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Today’s Sunday book review is a little different. Since I’m not quite finished my latest read I thought I’d share a few new reviews I stumbled across on Amazon while visiting my book pages.


I was looking at one of my book’s pages on Amazon, intending to copy over one of the reviews for a post I’m working on for a free book promotion I’m planning next month for one of my books. I was surprised to find a few new reviews that I wasn’t aware of.

It’s always a thrill to receive a new review, especially a 5 Star one, so I wish Amazon would notify us of new reviews but they don’t. Often if a reviewer knows us, they will inform us about having read our book and reviewed, but not always.  And of course, reviews from complete strangers are always rewarding, to know our words have touched complete strangers is so uplifting. So, it’s a good idea to check our book pages on Amazon, you never know what surprises you will find!


Words We Carry, D.G. Kaye


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I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.”

What do our shopping habits, high-heeled shoes, and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect how we choose our relationships now?

D.G. takes us on a journey, unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions demonstrate how the hurtful events in our lives linger and set the tone for how we value our own self-worth.

Words We Carry is a raw, personal accounting of how the author overcame the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love herself.


5 Stars

5.0 out of 5 starsOvercoming Harmful Words to Experience Self-Love

on June 30, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is the second book (but certainly not the last) that I have read by Debby Kaye. In “Conflicted Hearts,” the first of her books that I read, I was amazed at the transparency in which she opened her life to readers. That approach proved effective in helping me to connect with her. I took away much from that reading experience, as I did with this one, “Words We Carry.” In WWC, Debby does it again – bares her life. Using excerpts from her childhood, teenage and young adult years, Debby shares some of the hurtful, shaming and neglectful events, words, and situations that led to her early attachment to low self-esteem. She goes a step further in this book by showing how she divorced low self-esteem by pursuing healthy, authentic relationships and by being intentional with her thoughts and actions. This led her to self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love.


Although I do not share Debby’s exact life experiences, I could relate to so many of the circumstances and harmful words she described. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that many women will relate as so many of our (female) issues stem from our physical appearance. Or rather, our “lack of” as compared to super models or in Debby’s case, her outrageously gorgeous mother. Later In life, Debby learned to counter the mother’s impossible beauty standards. How? She states, “Determination and an inquisitive mind are necessary to rid oneself of anxieties and faulty self-perceptions.” This is just one of the gems she shares with readers. There are others such as this one dealing with ridicule and rejection: “Love thyself.” Simple as a statement but powerful when applied to one’s life.


This is a short read but so full of wisdom, encouragement and self-correction that one read is not enough. Be warned, you may find yourself turning to this book time and time again.


I encourage you to take this walk with Debby as she journeys to self-awareness and confidence. I promise you’ll be rewarded as well.



Conflicted Hearts, D.G. Kaye

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A Lifetime of guilt — What does it take to finally break free?

“Somehow I believed it was my obligation to try to do the right thing by her because she had given birth to me.”

Burdened with constant worry for her father and the guilt caused by her mother’s narcissism, D.G. Kaye had a short childhood. When she moved away from home at age eighteen, she began to grow into herself, overcoming her lack of guidance and her insecurities. Her life experiences became her teachers, and she learned from the mistakes and choices she made along the way, plagued by the guilt she carried for her mother.

Conflicted Hearts is a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and acceptance, an exploration of the quest for solace from emotional guilt.


5 Stars

5.0 out of 5 starsA Recommended Read

on March 25, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I must write about how much I enjoyed D. G Kaye’s memoir ‘Conflicted Hearts’. The troublesome relationship that the author has with her mother mirrors episodes in my own life, and I can empathise regarding feelings that ensue from the author wanting to stay away from the negativity of her mother’s narcissistic ways and try to carry on with her own life, but at the same time suffering an overwhelming guilt at staying away for long periods of time.


D.G Kaye is a strong-minded woman and a fearless lone traveller, who is always trying to please her mother. However, I have found, as the author has, that some people just cannot be pleased no matter what is done to help them. Sometimes it’s a case of standing back, taking a deep breath, and either walking away or growing a thick skin.


I admire the author’s courage in writing this memoir. Being an only child I was never brave enough to walk away and so I had to grow the thick skin, but it was only in my mother’s last years that we actually became closer. Through major illness and stress D.G Kaye tried to do what was best for her mother and herself, and I applaud her for it. But at the end of the day it is only by actually living true to ourselves that we can really be happy.

P.S. I Forgive You - D.G. Kaye

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“I hurt for her. She wasn’t much of a mother, but she was still my mother.”

Confronted with resurfacing feelings of guilt, D.G. Kaye is tormented by her decision to remain estranged from her dying emotionally abusive mother after resolving to banish her years ago, an event she has shared in her book Conflicted Hearts. In P.S. I Forgive You, Kaye takes us on a compelling heartfelt journey as she seeks to understand the roots of her mother’s narcissism, let go of past hurts, and find forgiveness for both her mother and herself.

After struggling for decades to break free, Kaye has severed the unhealthy ties that bound her to her dominating mother—but now Kaye battles new confliction, as the guilt she harbors over her decision only increases as the end of her mother’s life draws near. Kaye once again struggles with her conscience and her feelings of being obligated to return to a painful past she thought she left behind.


5 Stars

5.0 out of 5 starsA compeling story of forgiveness from a daughter who’s childhood was tumultuous to say the least.

on July 22, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase


on May 29, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Mothers are supposed to love their children and maybe this one did but she was oh so disconnected, oh so distant, and oh so selfish. Yet, her daughter, the author, is able to look back and attempt to understand having to grow up with a mother who was incapable of doing the job moms are supposed to do — to cherish, nurture and protect the children. I don’t know how one “forgives” such a parent but this writer, in seeking to understand what made her mother tick, is able to forgive.


I had a loving mother and for that I am grateful but I was still able to feel this author’s pain and to be impressed by her evolution into a happy adult who can finally move on from a totally dissatisfying mother-daughter relationship and go on to live a happy and fulfilled life in which she finds true love with friends, with other family members and ultimately, with her husband. A comforting and instructive read for anyone struggling to understand family members who let us down.

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  1. I probably check my Amazon site TOO often. LOL. Haven’t quite got to the point of not visiting frequently as I have with retirement accounts. Of course those are a little different–markets are up and markets are down. No point of getting excited either way. Similarly, sales rank goes up and goes down–not just due to how popular one’s book is but how well the books of others are doing. But since that’s mostly out of our control, why bother. Just do some promos and remind readers that reviews are nice. THEN go check and see if the results come in, I guess. LOL.

    1. I hear you John. I rarely go to my Amazon book pages unless I want to copy something over for an ad, like this time. While I was there I was surprised to find reviews I hadn’t been notified about, which spurred me to thinking I should check all my book’s pages and found these 4. Really nice surprise when you don’t visit often, lol. 🙂

  2. Fantastic Debby.. congratulations.. I will share Patricia’s in the update tomorrow.. go Debby..♥

    1. Thanks again Sal. One thousand thank yous <3

  3. Nicely done, Debby, and wonderful reviews. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Diana. 🙂

  4. What a great way to start your day, Deb–and well-deserved!

    1. Thanks so much Jacqui. 🙂

  5. Wow. that was indeed a Wonderful 5 star review Debby and so deserving.. .. Thank you for the book share.. wish I had more time to read right now.. Sending Lots of Love your way..
    Hugs and Much love.. <3

    1. Thanks so much Sue. I’m just happy that you make it over here when you can. <3 xo

      1. 😀 Big smiles… its been sunshine and showers this week Debby.. So when The rain comes, out comes the laptop lol.. 🙂 and I love to try and catch up here Debby.. <3

        1. Oh, maybe that’s why I’m always on the laptop > rain. 🙁 <3

          1. Haha…LOL.. 🙂 Hope your weather cheers up soon xx

  6. These are fantastic, Deb! What a pleasant surprise. You are a role model for keeping track of our books’ reviews and sales. I’m hoping your dedication and enthusiasm will rub off on me 🙂 ?

    1. Oh thanks T. But I’d have to say you’re right up there too. 🙂 <3

  7. I don’t check my reviews often enough the reviews are great, but, the sales are not so I tend not to visit my page too often. ☺☺

    1. Lol, you’re funny. But I hear you. I rarely go to my KDP dashboard, but checking our Amazon book pages is a good idea once in awhile. We never know what surprises we’ll find there. 🙂 x

    1. Thank you so much John, for sharing my reviews. 🙂

  8. Debby, you are my marketing hero! 🙂 <3 You do it with so much class!

    1. Aw Carol, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. 🙂 <3

  9. Congratulations for new reviews Deb…I agree with your wish, Amazon should send a notification to the writer too as they send to the reviewer otherwise how would a writer know? Good reviews do boost our morale to keep us going! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much B. There’s a few things Amazon could do to make an author’s life easier, but we can hope, lol. For sure, one good review can uplift us and sometimes be validation for why we write. 🙂 xx

      1. Rightly said! 🙂

  10. Some wonderful reviews here, Debby. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much Robbie. 🙂

  11. Oh so rewarding! Reading those reviews are a great boost for more inspiration and encouragement to keep working on new material! I cannot imagine making it that far, or even getting one 5-star review. So very wonderful, Debby!

    1. Thank you Liesbet. And don’t you ever under-estimate yourself! I know you will have many 5 Stars! 🙂 x

  12. Yahooooo! Congratulations Debby on the new reviews ~ 5 stars and you’re a SUPERSTAR ♥

    1. Aw, stop blowing up my head sweet girl! <3

  13. Fantastic, Debby. Congratulations! Yes, I’ve always wondered about getting notifications for reviews, but sometimes I think it’s better that way. It can be nice surprise. To many more!

    1. True Olga. We also get enough notifications,lol. 🙂

  14. Nice to see you use a Sunday Review series for yourself. You deserve it. Congratulations, lovely lady. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah. Although I hesitated to, but I’ve yet to finish another book to review and finding these reviews seemed an opportune time. 🙂 <3

  15. Nice round up of your books, Debby. Great idea to highlight your works with sharing reader reviews. I enjoyed—no, LOVED Conflicted Hearts. I will certainly be reading more from you.

    1. Wow! Thanks Lisa. I didn’t know you finished it. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you will consider reviewing it on Amazon. 🙂

      1. Yes, I reviewed it! Maybe I did it on Goodreads only? I’ll make sure to paste it over at Amazon, too.

        1. Thank you so much Lisa. <3

  16. Well deserved praise <3

    1. Thank you my friend. <3

  17. Fabulous reviews, Debby. It must give you enormous satisfaction knowing that your words and stories have touched the hearts of so many others. How wonderful to receive glowing reviews from “strangers” as well as “friends”. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much Norah. The excitement never wanes when I read how I’ve touched a reader with my words. 🙂

      1. It must be a wonderful feeling.

        1. It truly is Norah. Thanks. 🙂 x

  18. These are fabulous reviews, Debby, and well-deserved. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks you so much Michelle. <3

  19. Hey, Debby, guilty as charged. I’m AF (my reviewer name on Amazon) and sorry I didn’t notify you previously but just remember how fun it was to discover the review. I also posted a review on Goodreads, I think. At least I intended to. I should probably check that since this summer has been a blur. Well, anyway, great book, good read.

    1. OMG Ann! Lol, that’s an extra delight to find out someone I know read it and left that beautiful comment. I had no idea!!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. What a surprise! 🙂 xx

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