marian Beaman

    You and I both use our computers to the max. Just yesterday a blogger friend mentioned that the Twitter button on my website doesn’t work. I reported the problem to my web guy, and he said he would “DEFINITELY” fix it. In his world, definitely is an indefinite word.

    I use the browsers Chrome and Safari most often. It helps when I clear the browsing data. Also, every few weeks I run a program called ONYX, a maintenance utility that fixes files. Still, for a while Chrome was bypassing what I put into Google Advanced Search and directing me to BING. Oh, vey.

    On a final note, WordPress used to inform readers “Your comment will be visible after approval.” Now I think that notation doesn’t show up anymore, so I try to approve blogger replies ASAP. (The malfunction probably occurred when my plugins were updated.) As you know, I always acknowledge readers’ comments because that means they’ve read my post and took the time to comment.

    I can sympathize with your woes, dear Debby. We writers have the best of intentions, so why can’t we get more cooperation from cyberspace, I rant! Sending hugs ((( )))

    • dgkaye

      Hi Marian! Thanks for chiming in and adding something new for me to investigate. Yes, my laptop is an appendage for me, sad to say, lol. But you’re right, the browser issues are definitely linked to Chrome because when my laptop freezes or does whatever weird thing, a popup box comes up always with a message that Chrome didn’t do something or other. I must try out Safari. Do you find those issues go away on Safari? And yes, I hate that we are at the mercy of someone else to find and fix our web issues. WP is madness for me lately. And I really think a lot of weirdness began when WP went to Gutenberg! All I can say is I’m staying buckled up til mid August, lol. And thanks for the tip on Onyx, I will definitely be checking that out. 🙂 I’ll also leave you a message when I receive ‘the book’. 🙂 x

  • Pete Springer

    Wow! You’ve had more than your share of insanity lately, Debby. I tried to leave a comment on something you wrote last week and my comment would not go through. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde or some other force of nature—it’s aggravating!

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Pete. And I’m sorry you had trouble. Don’t get me started how many times I couldn’t even get my own page opened! Three more weeks of this agro. I’m staying buckled! 🙂

  • Adele Marie Park

    Dear sis, I sympathise with you big style. My laptop can completely lose google at times, which means I can’t sign in any of my pages on anything, then it finds itself again after I’ve ranted and raved about 5g and biscuit crumbs being to blame. Last week Becca went into the local IT shop, a friend of ours works there, and told him all about my problems. I gave him a phone then had to phone back and tell him it was working again. grrrrrr. Keep deep breathing, sis . <3

    • dgkaye

      So I’m not crazy right? Lol. It’s like Colleen told me to take my laptop for repair. I told her I’m not going to spend money doing that until mercury passes because I think things will calm down. Two more weeks to go arg! And yes, Google is possessed!!! I get blog notifications in Gmail and every night reading a blog, going to share it, my laptop freezes or just closes mid sentence – OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So annoying. <3 x

  • John Rieber

    I sent a note to everyone a few weeks ago explaining that WordPress decided to stop notifying me when people I follow had a new post. Why? No idea, but it was three levels in to find the right button to disable that command. My wife says it’s Mercury’s fault and while I never wanted to believe it before, there have been too many weird things in my life in the past month…someone must be to blame, so I’ll blame a planet!

  • Sally Cronin

    Yikes Debby you need an exorcist…we had a few glitches last week with the Internet dropping out every hour for about five minutes.. no fun for David in the middle of formatting.. seems to be fixed now after some work by the techs. Apart from that.. don’t like the new Twitter unfriendly.. and ugly.

    I have done a reblog on Thursday 1st August and hope that things will die down for you long before the middle of the month….sending healing thoughts to your laptop.. ♥♥

  • Colleen M. Chesebro

    Hi, Sis. As you know, I’ve stopped copying and pasting the poetry submitted to my poetry challenge into a post because of formatting issues with me using the Gutenberg editor and many other’s not using it. The Word workaround is hard when you have that many poems to copy and reformat. At some point, WP will have to consolidate the editors so that we are all using the blocks. Even then, I don’t know that will help. I wonder if plagiarism is at stake here? Who knows? But, if we lose the sharing aspect of our posts, where does leave us for author platforms and marketing? WP has operated as a social media platform for many years. The themes are changing to resemble the Medium site. I wonder what their endgame really is? Hugs for sharing all your woes. I bet Windows is the culprit with your laptop. <3

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Sis. As we both commiserated together over our woes, you know it, lol. Jup, it was you who suggested the long way round by copy and pasting to Word. Thanks <3. And you are so right about WP. But really, I think Google is creating a pain for me, especially when I open blogs through my Gmail. Nightmares abound! <3

  • Vishnu

    Wow! the retrogade is real 🙂 I haven’t experienced it on the technical front thank God but it is affecting other areas of my life.

    It can be especially difficult when causing havoc to our technical/digital world when we are writers!

    2 more days to go, right?

  • Stevie Turner

    Wow, I haven’t experienced anything like this. Does knowing when the retrograde is going to happen make you extra vigilant, I wonder? I had no idea about any of this.

  • Jacqui Murray

    That is a slew of computer problems. Way too many to be caused by any one digital issue so Mercury I would guess is the proper cause. I’ve had some of these (like WordPress blowing up on me, losing everything, even the backup) but not all those all at once.

    Hang in there until it ends!

    PS–when I tried to post my comment, WP wouldn’t allow it but I tricked it!

    • dgkaye

      Lol Jacqui, I love that you tricked WP! And sorry for the grief my website is also giving you and some others. Thanks for being determined to get through. 🙂

  • Deborah Jay

    I am so with you on this Deb!
    I won’t share (yet) the craziness that has been going on in my life for several weeks now, suffice it to say it involves legal proceedings, but I will say it’s due (please, God) to end mid to late August, which sounds about right for the end of this phase.
    On the technical front, how awful for you to have your laptop misbehaving to that extent! I think I would be taking it to the doctor immediately, or buying a new one for safety. My only (so far) irritant is good old Facebook, which keeps on freezing – highly inconvenient when in the middle of a messenger conversation (which I use for work) or trying to post something.
    Roll on the end of August.

    • dgkaye

      Oh Deb, sorry to hear you’re a victim of this phase too. Yes, contracts are one of Mercury’s favs to disrupt! Do keep me posted on your outcome. And because I know this phase so well, I refuse to spend money on taking my laptop to a geek until the phase ends, lol. Hoping magic restores it. And I do have 2 other laptops, but I favor this one. 🙂 Stay buckled my friend! <3

  • Rob Goldstein

    Tech Hell. I won’t install Chrome. I won’t install any program that incorporates spyware into its programming. Yes, I know they all do, but I have a thing about Google and Facebook right now. I use Mozilla because it gives me the illusion of control. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Rob. You’re so right. I may start using Opera or Safari soon as recommended by some friends. And Sally says, Duckgogo (or something like that) has no spies! 🙂

  • Annabelle Franklin

    I think we writers have a particularly challenging time when Mercury is in retrograde – after all, writing is all about communication! My computer has slowed down considerably during this phase, and I keep getting the message with that stupid cartoon dinosaur telling me I’m not connected to the internet.

    • dgkaye

      Wow, thanks for chiming in Annabelle. So you are a victim too! Seems like only a few feel unscathed by this phase. Let us sit tight for another 2 weeks and hope our computers resume normal life, lol. 🙂

  • Sherri Matthews

    Arrgh Deb, what a nightmare. And to think this is still going on for a few more weeks. This explains my laptop issues and that train journey from hell…not to mention a host of other problems. But you, my dear friend, what a time of it. I do hope things are getting sorted out for you now. I’m glad you mentioned about the WP comments and notifications. I realised I don’t get notice in my notification bar of replies to my comments I leave here on your blog. I have to manually come back to your post and find my comment to read your reply. You know how we always like to have our chats lol. I also don’t tick the ‘notify me of follow-up comments by email’ for the same reasons as you, getting everyone’s comments there and clogging everything up. Anyway, I thought it was my blog since I also seem to have dropped off a lot of people’s follow lists as I am not getting anything like the ‘likes’ I used to get. I put it down to not being so active lately and understand that, but it’s only because some people have lately told me on my guest posts that they’re not seeing my blog anymore 🙁 So there’s that…it’s so annoying putting it mildly. To your next post…and big hugs to you my dear Deb for smoother days ahead… 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Hey Sher. Hang on to your hat girlfriend. You are experiencing the madness too! Listen, about no reply to comments – Hugh replied that when blogs have the boxes to tick off under where you comment, tick off the boxes on blogs that ask ‘tick the box for follow up comments’ When you receive a reply to your comment by email, underneath the reply there will be an ‘unsubscribe’ from comments link offered underneath, just click it and you won’t receive anymore comments on that post. I tried it and it works on a few blogs. Lemme know! <3 xxx :)

  • Sherri Matthews

    Just commented on your recent post, only about 3 hours later than I said… a grocery run with my youngest had to be rescheduled last minute, such is life! Anyway…thanks so much for that tip via Hugh, I will definitely try it, beginning with this one, and hopefully that will work! I will let you you know. And I’m definitely holding onto my hat with both hands lol! Thanks, Deb! 😀 <3 🙂 xoxo

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Sher for willing to try it out. Do let me know how it works for you. Remember, once you get the email saying I replied to you, you can click on the link to read the reply, and then click underneath the link ‘unsubsubscribe from comments to this post’ and you won’t receive anymore unless you reply again and recheck the box if you want to read replies again <3 xx Lots of ways to skin these WP cats, lol, we just have to find them. <3 xxx

  • Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    So that explains it!! I’ve expressed my frustration with several social media sites on Twitter and even Twitter was giving me a headache. My laptop has been on the fritz too. I’m with you; I’ll be glad when this is over.

    • dgkaye

      Welcome to the club Vashti! Stay buckled for another 2 weeks! Grrr! Yes, Twitter is not excluded. And I don’t care for their constant changes with their interface. I miss a lot now I find. 🙁 xx

  • Kate Johnston

    Yes! Such trouble with my blog and other computer issues. I actually stopped blogging on my site because of how long it took to get just a post drafted and saved. So I’ve been blog-free this summer–not exactly by choice!

    • dgkaye

      Wow, I’m sorry to hear Kate. You are so not alone! Just look at some of the comments here with others sharing their woes, and imagine how many more are. I think the WP issues definitely has to do with the new Gutenberg editor some use and some don’t and making blogs not play nice with each other. Let us hope by next week some of the mysteries just correct themselves. 🙂

  • Liesbet

    As if we have time for all those technical hiccups, right? My laptop has been acting up as well, when I copy and paste text into Word documents, it shows up with a pink background that I can’t get rid of (the weirdest thing), and there have been plenty of issues with Chrome, Safari, and Windows. As if those big companies don’t test things out!

    There are quite a few WordPress bloggers of whom I don’t get a reply back in my inbox after leaving a comment, Debby. You are one of them. I always click the box “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” and I know you (and others) always reply, but I see nothing. My workaround for that is to leave those blogs open in a browser tab and refresh the page every day to see whether the reply is there. Not ideal, especially when I have lots of tabs waiting for me. Then, I like the comment and move on.

    The “like” button sometimes has issues as well, where the page reloads and does funny things (even when I’m signed into WordPress) before – if ever – activating that button. All these WordPress issues have been going on for ages for me and I have a feeling that some people just give up on commenting on my blog altogether. Sad. Not sure why WordPress doesn’t have its act together anymore. And things that worked well before, don’t anymore without any changes made by us.

    • dgkaye

      Wow, thanks for sharing all this Liesbet, you definitely have been affected in this swarm of technical madness. It sure slows down everything for us. And I have seen similar things on many blogs – like button not showing, and Twitter button has been lost on many blogs for 2 months now, even though I know those bloggers all have them. Like I mentioned, I installed the Chrome extension – Add Any, so I can share on those blogs missing share buttons -which they aren’t really missing, only to the visitor’s eye. I think WP screwed up lots of things with the new editor, and many of us who aren’t using the new editor, maybe don’t play nice with other blogs? I can’t figure it out. So between WP and Windows, so many of us are having issues. You aren’t the only one who told me they don’t receive replies. I know my regular visitors, and I know who has issues with that, it’s beyond me why the functions applied don’t work! Let’s hope after this mercury passes, things get easier! <3

  • Hilary

    Hi Debby – the 15th’s gone now!! And so I hope things have even upped … life is a bowl of cherries with a few sour ones thrown in …

    I have a WP account … free one … and a blogger one (obviously!) … but I find when I comment it’s easy and I do the same with Squarespace and Disqus … it’s whether the blogger is worth it – some just come on and say they’re not bothering – fine, but for some of us with blogger, because we don’t have the technical facilities available, or we’re not so tech savvy we keep plodding along … adapting and just accepting that’s life.

    I understand people get rattled … but we’re not all the same … take care and here’s to an easier Autumn … cheers HIlary

    • dgkaye

      Hi Hilary. Thanks for your lovely wishes. And I do know you’re on a different platform blogging. It seems at this time of the technical world, many of us are having problems commenting and/or sharing on other blogs. I try my best, and I know some have problems on my own blog, so I keep persevering. Let us hope that every trace of that brutal mercury phase has gone by the wayside now! 🙂 Happy weekend! xx

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