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Sunday Book Review – New Reviews Are In! Books by D.G. Kaye

Sunday Book Reviews

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye


Today for my Sunday Book Review I am not finished reading my current book so I thought I’d share 3 new reviews that came in for my books – Words We Carry, Conflicted Hearts and Twenty Years: After “I Do“. The most gratifying thing for an author is to receive a review from a reader who not only enjoys our stories, but who also connects with our writing and absorbs the messages within the pages.


Twenty Years by D.G. Kaye

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Michelle Clements James

August 8, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Twenty Years After I Do



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Words We Carry 

D.G. Kaye (Goodreads Author)



Lisa Thomson‘s review

Jul 19, 2018
it was amazing

bookshelves: self-help

This would make a wonderful women’s book club read! There is so much material in “Words We Carry” that women will relate to, and want to weigh-in on. Physical beauty vs. inner beauty, self acceptance, fashion, make up, relationships and how they all converge to create a positive self image and overall lifestyle.

D. G. Kaye shares her childhood and early adult experiences that shaped her self esteem. She also shares many ways to improve self esteem for anyone who has gone through a tough childhood or devastating relationships. She courageously bares all to help the reader understand that confidence and self esteem are within our own control. I give this a solid 5 stars and highly recommend for women young or old.


Conflicted Hearts, D.G. Kaye

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on August 11, 2018
I give this author kudos for revealing the deepest parts of her soul and sharing her experience with readers. Many readers, myself included, will identify with many of this author’s feelings of loss and abandonment in childhood. The guilt, anger and resentment felt growing up and the sense of urgency to break free was well-described—even to the point of triggering in me some of the feelings I also experienced. These are feelings that when held inside eat away at us and make us physically and emotionally unhealthy. Letting go of the guilt, anger and sadness is sage advice. This is a must-read self-help memoir for those who have harbored resentment and have yet to let go.
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