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Sunday Book Review – Waiting for Westmoreland by John Maberry



My Sunday Book Review is featuring Waiting for Westmoreland by author John Maberry. John survived a hard childhood, drugs, the Vietnam war, became a lawyer, decided to leave law for writing, and decided to write this fascinating memoir about his life.



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Those seeking happiness amidst the suffering or disillusionment of day to day life will find hope in reading Waiting for Westmoreland. Those seeking redemption for past mistakes, will also find a means to achieve it. The book is the true story of a 20th century Candide-an innocent growing up in America in the fifties. As a boy, the author suffers the death of loved ones. Spending a year in Vietnam corrupts him. Then the political realities of the war and Watergate shatter his idealistic illusions about America. He searches for tools to reform the country that failed him. His quest becomes a frustrating pursuit. Finally, he meets a person who tells him about the life philosophy of Buddhism. He learns that the credit or blame for all of life’s events lies within-not from others. Looking for happiness outside oneself is fruitless. Only by taking personal responsibility for one’s own life can one be truly happy. Reforming oneself, rather than changing others, leads to a better world.


My Review 5 Stars


The author takes us on his journey from childhood where he lives through the loss of both parents and moves around different states, different jobs, Viet Nam war, where he shares his candid views and experiences through his struggles physically and internally. His mission to become successful in job and relationships becomes a driving force which keeps him motivated through adversity, and rejection is an inspiration for many to take something from his journey.


Mayberry’s resolution to succeed finds him learning about Buddhism, which became the vehicle that propelled him to finding happiness, understanding of life, and solidifying a relationship with a woman who would eventually share the journey with him.

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