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Streets Ahead Street Team Author #Promotion | Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner had originally created this promotional group for authors on Facebook. We had a nice group going where every week in alphabetical order, Stevie posts 2 authors in the group to share a link to one of their books then all the authors in the group share the link on their social media. Stevie also joined me on when I followed my friends Colleen and Sally there because they, like Stevie, were being restricted and unable to post anymore.

I too had lots of FB problems and MeWe offered the next step in social media – mainly, privacy and no data stealing or sharing, with a similar site to Facebook. Then recently Stevie couldn’t post any of her blogs and she’d had enough and closed up FB. And so she re-opened Streets Ahead Team on MeWe. So if you’re an author interested in joining the group, please read Stevie’s post.


Streets Ahead Street Team Promotion

This is a promotion from my new Streets Ahead street team, which has now moved over to MeWe as I’ve deleted my Facebook account.  Authors can join using this link:

At the moment we’re promoting Robbie Cheadle’s book ‘While the Bombs Fell’. . .

please continue reading at Stevie’s blog





Source: Streets Ahead Street Team Promotion | Stevie Turner

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