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Sunday Book Review – How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry Online

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing a book I ordered because I was curious to learn about the inside tricks of selling personal items online, such as Ebay, and I discovered – How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry Online by Micki Suzanne – expert Ebay seller.

I came across this book in my quest to learn more about selling techniques, and as I’m aiming to de-clutter my own home and have a small collection of antique jewelry collecting dust I’ve been considering selling. I wanted to learn about how to maximize profits and gain potential buyers, fair pricing, shipping and policies.  Plus, I also found it helpful as a writer who has to market her own work, getting more into the marketing aspect of things. Most authors (like me) would much rather be writing than marketing.




Do not surrender good jewelry to the gold buyers! Written with heart and humor, this sassy little book explains how to sell vintage and gold jewelry on eBay for top dollar. Since success can lead to obsession, the author explains how to buy online to resell online. Explanations of the entire process are peppered with the author’s real world wins and woes.

Micki Suzanne is a freelance marketing writer and lifetime collector who has owned her own brick and mortar antique shop. Lyme disease turned her world upside down, forcing her to turn to eBay for inventory and much-needed additional income. She is a former eBay Voices of the Community member with 100% positive feedback.


My 5 Star Review:

This book has a wealth of nuggets for those of us wanting to learn how to sell our treasures on Ebay, or on any other online platform for that matter. Although the book is in a specialized niche of vintage and antique jewelry, it’s also a great instructional on online marketing and may also pique one’s interest if they are the proud owners of lots of ‘stuff’ and want to learn the inside secrets from one successful and avid seller to help us become profitable sellers.

How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry is not only informative for those who want to learn how to sell items online successfully, but it is written with a bit of a memoir touch as the author includes personal stories about her selling journey,  offering a wealth of  tips on how to maximize sales among great competition.

Suzanne arms us with good info about the nitty-gritty- all the tedious things some sellers may overlook when presenting their wares such as: tools to have on hand for repairs, required craft supplies, best angle shots for photographing items for sale, and lots of detail on what to include in selling descriptions to maximize profit and become a good seller on Ebay, as well as the various shipping methods with pros and cons. As a bonus from reading this book, I’d say it’s also a good book for online buyers to help identify all the little important things we should be looking for to aid in helping us make good purchasing decisions.


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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • sally cronin

    Sounds like a brilliant book Debby.. we have certainly bought items online.. David bought a camera once in Spain on Ebay and drove an hour up into the mountains to the ski resort to meet the guy in a car park… it worked out fine but I do think you do need to take care especially with expensive items and always meet in a public place. thanks for the review..♥

    • dgkaye

      Hi Sal. Absolutely, lol, you don’t have to tell this girl about meeting up with strangers. Ideally, though, unless we’re selling big items, everything would be shipped. Micki also gives advice for ‘those’ items which do require someone to pick up – such as a big mirror or table, and she provides the safety measures on how to go about that as well. Truly a book that has more than I bargained for in it. <3

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Debby – yes I’ve been thinking about doing mine … so let us know how you go – the Canadian/North American use of eBay is no doubt different. I’m still girding my loins for moving on as I’m still sorting … and obviously not much we can do now – except as you’re doing: prepare … so I’ll be interested how you go. Stay safe – all the best – Hilary

  • Pete Springer

    I have a friend who does this with rare books. He buys them with the hope of reselling them for profit. I have to imagine that the personal experiences would make this an interesting read.

  • John Maberry

    For us it’s c’est dommage watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS here in the US. We have none of those “who knew” bits of bric-a-brac items that our parents didn’t have so we couldn’t inherit. But if we ever see them at a thrift store, we’ll grab them. LOL.

  • lisa thomson

    This sounds interesting, Deb. I’ve never sold anything on ebay. I am planning to sell some journals I’ve made, on Etsy. I’m getting my step son to help me as he’s a pro at selling on line. Still, this book sounds wonderful. Good luck with your jewelry selling. It’s so hard to decide what to sell and what to keep when it comes to our jewelry. Sentimental attachments are often a factor. Thanks for your review 🙂

  • Diana Peach

    This book didn’t spark my interest, Debby, since I lose jewelry as soon as I acquire it. I think all my family heirlooms and favorite earrings are in jewelry-heaven (or the dump after being sucked up in my vacuum cleaner). BUT, I have tons of family heirlooms – like antique linens, silver sugar spoons, random teacups, and other stuff that’s been sitting in boxes for decades. Yes, DECADES. My poor daughter will be stuck with all this stuff when I kick the bucket, the poor thing. So this book applies! I would love to pare down my boxes into just the items she’ll want.
    Thanks for sharing your review and recommendation. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Bingo Diana! This book would be perfect for you and your box of ‘stuff’ lol, should you ever get ambitious to get rid of anything. Lol, like me, boxes of stuff with nobody to even pass it down too! I plan on getting into clean out mode in the summer 🙂 xx

  • Deborah Jay

    Sounds like a great little guide, just a bit too late for me!
    Over the past couple of years I’ve sold almost all the extra stuff in the house on ebay, prior to my move, including old bits of vintage jewellery and knickknacks I inherited from both my aunt and my mum. I’m down to my last vintage bracelet, and you’re review has reminded me that I’ve got my best sales by shipping stuff from the UK to the US, so I’m off to put International postage on the ad, and see if I can shift this final item at last!

    • dgkaye

      Oh wow Deb. That inspires me you sold lots on there. When I get to sorting all my stuff out, I’ll probably have to give you a shout, lol 🙂 <3

  • Deborah Jay

    Since I started selling my unwanted stuff on ebay (admittedly a few years now), I’ve made something in the region of 8-9 thousand UK pounds. Not too bad for stuff you no longer want to keep. I’m always amazed at what people will pay money for!

  • Lauren Scott

    What a great little book, Debby. I’ve never sold any jewelry, and right now, I’m keeping the jewelry I have because I’m a jewelry fanatic, especially silver. And maybe some will pass down to my kids. But who knows about the future? Thanks for your great review. 💝

    • dgkaye

      Hi Lauren. I hear you. Yes, I felt the same way for years as I carefully keep everything wrapped up nicely and put away. When you almost forget you have it and haven’t worn for years, it might tell you it’s time to purge. 🙂 Until then, enjoy! <3

  • Sue Dreamwalker

    This sounds a very useful little book to have Debby… I hope you get top dollar and pick up a few bargains too 🙂

    Sending love and well wishes Debby…. Mega Hugs your way <3 <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Oh thanks my Lovely. As you can see, never a dull moment around me, always something to do! Love and hugs back your way across the pond my friend. <3 <3 xoxo

  • Carol Balawyder

    Good luck, Debby, with your decluttering. It seems like an endless pursuit. We do accumulate a lot of stuff. I have kitchen ware that I haven’t used in ages (like a turkey roaster pan) just in case. Plus a whole bunch of clothing that I bought and were mistakes. Not much jewelry though but it seems that this book is not just helpful for selling jewelry. Your post is always full of wonderful gems! 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks bunches Carol. Yes, like I said, it’s a good guide for selling anything online really, but it’s geared toward Ebay as Suzanne is an ‘expert seller’. 🙂 x

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